I like good-looking men. Especially powerful-looking men who exude charisma pretty much without doing anything. Mind you, not many have this God-given  gift. One may be very handsome but to be kingly – now that is another thing. Hehehehe

I am so happy writing this post. Most of the actors listed here, I came across quite coincidentally. I watched one of their movies or saw their photos and instantly, I thought, “whoah, you should play king!” Why? A number of factors are considered….

  1. They are generally good-looking
  2. They look super good and slick in suits
  3. Their shoulders are super broad
  4. They give off a VERY dominant vibe that makes even the strongest of hearts submit to their rule.

I don’t particularly enjoy spazzing over dominant men. No, I don’t. However, the men here are those exceptional ones… The ones we often think about when life gets a bit bitter.

1. Mads Mikkelsen

Mads 2madsI don’t think I need to explain why Mads (or Uncle Mads, as me and Palah call him) is listed here. He is just, simply and absolutely, gorgeous and sexy. With that intense-looking face, always in an emotional pain, it is as if he was born to play king, perhaps in an absolute monarchy state. He would be a ruthless cold-hearted king, perhaps with a slight hint of kindness. People fear him, people don’t dare to defy him. God, I am sure if he’s to play a king, I’ll be getting a two hour complete screen-gasm. Hahaha, thanks to him.

2. Paul Bettany

paul-bettany-670x350 paulPaul Bettany has that charming English handsomeness going on. His sliverish blonde compliments his fair skin perfectly. Based on his film choices, one can conclude that he enjoys playing dark complicated unhappy characters. I think he’d be a conflicted king, with lots and lots of troub les. He can be fair, yet have no choice but to practice cruelty at times.

3. Michael Fassbender

michael 2michaelHalf Irish, half German, Michael is hot but in an unconventional way, if I may say. His choice of roles are mostly villainy and evil. Not sure why he’s inclined to play such characters but he plays them quite well, for his unconventional look makes his evil charisma quite believable. Nevertheless, strip that ‘evilness’ from him, he can look every bit the charming man. As a king, I’d imagine him as the king who has just inherited from his father a powerful crown. He tries his best to achieve the expectations set up by his father’s rule, which would make him also a conflicted king. However, he enjoy his power enormously.

4. Gaspard Ulliel

gaspard gaspard 3My first choice as king. He’s French, he’s gorgeous, he’s manly, he has deep intriguing eyes and his smile is pretty fatal. There is really no reason to hate Monsieur Ulliel. Although he’s quite young, he has quite a serious personality. God, please someone make him king in films. He’d be a king to a medium-sized country and will have a more famed personality than the country that he ruled. I imagine him as a kind collected king, perhaps in a constitutional monarchy, whose respect from the people is more important than their fears.

That is about it. Quite a short list, I must say. Not all hot guys can play a charismatic king for me on screen. And the type of king I hate most to see is a weak wimpy ineffective king. Hahahaha. Since it is a fangirling post, the actors I listed are handsome based on my perspective. Of course, different people have different preferences. But combine a hint of misery into these perfectly carved work of art we call hot men, we’d surely get something so irresistible.

Swoon, baby, swoon.

*Damn, we definitely need more posts like this in this blog.*


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