The Deep Blue Sea (2011)

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Freddie & Hester
Freddie & Hester

‘I love you but I’m sorry we can’t be together’.

Among all the phrases of love that I’ve heard, this is one phrase that I am unable to understand. If you truly love me, why in the seven hells we can’t be together? I find it beyond my comprehension to understand how leaving someone you love can make him/her to be happy for the rest of their life. I just don’t get it. (am sorry for being so emotional!! haha)

The deep blue sea told the story of Hester (who is a married woman) is having an affair with Freddie (an ex pilot during World War 2). They still continued having an affair even William (Hester’s husband) knew about it. William may not grant Hester a divorce but he let Hester live with Freddie as he made it clear he does not want to see her wife’s face anymore. Hester somehow compared her dilemma with someone caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. She loves her husband, William but the passion and physical intimacy was not there anymore. He could not provide her that. Freddie, on the other hand, capable to ignite the passion and the burning love inside Hester but he’s not emotionally stable. He was always angry and sometimes lashing it out on Hester.

My Rating: 4/5
My Rating: 4/5

William, after a while, begged Hester to stop the infatuation and plead her to return to him. He after all would make Hester comfortable and never in a million years would make her cry. Hester insisted that she loves Freddie and told William that being with Freddie make her a whole person. Hester tried to kill herself when Freddie forgot her birthday and she failed as it was discovered by her neighbor. Freddie knew about it when he finds out suicide note that Hester wrote to him. That was when Freddie felt that their relationship is unhealthy. Freddie felt he and Hester are lethal to each other. He then dumped Hester and took a job in Rio.

As much as I would want to believe this is a timeless love story, for me, it is not. Why? Love is a bit of both, you enjoy emotional comfort and support and you feel the passion and the fluttering feelings in yourself. You felt safe with him and being yourself is what defined your relationship with your lover. In this case, Hester had to compromise and sometimes end up crying because of Freddie’s rudeness and indifferent towards her. Sure, she felt alive being with Freddie but where is the feeling that ‘when you are together, that is where your home is’. For me, what happened between Freddie and Hester only a passion encounter. Hester can’t resist Freddie’s charm and she was intoxicated by him. Freddie too felt the same way about Hester. For me, it’s a pure lust story. Judging from William’s age and look, we all can understand why Hester cheated on him.

William & Hester
William & Hester

There’s nothing wrong about that. Sometimes, I think people deserve to take a break in their marriage especially those who already married in 10 years and above. However, this is my opinion. I don’t know how you guys think about a passion encounter, maybe it’s sinful, maybe it’s wrong but we are human, for god sake. We are bound to make mistakes.

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