Ode to the Love of Alexander Grayson and Mina Murray

by Ruby Chingu

draculaI love love the new Dracula series by NBC. It is slick, it is fresh, it is gore and bloody. Most importantly, it is sexy, thanks to our lead actor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, whose hotness needs no introduction to the world. He plays the main character of Dracula, a vampire leader seeking revenge against the powerful Order of the Dragon in London during the Victorian era. To hide his identity, he paraded himself as Alexander Grayson, an American tycoon attempting to establish his energy business in the city.

What I love most about the series is the love story of Alexander and our main heroine, Miss Mina Murray (Jessica De Gouw), an intelligent woman and the sole female medical student in a local university and possibly the reincarnation of Dracula’s wife, Ilona, who died hundreds of years ago. Alexander was besotted by Mina the first time he saw her, for he knew that Ilona had come back to him in the form of Mina. Mina was, at first, fascinated by the enigmatic personality of Alexander. Soon, she was attracted to him and later, without realizing it, also fell in love with him.

Mina MurrayMy first impression towards Mina Murray was quite average. I found her to be normally pretty. I was initially worried about the chemistry since it is not easy to stand next to the charismatic Jonathan Rhys Meyers and be his equal. However, I have to say, I grew to love Mina as a character and as Alexander’s beloved. Her facial features are distinct – not a typical beauty. I love her big dark brown hair. I think that hair makes her look strong. However, she also expresses innocence through her big pair of eyes. She is a curious being – a kind soul who is also ambitious at the same time.

Sindracula 6ce Mina was engaged to Jonathan Harker from the beginning of the series to episode 9, Alexander expressed his love and affections to Mina in a very subtle manner. To keep her close to him, he offered her fiancee, Harker, a job and kept him – and indirectly, her – within his purview. He volunteered to assist Harker and Mina in many matters under the disguise of being a good employer, when in reality he wants only for our Mina to be happy. Alexander does not really have the courage to admit to Mina that he truly loves her because he is worried of her safety. Should his enemies know that he cares for the woman, then they would surely harm her.

Therefore, he hides his love, never really showing it toanyone else. He protects her from afar, keeps her within his sight – all without her knowledge. Instead of pursuing her romantically, he offered her a friendship. Once the offer is accepted, he proved to be a good friend to her more than once. Literally speaking, Alexander never fails to be there for Mina. He knows when Mina is in trouble, when she needs help and basically everything about her. In one episode, after injecting the serum that would protect his skin from burning under sunlight, he rushed to the park and pretended to enjoy the view when he was actually waiting for Mina to pass by in her bicycles on her way to class.

He is so cute, I want to cry!! And I bet Mina does, too. As Alexander reveals himself to her layer by layer, she becomes increasingly fascinated with him. Believe me, she loves her fiancee to death. However, she could not deny the increasing attraction she feels towards Alexander. How, with him, she can be herself. He supports her dreams, treats her kindly and respectfully and is prepared to do anything for her. Unlike other characters, our brave Mina is not cautious around Alexander. She does not fear him. She really does deem him as a friend and is honest with him. I think that is the key to their relationship – how both of them do not really build a wall and seem to be at ease with each other. They thought they could restrain their feelings by being friends. But damn, not building a wall also leads the feelings to seep into their hearts, driving them closer together.

Dracula - Season 1 Our Alexander here alternates between his life as a businessman and that of a revenge-obsessed vampire with many enemies. He kills people every single day either out of blood or enmity. He does not have a particularly good life. He’s miserable and lonely (and always talk in this weird husky voice, constantly). His only purpose in his very long life is just to destroy the people who had done him wrong in the past. He was not really looking to be happy. Thus, when Mina appeared into his life, he was left quite unprepared. He had no fucking idea what to do. He wanted her but he could not want her. He loved her so much yet he could not say so. Throughout the episodes, Mina is clearly the only soft spot in Alexander’s life. She becomes his source of happiness. He visits her only to see her without any rational reason but to ease his yearning. She has become such a huge presence in his life yet, he could not let her know the truth.

dracula 4The funny and ironic thing is everyone in the series could detect the massive attraction between Alexander and Mina. How could they not when the both of them keep exchanging intense soulful glances towards each other every time they meet? I was like…. guys, if you don’t want people to know, then stop staring at each other! It makes your telepathic affair so obvious to the eyes of other people. From episode 1, really. People knew. The audiences knew. Heck, even Mina – who was the betrothed of another – knew that Alexander was in love with her though she was reluctant to admit as such. Why? Because secretly, she begins to fall in love with him, too.  Harker, Mina’s fiancee, was also a party of the knowledge. He could see how special Mina is to Alexander’s eyes. He was not really bothered at first. Because Mina is a loyal and steadfast woman. However, when he noticed that Mina’s heart began to soften towards Alexander, he felt insecure and threatened. Come to think of it, Alexander is a more devoted – albeit, secret – lover to Mina than Harker. But then, maybe I am being super unfair. Hahahaha

Fuck, this is making me feel so giddy and excited!

As I am writing this, episode 9 has just came out and we have one more to go for Season 1. Damn, I am going to miss this series so bad. In later episodes, Alexander proves to love Mina greatly. When Lord Davenport’s men kidnapped and tried to hurt her, Alexander came into her rescue and killed those people without mercy. When he learned that Lucy seduced Harker and slept with him, causing the engagement between Mina and Harker to end, Alexander was furious to the extent that he turned Lucy into a vampire as well. Not that he was unhappy that the engagement’s over but that Lucy has committed an act that hurts Mina.

Alexander is completely helpless when it comes to Mina. I mean… damn series, give me more! I hope they do end up making love in episode 10. I am exhausted waiting for their love to materialize. It is about time, people!! Please, please, I pray for the TV producers not to cancel the series and extend it to a few more seasons. Can’t wait for episode 10 tomorrow!


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