Jone Plon Jai (2003 Lakorn Review)


Review by Ruby Chingu

Title: Jone Plon Jai or The Thief Who Stole My Heart

Starring: Sornram Tappituk (Num) & Donut Manasnan Panlertwongskul

Rating: 7/10

General mood of the drama: Dramatic, intense to the sadistic side, irrationally stupid without any common sense but HEAPS of sexual tension between the leads. It feels so good yet wrong at the same time to actually enjoy it. Like eating instant noodles and ramen – you know it’s bad for you but you love it anyway.

Why I watched the drama: I was swept away by the Num Sornram fever. He is super hot. And he has that masculine aura that I, like millions of other viewers, find so damn attractive.

Why I love the drama: True to his reputation as the highest paid actor for more than a decade, Sornram acted so well. His confused face, his emotional face, his remorseful face, his frustration, his sadness – oh baby, quoting Imagine Dragon’s lyrics, I feel it in my bones, baby, I really do. Donut, who played the heroine, was great, too. Their chemistry was good. Her verbal retaliation each time he treated her meanly is enjoyable to watch. Since she was tied and physically helpless, scolding him was the only thing she could do and she did it so well.

Why I hate the drama: The hero was just plain stupid. No moral standing. No principles. Possessed very bad judgment. Coupled up with some very bad temper. He was so weak emotionally that he did not have the guts to go against his mother when she ordered him to imprison the heroine against her own will. If I see this kind of character in real life, I will kick his balls so hard he won’t be able to function normally again (after I snap a photo with him, of course, because he’s hot).


I don’t know why but there are quite a lot of violent dramas in the lakorn world. They even have a specific genre for it called ‘slap-kiss’. Why? Because after you slap the person, you kiss him/her. Sounds like a make-up sex? I have no fucking idea. But I sure find it quite disturbing. These violent dramas usually involve the elements of physical struggles between the heroine and the usually more powerful hero, harsh exchange of words, kidnapping, false imprisonment, hatred, revenge and the one thing I hate the most, rape. God, why on earth would that be included in a romantic drama? Why, God, why????

Still, here I am.

Jone Plone Jai tells the tale of a man, an eldest son to a rich family who had a loving father. However, his mother and younger brother did not care an inch about him. His appearance in the earlier episodes could be surmised as plain repulsive. He had long hair and a bad careless attitude. Sure, he was kind but hell, I would not be able to differentiate him from a street criminal. One obvious thing about this man, Poo, is that he yearned for his mother’s approval. He was wiling to do anything to please her, no matter how unreasonable it was. And that is, boys and girls, the WORST factor of this drama. This fucker here is a grown-up man who studied overseas for many many years only to come back to cling to the hope of his mother’s non-existent affection? But I feel for him. That lack of love and blatant dislike showed by his mother must have fucked him up so bad.

His mother loved only his younger brother, Pee and she disapproved Pee’s relationship with a young poor singer named Mak, our heroine. Therefore, she hired thugs to kidnap Mak to separate her son from her. Mak got kidnapped by these thugs a few weeks later and was almost raped by them only to be rescued by our hero. She woke up only after he had rescued her and seeing her blouse quite torn, she immediately accused him of violating her. As he refused to face the accusation and end up going to jail for it, he took our heroine to a countryside home and kept her there against her will. Our poor heroine spent most of her days – from episode 2 to episode 7 – trapped in a room, her hands tied with a rope. Poo went to see his mother to ask for advice on what to do next. Being the evil mother that she was, she ordered him to keep her there for 2 or 3 months. He felt bad but being the STUPID person that he was, of course he complied to his mother’s wishes. Fuck you, bastard, fuck you! Did your father or teachers or anybody else not teach you how to respect women?

Of course the hero was kind at heart. However, he treated the woman very badly that I find his actions utterly disgusting. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with you? Why can’t you just let her go? Near the end of her captivity, he did have sex with her against her will after she insulted him. WTF? How can watching a lakorn can be so stressful? How can a drama be this morally wrong?

But of course, I am here to review the entertainment value of the drama, not the moral lessons behind it because honestly, I don’t think this drama has any.


It is thoroughly enjoyable to see the fights between the hero and the heroine. She had a loud mouth, he had less-than-polite manners. The way she glared at him made it obvious that she wanted to kill him if only her hands were not tied. Once he tried to feed her, she spat the food to his face. He took a handful of rice and shoved it to her face. God, why are they acting like this? They are so violent with each other – it was not until the last 4 episodes that their behaviours toned down a little. The most memorable scene for me was during Episode 3, where the hero and the heroine had a struggle in the room after the heroine tried to escape. He found her and brought her back and gave her water to drink. She spat that water to his face (yes, people, a lot of spitting in this drama). Furious, he did the same thing – drank the water and spat it to her face, TWICE. God, so much angst in this drama!  So much hatred but why am I loving this? TT

The most disturbing scene for me was not one of the scenes where she was kidnapped, but after she got married to hero and had quite a good agreeable relationship with him (agreeable meaning they stopped cursing to each other). Just as the hero sat next to her, she WILLINGLY gave her hands to the hero with a pouting face, thinking that the hero wanted to tie her hands, without any hint of a struggle. No more “let me go,” “where’s my freedom?” etc etc (he didn’t tie her hands, btw, he was trying to act all lovey dovey and shits). My reaction was “GIRRRRLL, what the F?” But hey, if you like it like that, then you like it like that and I respect your decision. (But God, really?)

It’s quite sad to see that the heroine, who initially was a fighter, surrendered to her fate when she married the hero. She no longer felt the need to escape mainly because to make her poor mother happy. Nevertheless, I think she had thought about her decisions a lot, judging the pros and cons of the steps she would make. She had been used as a tool by the hero’s mother and younger brother. Marrying the hero and ending the cycle of craziness seemed to be the correct step. Plus, she was convinced the hero had been the one kindest to her and the one who would do anything to protect her. As a feminist, I disagree with her but as a human being, what can I say? Like is what you make of it.


Despite the misgivings I find with its themes, Jone Plon Jai is a good drama. It’s very entertaining and dangerously exciting. Lots of actions, lots of romantic tensions, lots of hatred. It is a fast-paced drama that would keep you away from being bored. The hero was always tense. The heroine was UNDERSTANDABLY always angry. They make an interesting couple. At least, visually, they look good together. I like seeing how he changed from his irresponsible character to a loving yet ditzy husband. He’s always anxious when he’s in trouble, in contrast to his wife, who retained that fierce streak within her. Yes, he’s stupid but he listens to his wife well. When she’s upset, he gets scared. And each time she asks him to do something, he complies. Now, that’s cute. Hahaha.

Now, for the bad things about this lakorn – the plot does not make sense, so do characters. Thank God that the actors played their roles so well that it made the story seemed real. I’m not sure when or how the hero fell for the heroine and vice versa but it could be due to the fact that they spent so much time in each other’s company. Personally, I think no one would ever fall in love with the ones who raped them. Also, I think most people who had been raped would prefer to kill their rapists or at least put them in jail. In the end, the heroine told a secondary character that despite the violations the hero had committed against her, truth was, he was the only one who helped her when the whole world wanted to harm her. That made sense, in a weird kind of way, I guess. Or at least from her perspective.

Haih. *heavy sigh* What a burdensome yet thoroughly interesting journey!

Even if you dislike dramas of this genre, you should check this drama out for no other reason but Num Sornram’s hotness. Trust me, you will not regret it.

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