Ratings: Double high fives and a box of tissue papers.. my nose is blocked from 3 hours of crying

This drama is just to my liking, romance in bloom and a bunch of good looking royals gracing my screen. What more could I ask for?

This 35 episodes drama was adapted from a hit serial-online  novel of Chinese writer named Tong Hua. It tells on the story of a 25 years old Zhang Xiao who found herself waking up as Maertai Ruoxi, the sister-in-law to the 8th Prince who lives in the Qing Dynasty after a traffic collision. Unable to return, she finally settles her mind to adjust. Along the way, she bonded with the Kangxi Princes who later involved in the bloody battle for the Dragon Throne. Coming from the future, she knows well the ending of the brothers and she believed that she could change their fates…. or so she thinks.

Let’s cruise on her relationships with the Princes shall we? *wink*

1. Return to the innocence with 10th Prince


The 10th Prince was smitten by Ruoxi since their first encounter. He is hot tempered youth and rash in his decision. Based on the history, he would later on be executed by the succeeding Emperor (4th Prince) for conspiring with 8th Prince to usurp the throne. Ruoxi has a bad impression on him on their first meeting and she would pick an argument with him whenever they meet. Little they know that the fights brings them closer together and build an innocent friendship, just like children would have. She folded 1000 paper cranes as a birthday gift to him as to make his dream comes true.

But later, the Emperor issued the Imperial edict for the 10th Prince to marry the sister of 8th Prince Fujin (1st wife). He was deeply saddened by the marriage. Ruoxi on the other hand was traumatized by the event since she has now realized that her fate lies in the hand of the Emperor, just like any other nobles. Freedom gone… Many misunderstood her grief as her being heartbroken over the 10th Prince when deep inside she is actually grieving on her own fate  under the thumb of the Emperor. This is the first time she realized that going back in time is not a fun ride. She feels like she is going off the cliff without no control. Just waiting for her body to crash into the cold sea water. Totally helpless.

2. The Soul mate-13th Prince

Fearless Prince. Cold as ice. That is what people around him described him. Ruoxi was dragged along by him into the woods on the night of the wedding of the 10th Prince. He offers her to drink wine with him till they both drop. That night, she discovers the real 13th Prince. He shares the same mind as hers who dream of having freedom in deciding their own future. Just like her, he yearns for someday to live on their own will. As they grief together over wine, they shared a deep conversation and become best friends.

Due to the power struggle, the 13th Prince was sentenced to house arrest (exiled) on the account of the 4th Prince who was accused of treason against their Imperial Father. He was pushed to the corner by the 8th Prince since he is the 4th Prince ally. He was kept away for 10 years and later during the 4th Prince reign, he returned back to the palace as his right-hand man and the most trusted person of the Majesty. He was loyal to the Majesty and unlike the old 13th Prince, he was extremely cautious in his action. It is proven that his banishment has wounded him as he learnt it the hard way that misery will come when you try to defy the system. And it destroyed you inside and out. Ouch.

On the side note, how I wish I have a good looking, straight male best friend? She’s living my fantasy isn’t she? *sigh*

3. The First Love-8th Prince


Well hello there.

He makes my heart flutters and filled my belly with love butterflies whenever he smiles. *faints*

He is the the ultimate PRINCE. A perfect gentleman. Adored by ladies and respected by men. But as always, the perfect guy is always lonely. Even though he already wedded two wives (Ruoxi’s elder sister is the 2nd wife). Double Duh.

 Ruoxi at first has never thought of romancing the 8th Prince. He is the head of the household she’s living in (before entering the Palace as the candidate for Royal Concubine) and also her brother-in-law. He is somehow attracted to her bright, repulsive nature that always brings a smile on his face. She fell for his charisma and charm as well as his forward way of expressing his affection towards her.

As her affection grows, so is her worries. The 8th Prince has always aimed for the Throne to satisfy his vengeance towards people who has been belittling his mother’s status (she is not from the noble family I supposed) which affected him as he is grows up. He formed an alliance with the 10th Prince, 9th Prince and the 14th Prince opposite the alliance of the 4th Prince and the 13th Prince. Based on what she knows, the 8th Prince and his allies will be executed for planning a coup against the 4th Prince (after he becomes the Emperor).

She tries to persuade him to back out but ends in vain. Ambition wins, love gets kicked out of the window.

Her last attempt to save him from tragic ends, she warns him about the 4th Prince and named a few officials that he should be wary of in the hope that he could at least dodge the bullet before its too late. Game changer? Not exactly. It turns out that she instead triggers the 8th Prince to take bigger risks and caused the 13th Prince to be exiled.

4. Her other half-4th Prince


Hail to the King!

The 4th Prince is illuminated with mystery, which scares the tits out of Ruoxi. She knows that he is the future emperor which explained her cautious manner whenever they are together. Ruoxi is extremely careful not to cross the 4th Prince since she knows that he will someday kill his own brothers to retain his position as the Emperor.

Too bad for her because he’s misunderstood her polite behaviour around him as a sign of interest. On various occasions or accidents they path crosses and Ruoxi (after she and 8th Prince broke up) opens up to 4th Prince. He saved her from a flying arrow, stand besides her in the rain and provide his cloak as shelter from the rain bla bla bla etc…. I am too lazy to recap every romantic moments between them cause there are plenty.

So once he became the Emperor, Ruoxi becomes his mistress because she has yet to receive an official title. Or better put, both of them prefer to be that way. For 20 years. Owh so liberal. Huhuhu

As the time goes by, she slowly discovers that the Palace is not a friendly place. She has witnessed a lot of palace servants punished and killed before her eyes. One of the tragic ones is when her best friend (who is also the palace maid) got steamed. Like a bun. Human bun.

Due to that, she lost her baby. And that’s the start when Ruoxi started to hate the 4th Prince. Later she decided to marry the 14th Prince and becomes his C’Fujin (2nd Wife).

5. The Guardian Angel-14th Prince


The 14th Prince and the 4th Prince shares the same mother. But ironically they are not allies. He is the one who should ascend the throne but somehow the 4th Prince managed to grab it from him.

Ruoxi and the 14th Prince is not romantically involved because the 14th Prince knew about her and the 8th Prince. As a matter of fact, he tried to put them back together because he knows that the 8th Prince has deep affection towards Ruoxi.

He is a glorious general and the Majesty favourite. Since Ruoxi is the Majesty’s favourite person (she works in the palace as the Majesty tea lady), the Majesty has issued an edict to pair them together and of course Ruoxi objected to it. So as the result Ruoxi has been sent to the Laundry Department and demoted in rank. The 14th Prince came to know that a little bit later and assured Ruoxi that he will only marry her once she said yes. And 20 years later, she accepted the proposal. Not because she loves him but rather as an escape from the Palace.

It is undeniable that the 14th Prince has feelings for Ruoxi since he took care of her after she left the Palace. And in the end, she dies in his arms. Shit that part makes me so emotional. But in short, he is her guardian angel (though what’s written thus far does not imply any heroic act but making her the C’Fujin-to enable her to get away from 4th Prince is quite guardian angel-like).

Oh my heart!

This one is a lengthy post since I am writing on each of the Princes. But I left out the 9th Prince since his character is only as the 8th Prince ally so not so much about him.

And for your information, there will be a sequel to this and it is set up in modern era with pretty much the same casts. Yikes it gonna sucks big time.

And one more, Nicky Wu (4th Prince) and Liu Shi Shi (Ruoxi) announced that they are dating in real life! No wonder their chemistry is sizzling and smoking hot.

Ok that’s it for now. See you in my next post. Adios


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