By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu


Truth to be told, a face like Loki or Tom Hiddleston wont even been listed in top 100 list of guys I would like to fuck in this life.  I don’t preferred guys with submissive face which is usually possessed a ‘cute’ or ‘sweet’ face that can melted the cotton candy right away, theoretically speaking. However, this Loki guy before I knew his name, successfully breaking into my taste preferences and suddenly I am having an urge to fuck him. It is weird.

It began when I accidentally watching the comic con video in youtube where Tom Hiddleston really into his character, acting his heart out as LOKI in the avengers and even gives the best fan service to his fans. The tumblr also filled up with Loki or tom hiddlestone meme and posts by the Hiddlestoner, his own fan club.

I watched thor and my heart immediately went to Loki. He needs a hug. Apparently, nobody would like to give him one. When he discovered he’s not an Odin Son, he tried hard to impress him. He even killed his own father to prove he is the true Asgardian. Suddenly, what he’s done is the act of treachery. He even went beyond reasonable man could do as to try to destroy his own birth land, Jotunheim. Unfortunately, nobody sees his point. He just does not want to be seen as an outsider. He wanted to be accepted as the true odinson. Originally, the title ‘King’ does not bothered him at all.

ImageHe said: “I never wanted the throne, I only ever wanted to be your equal!”

He’s willing to give up the throne so that thor can ascend it. It is tragic to find out that he was adopted and can finally understand why he has been sidelined by thor for a long time.

This is what Loki said to thor:


“I remember a shadow.Living in the shade of your greatness.”

This is a cry for help from someone whose childhood has been experience the feeling of being unloved.

While loki went on and on being a villain in the avengers, I don’t pay much attention to him. That’s because I always loved captain America. He will always be my first option no matter what. Chris evan will always be on top of my list. The world domination plan, the revenge towards thor using the earth as leverage and finally, the good triumphs bad, we all can predict in the end loki would fail. It’s the cliché of superhero story that no one can deny. Anyway, the best moment in the avengers is where he threatened the black widow (for some reason, i think this scene is kinda hot. hehehe) :


“You mewling quim.”

My favorite part is where he wants everybody kneels and bows before him. He even claimed us humans, crave subjugation. Well, if loki is my king, I would kneel, heck yeah i  even volunteer being his personal slave (dirty thoughts suddenly rumbling). Haha.

“I am Loki, prince of Asgard. You will kneel to me.”

“All humans crave subjugation.”


“In the end, you will always kneel.”

My king, you know i will always will. hahaha 😉

Last but not least, the bromance scene between thor and loki in the thor 2: the dark world. Let us spazzing together. Hahahaha.




sorry chingu ya~ , i cant help falling in lust with loki. hahaha.


p.s: There is no review on thor 2: the dark world. If you are a big fan of marvel’s films, you might like thor 2. You may as well rated it as entertaining movie you ever watched ( if you like loki more than thor).

my rating: 3/5


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