ARTPOP – Lady Gaga (2013 Album Review)


Behold… the album we all have been waiting for….. at least for me and my chingus.


ARTIST: LADY GAGA (also known as Mother Monsters. Her fans called themselves Little Monsters.)

RATING: 8/10

Lady Gaga’s music has been a common passion among us three chingus since we first met back in 2008. She had just started her career with  the awesome Just Dance single. Who knew the striking blonde girl with a pair square-shaped spectacles and robot-like outfits could, one day, change people’s perception about pop music. But Lady Gaga did it anyway and though I can sincerely comment that beneath all that flashes and controversies and weird gossips about her, she is a damned good musician.

I don’t think anyone can ever deny that after listening to her amazing four albums, which I love!

Being a little monster, I had a very high expectation on Artpop, her third studio album. I was very scared that I would be disappointed. The Fame, her first album, remains her strongest, most self-asserting work to date. The album defined her identity. The second album, The Fame Monster (people may argue it’s an EP but for me, the work is distinctive enough to warrant it a separated identity from The Fame) represents the darker side of her obsession and limitless creativity.  It took me quite a while to like Born This Way, her third release.  It has some of the greatest tracks of the decade – Speechless, Judas, Heavy Metal Lover – but I did think it was quite overdramatic.


That is the problem or, perhaps for some, the special factor about Lady Gaga. She loves fame, she loves glamour, she loves fashion. Her obsessions with these things overshadow the true wonder of her songs. To most who do not listen to her music, it tends to create a very bad impression. However, once she is stripped of all the factors I mentioned, it cannot be denied that she has a great voice and sings live AMAZINGLY, she put an utmost effort in each of her performances and most importantly, she entertains successfully.

As for ARTPOP, I love it very much. It is safe to say, the whole album is great. Unlike others (I think), I prefer the less-dramatic Gaga. In this album, she did tone down the drama. She sounds less rebellious, as if she is going against the world. The first time I heard the album, I was already obsessed with more than half the tracks (which is great. Some of the albums I bought have no more than three agreeable tracks). And this album has 15 tracks to choose from.

That is, people, what I call making your listeners happy. And I am happy indeed!

The tracks are as follows:-

1) Aura – not my favourite. It sounds a bit too dramatic for me. And noisy.

2 ) Venus – not my favourite. It has a catchy chorus but the verses are a bit bland. The part where she mentioned the names of the planets is a bit out of place, I think.

3) G.U.Y – or Girl Under You. My favourite track. People tend to get judgmental when singers sing about sex. But hey, why should they not sing about sex if they do have a sex life? Especially if it’s good. A sex song should only fail if they fail to turn you on. However, G.U.Y turns me on.

4) Sexxx Dreams – Not my favourite. The song did not really manage to capture me.

5) Jewels N’ Drugs – My least favourite. A plain bad hip hop song for me.

6) Manicure  – A fun great dance track. Makes you want to stand up and shake your hips!

7) Do What U Want (Featuring R. Kelly) – Lady Gaga’s voice is superb here! She sounds assertive, firm and assertive which blends well with R. Kelly’s voice. A great pop song. Not so dancey but groovy, if you get what I mean.

8) ARTPOP – A mediocre track. I think the song is okay but I would not say I like it.The verse after the second chorus is great, though.

9) Swine – One of the songs that took me quite a while to like. An energetic song. Great bass track.  I love the chorus where she sang…. “you’re so disgusting, you’re just a pig inside!

10) Donatella – The lyrics of this song is kind of shallow BUT I LOVE IT! Come on, everyone is shallow to a certain extent. Only hypocrites deny such a truth. An appreciation to every honest shallow fashionista out there. Because we are born this way, baby.

11) Fashion! – My favourite track, along with G.U.Y. for its beats, rhythm, composition, everything. It is simply Gaga-ly amazing. My favourite lines? “Looking good and feeling fine…. Looking and feeling fine….

12) Mary Jane Holland – An agreeable track. Not really my favourite.

13) Dope – The only ballad song in this album. Great vocals, again. She sounds sad, depressed and heartbroken yet she wants to fix things so badly. Her second best ballad performance (because Speechless will always remain no. 1 for me)

14) Gypsy – Quite agreeable but not really memorable for me.

15 – Applause – The reason why I bought this album. I’m surprised why people are not obsessing over this song. Applause is a wonderful song. Every element of the song is inspirational! It is about dreams, strong will, one’s desperate desire for success and how to stand up for yourself against the people who are trying to bring you down. I am and will always be proud to sing my heart out to this song in every karaoke session I attend to. Honestly, like her, we, too, live for the approval of other people around us.

Overall, ARTPOP is a wonderful album. I have been reading on the internet that it receives mostly mixed reviews. The negative ones are due to the fact that the album is centered pretty much on fame, glamour and sex, themes which had been utilized in her previous albums. But I did not really expect her to sing about something else. She has always been honest that she lives her life for the career of Lady Gaga. Whether that person is more of a pop star or a normal human being, it is for her to decide.

If one ignores her notorious reputation and the supposed shock values relating to her,  ARTPOP can be quite enjoyable to listen to. Notwithstanding the mega pop star status she carries, rest assured that she never fails as a singer and a musician.


Dear Mother Monster, we love you. We hope to attend your concert one day. Most likely overseas. We would dress up and scream our lungs out. We would cry out of happiness. Sadly, that will be too far in the future. Don’t think you can perform in Malaysia. Because I’m sure the government or the censorship board will never let you in and the narrow-minded people would irrationally go hullaballoo over your presence. *cries*


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