by: Fatma Chingu

This is a continuation from my previous post. I said that I’m gonna do some recap so I think I just recap my favourite moments in this drama instead of going for details in each episode. These are my favorite moments in Master’s Sun:-

1. The First Meeting

Sounded cliche’ huh? But their first meeting was a hilarious one. She was hitchhiking in the middle of nowhere when suddenly a black car passes by and stopped for her. It was raining heavily and the car was like a ride sent from heaven. So she was smiling brightly towards Joong Woo who was obviously annoyed. He was not the one who asked for the car to be stopped, it was his Secretary (hah).

master1-00121                                                master1-00120

In the car, Taeyang was trying to make a conversation with Joong Woon but he was like ” Let’s drop her off at the first stop we see,”

Cold. So the atmosphere was awkward. Then suddenly…. master1-00134a ghost flying towards Taeyang and she goes like “AHHHHHHHH!!!” and grabbed Joong Woon’s arm and PUFF the ghost disappeared.That’s when she realized that Joong Won is like a blind, covering her senses from the death and a new hope for a normal life again (omona sounded too dramatic for some reasons)

Later they arrived at the first stop. He intended to leave her there alone and guess what that ghost followed them there!!!

But this time the ghost got all civilized and Taeyang asked her what’s her deal over soju. But on the other side, Joong Won observed Taeyang talking to herself, pouring a glass of soju by herself. Crazy woman, he snarks.

He tried to walk away quietly but Taeyang saw him leaving and she followed him from the back. The ghost suddenly went for a chase and the terrified Taeyang leaps into a run into Joong Won’s back. And the ghost magically disappears. World peace all over again.


Joong Won: There are two things I hate the most in this world. People who touches my money and people who touches my body.


Taeyang: I found my home…. Kyaaaaaa!!

2. Sleeping beside you 


I say Thank You to writer-nim for inserting this scene.. This is my favorite scene in the drama. Makes this girl goes all giddy…

Taeyang wakes up just to find Joong Won besides her, lying flat, stationary. How could he slept like that? That must not be comfortable. She thought it was a dream and was wondering how much did he occupied her mind for her dream to be so real. Hah! Funny girl.

It turns out that that all night, she got her body borrowed by some ghosts. Apparently, she should stay sober because once she’s out of it (drunk), ghost will take over her body. So throughout the night, she was a child, crying for her mommy, a French lady, a ballerina dancing around the house and also a dog, crawling and barking at him. Finally, he decided to hold her hands to sleep because he could not stand the craze any longer.

3. Tearful goodbye


Joong Won was stabbed by a screwdriver while he was protecting Taeyang from the crazy ahjussi (he killed a kid by accident and Taeyang found out about it). So he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. As Taeyang waits outside the operation room, she saw Joong Won, illuminated with bright lights and looks clean (I’m out of vocab to describe how he looks like). She was shocked at what she is seeing and tries to deny that Joong Won has come to her as a ghost. He’s dead?! *Gasp*

Taeyang was crying like crazy and he left her after saying “Saranghanda”. Me on the other side of the screen was like “UWAAAAA!!!!!” Shit this one makes me cry. Hmmph..Don’t judge me.

These are the moments I love in this drama. Credit to dramabeans for the pictures. But I recommended this drama to all of Kdrama lovers ( Methinks everybody have watched this) and I promise you will not be sorry. Chiao for now!


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