Masters of Sex (2013) : TV Series Review

BY The Gorgeous Palah Chingu


First of all, when I heard about this TV series, I suspiciously expected that it’s about sex addict and how the addiction took control of his life. (Just so you know I like to watch first and do my research regarding on the material later). I was wrong. No scene of intense 1 hour fucking and obscene scene that you usually watched on pornography. To be exact, it was all clinically sexy. No private parts of male and female were broadcasted in the series. There are boobs and naked bodies but that was it. They played it at certain angle so it can be hide and covered up. This TV series is all about championing in sex education and study. The story of Dr. William Masters and his assistant, Virginia Johnson in discovering the path of sexual study and revolutionize the sexology as back then it filled with myths regarding on sex. Together, they dismissed some of misconception in the field. For example, the circumcision of penis can be a factor in determining of making women orgasm or the size of penis is a contributing aspect in women satisfaction of sex. Throughout the entire series, I learnt a lot. I even knew that we, women, can even orgasm without the present of male private parts.

The main Characters are:

1)      Dr. William Masters by Michael Sheen


Dr Masters is the man who originates the study. He got permission from the hospital director but the study must done discretely and not to be done in the hospital. Dr. Masters disagree but later conceded to his director demand in exchange of the budget for the study. He later, encounters with so many problems to initiate the study. People called him insane and out of mind for wanting to do some breakthrough in the field (Heaven forbids, sex study in the year of 1950s; how people would react to that?) where people won’t venture in it. He discovers many facts that could counter argue from the previous sex study which led him wanting to explore more. Dr. Masters’ passion and determination in his study is no joke. How Michael Sheen portrayed the character is amazing. He showed how Dr. Masters has that particular of social awkwardness, the truth seeking personality and the self center trait. The most interesting thing was Dr. Masters helped a lot of his patients to get pregnant but he himself is infertile. The fact that he asked his wife to go through so many process to get pregnant showed that man ego can be as big as titanic ship. I was perturbed by how inconsiderate he is by not telling his wife that he is shooting blank and has low sperm count rate.

2)      Virginia Johnson By Lizzy Caplain


Gini is what I called the Dr. Masters’ core of study. Whenever Dr. Masters felt it was impossible or it can’t be done, Gini will reassure that it is possible. She interested in Dr Masters study and ultimately, had applied as a secretary in Dr Masters’ office to get involved in the study. Gini was an ex singer. Her ex husband who was in the same band with Gini failed to provide for her children forcing Gini to quit the band and finding another job. Since then, she’s been trying to earn more money so that she can provide for her kids. Lizzy Caplain played Virginia Johnson flawlessly. She is beautiful but she did not let it defined her. She’s taking control of her life and don’t permit any man step on her. She’s worked really hard and even taking a university course to earn a degree so that she can support her family well. Gini does not know that Dr. Masters liked her more than just a colleague. She just treated Dr Masters as usual and has to put up with his temper. Throughout, the entire series, I can say what Dr. Masters and her had is pure chemistry.

One of the experiment instrument in the Dr. Masters Study
One of the experiment instrument in the Dr. Masters Study
Dr. Masters using a hooker as a subject on the experiment in the beginning on his study.
Episode 109
Dr Masters and Virgina conducting the experiment on their study.
My Rating: 4/5
My Rating: 4/5

Well, it is sad that I have to learn about sex study through TV series. I can’t discuss it with my parents that for sure. They expected us to know it by ourselves. How did we know it, it doesn’t matter. By the time, we are being an adult, we know. No discussions, talks and whatsoever. It is ridiculous to see how many of my friend didn’t know about sex. They know about the penetration because we learn it in science (thank god for that), but they did not know about orgasm, stimulation and even spasm that you felt after the climax. Heck, I even had a friend that didn’t even know penetration. She seriously thinks that lying in bed with a husband can make her pregnant, thus when I told her about sex, she freaks out. She couldn’t absorb the information that I told her. It’s beyond her comprehension. Don’t blame me for telling her the truth, blame our society narrow-mindedness and our misplace shame to not talk about it as it is stamped as private matter. Certain patterns suggests that our parents usually told us this ‘once you get married, you will know about it’.

UNFORTUNATELY for me, Sex still considered taboo subject in my country. There are some of politicians try to push sexual education to become one of the subject in school. It did not work out because those who opposed it could not differentiate between sexual education and sexual perversion. I wonder how many parents in Malaysia that did ‘The Talk’ with their children. I usually watch English drama that they featured the scene where their parents will talk about ‘sex’ once their children has entered the teenage hood. We didn’t have that in Malaysia. We used other channels (I mean I used other channels). I watched pornography. I read sex story. I was curious since I was 12 years old. Doing all of those things had robbed me my own innocence. By now, I am much more expert that any of my friends (even to those who already married).

The thing about Malaysia is they allowed the culture of talk dirty especially those who already married. I remember when I am in my practical training, the staffs in the office talks so openly that sometimes I wanted shoot my ears off. Maybe, we are so used to the idea that we can discuss it with our friends or learn it from any informative materials in the internet or printed media but not to our parents or using a proper medium like school or something. I am not married but I was curious about it. Anyway, I should stop babbling about sex.

2 thoughts on “Masters of Sex (2013) : TV Series Review

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the season. It’s funny how many real life scenarios, like the one you mentioned about laying down and becoming pregnant that way, end up also playing out in the show as well.

    1. I know right? but it does happened. *sigh. In Masters of Sex, that scene was way back then, in the early 50s-60s. My friend didnt know what sex is in the year of 2013. *double sigh

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