Animation Film Review: Frozen (2013)

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating: 4.5/5
My Rating: 4.5/5

Can I just say that frozen probably one of the best film that Walt Disney ever released? The idea was brilliant, the plot was quite fresh and the characters in the film were oh-so-amazing. The songs in frozen (oh my fucking god, it was incredible), I really enjoyed the whole sound track of the film. I watched it last night with one of my best friends, Ika and until now I still I can’t get over the film. I was so excited and even mentioned ‘that I am so reviewing frozen’ to Ika.  I am a big fan of animation films and sometimes I can get bias in my post but frozen will not left you disappointed at all (that i am 100 percent sure of). At first, I had the slight idea that frozen might be okay, it may get boring in some parts, but overall it is enjoyable. That’s what I thought of frozen initially. Fortunately, I was wrong. I was completely blown away. I’ll tell you why I really love it.

 The idea:

Elsa & Anna
Elsa & Anna

It is a pretty brand new kind story by Disney. what more peculiar in this film is the centralization of female characters with different personal traits. Elsa, she is blessed with icy power and she didn’t turn evil like some Disney characters did. She suffered isolation because she can’t control her power and she was overwhelmed of fear that it will cause hurt to anyone especially her sister. Anna, she’s nothing like Elsa. She’s bothersome and a bright girl in her own way. Hans is what I felt surprised the most; he is nothing like prince charming. He’s so similar with Anna in some way that it is indeed creepy. I thought they will end up together and happily married. When Hans suddenly turned to be the evil prince, and he’s not really in love with Anna as what he did before were part of her acting, I gasp in horror. *I am just being a little dramatic. Olaf, the snowman is probably one of the best things that ever happened in Frozen. He is funny and naïve in his own way. He loves sun and summer without having any idea that those two things will melt him right away as he is a snow man. The act of true love is not always must be a kiss from a prince like the ordinary tale we used to read back then. Anna is set free from her own curse when she tried to save Elsa though it turned her into ice frozen sculpture. The act of true love that they show in this film is the love that connects between 2 sisters.

The characters:

Princess Elsa
Princess Elsa

Princess Elsa is the one who possess the power of turning everything into ice and frozen. She is the elder daughter of King and Queen Arendelle. She often played snow with her little sister Princess Anna, given at that time she is blessed with cryokinetic power to invite winter anytime her want. She, later, accidentally injured her sister and was forced to not play with her anymore. She ignored her sister pleading and isolating herself in her room. Princess Elsa then later became the queen of arendelle. Since Elsa had been warned not to display her power, she often scared to mix and associate with people, worrying that her power might show and she can’t control it. On the coronation event, Anna somehow triggers Elsa’s anger and she released her power in front of everybody. Due to this, Elsa ran away and tries to isolate herself so she will not injure anyone.

Princess Anna
Princess Anna

I am not so fond of Princess Anna. For me, she’s annoying and irritating. However, she loves her sister, Princess Elsa more than anything else. She didn’t lose her faith in her sister so quickly and even went to find her in the middle cold harsh winter to convince her to return to arendelle. Anna is what you can called the little bubbly-bimbo girl. She want to get married to Hans, the prince she met at the Elsa’s coronation even she just met him only one day. She didn’t had the slightest idea of who Hans is, yet was convinced that he was the true love of hers. She was enraged by her sister’s decision for not giving her consent on the idea of her getting married. This was the event that led Elsa unleashes her power in front of arendelle people. Feeling guilty and responsible by it, Anna set the journey to find her sister accompanied by mountain man, Kristoff and his reindeer, Sven.


Kristoff is a mountain man that Anna met when she was on her way to search her sister in the North Mountain. Kristoff is what I called a very realistic and sensible man. When Anna told him that she wanted to marry the prince she met only one day, he was befuddled. He told Anna it was impossible to get to know a person in one day. Their friendship growing day by day and Kristoff didn’t realize he already fell in love with her.

Prince Hans
Prince Hans

Hans, the Southern Island Prince met Anna at the coronation. They went head over heels toward each other and Hans proposed to Anna right away. When Elsa ran away and Anna went to find her, Anna asked Hans to take care of arendelle people when she was gone. Hans did what she asked and waited Anna to return only to betray her love. Hans’s initial plan was to marry Anna and kill Elsa later so that he could be a king. However, he had to revise the plan of taking over the kingdom when Elsa’s hidden power has been discovered.

Olaf, the snowman
Olaf, the snowman

Olaf is the snowman made by Elsa to Anna when they were young. Anna did not have any memory of Olaf but Elsa had. When Elsa accidentally unleashes her power, everything she created became alive and one of them is Olaf. Olaf then joined Anna’s journey to find Elsa and become Anna’s best friend.

My favorite moments:

1) When they (Anna & Kristoff) met Olaf


2) Olaf’s part when he sings that he would one day could enjoy the sun’s warmth. this is freaking hilarious.


3) When Elsa ran away and created her own palace. She even created her own costume which is the most gorgeous dress i ever seen. I was absolutely mesmerized by Elsa’s new appearance.


4) When Anna met Hans and she was convinced that he was the one. I almost thought that he was the one for her.


My Favorite songs (i played all of them on repeat):

1) Do you want to build a snowman? (i cant find the HD version, but overall the video is pretty watchable)

2) Let it go. (there are 2 versions of it, one of it sang by Idina Menzel and the other one by Demi Lovato).

3) In summer ( i am never get enough of olaf)

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