Sherlock & Elementary : TV series review

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Sherlock: 4/5 Elementary: 3.5/5
Sherlock: 4/5
Elementary: 3.5/5

Sherlock Holmes portrayed By Benedict CumberBatch (Sherlock) & Jonny Lee Miller (Elementary):

Benedict Cumberbatch & Jonny Lee Miller
Benedict Cumberbatch & Jonny Lee Miller

Truth be told, if people asked me which sherlock i preferred the most, i might have no answer to that. I like how Benedict and Miller played sherlock in similar role yet they are distinctives in their own angle. Benedict somehow possessed the arrogance and charms in his own wits. People find him irritating, weird, psychopath but how he portrayed sherlock is admirable. I, maybe not a fan of cumberbatch because i find his face slightly annoying but as fan of tv series, Cumberbatch did an excellent job.

Miller on the other hand, is what you could say american version of Sherlock though he himself maintained being a british citizen in this series. He portrayed a recovering drug addict plus a genius consulting detective. As can be seen, this version of sherlock is a little bad boy as Miller association with prostitutes and drugs are not news anymore especially to others who knew him well. Miller gave an annoyance vibe to NYPD department but they had to endure him because of the relationship he had with Captain Gregson.

In both series, you can say that both sherlock had a slight similarity for genius and intelligence are part of them. However, One find women is a element to exercise sexual function and the other, might find them as a repellent. Either way, they played the character flawlessly and have their own interpretation in the role.

Dr. Watson Portrayed By Martin Freeman (Sherlock) and Lucy Liu (Elementary):

Matin Freeman & Lucy Liu
Matin Freeman & Lucy Liu

I am inclined to like Watson portrayed by Freeman much better than Lucy. Not because Watson supposed to be a man originally, but lucy does not have that kind of spark to the character. she fails to make me worship Sherlock/Watson pair in elementary. Sherlock, on the other hand, well, the bromance should keep going on no matter what. Lucy Portrayed Watson as sherlock’s sober companion. They began their relationship with professional association. Freeman (sherlock’s Watson) started knowing sherlock as they are roommate and began familiarizing with what sherlock did for a living. You can see that their friendship growing over time passes by.

In the elementary, Lucy and Miller kept their distance and the relationship was strictly business. Lucy noticed that as the term of being sherlock sober companion in elementary nearly ending, she decided to stay even she’s not being paid. she realized that she liked doing the investigation together with sherlock in the elementary.

Irene Adler portrayed By Lara Pulver (Sherlock) and Natalie Dormer (Elementary):

Lara Pulver & Natalie Dormer
Lara Pulver & Natalie Dormer

Although I am excited about Natalie Dormer gonna play the character of Irene Adler in the Elementary. I was disappointed by how elementary shows the dysfuctional, on-and-off relation of Irene and Sherlock. May i remind you, that there is no sexual scene (there are nude scene, but no sexual interaction) between Pulver and Cumberbatch in Sherlock but i was convinced. I even worshipped them. For me, cumberbatch really make it through showing us that Pulver is ‘The Woman’ for him.

Dormer, On the other hand, brilliant in her own acting, seductive as ever but fails to put the emotion as Irene (Maybe i expected too much of her since i already her fans in the tudors tv series). There are some scenes that i liked between Sherlock and her in the elementary, but to be compared in the episode of the scandal in belgravia of sherlock, maybe its a long way to go.

Moriarty Portrayed By Andrew Scott (Sherlock) and Natalie Dormer (Elementary):

Andrew Scott & Natalie Dormer
Andrew Scott & Natalie Dormer

This is by far, the most shocking twist presented in the elementary as ‘The Woman” herself is the Moriarty that Sherlock took years to find. Not that i dont like the twist, i think the writer is brave enough to combine both characters. That took some guts to do so. However, Much i would like myself to feel impress, i dont. That’s because it destroyed the relationship between sherlock and irene had in the past. Its a big blow to me. Natalie Dormer is Evil enough to play that character. She did amazing job portraying woman version of Moriarty. I just dislike the idea of Irene adler and Moriarty is the same person.

Moriarty in sherlock, is the craziest character i ever watched. Scott successfully balances the psychopath and the crazy in the moriarty. Sure, he’s a villain but how he lured sherlock to fall into his tricks and turned other people against sherlock was surprisingly good. Andrew Scott did justice on the moriarty role. Because of what happened to Watson, Irene and Moriary in the elementary forced me to deducted 0.5 from the rating. If it was up only to Cumberbatch and Miller, they would earn 5 from me right away.

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