I, FRANKENSTEIN – 2014 Film Review

by Ruby Chingu

MV5BMjM3Mzk2MDU3N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzg1NTI4MDE@._V1_SX640_SY720_Written & Directed by – Stuart Beattie | Starring – Aaron Eckhart as Frankenstein, Bill Nighy as Prince Naberius, Miranda Otto as Leonore

RATING – 6/10 (it was entertaining but not that good)

Me and Palah did not plan to watch I, Frankenstein in the first place. We were hanging around the mall and after realizing that Palah still had a few more hours to spare, we decided to watch a movie and I, Frankenstein happened to be the only agreeable movie to watch that night – judging from the poster anyway. We had no idea what the story is about, who the director is and the actors in the film. The only hint we guessed rightly was that the main character is taken from the classical novel, Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, about a monster who was created by a scientist who gave life to it by using electrical charges.

Truth to be told, we have ZERO expectation.

Which was good. Because the movie turned out to be very enjoyable and we had fun. The perks of having no expectation at all is quite obvious in this case.

i-frankenstein03Instead of focusing the story of the relationship of Frankenstein and Victor, the scientist who created him, the movie tells the story of what happened to Frankenstein after his maker died in the process of hunting him. Unbeknownst to Frankenstein (Aaron Eckhart), he had been the target of two warring factions of supernatural beings – the heavenly Gargoyles and the fallen demons from hell. The Gargoyles managed to capture him first and brought them to their cathedral, where the High Queen told him of their battle with the demons led by Prince Naberius, who sought to have Frankenstein under their control so that they could create humans without souls and let the fallen demons exorcise the bodies, generating in a massive demonic army to defeat the Gargoyles and take over planet earth.

imagesDemonsifrank-gargAnd their equally ugly enemy, the Gargoyles…

Yup, people – welcome to the tale of Frankenstein, the EPIC version infused with biblical elements. The story, for me, doesn’t make any sense. But then, who needs sense when entertainment is really what movie-goers seek? We can’t spend all our free time watching intense films like 12 Years A Slave now, can’t we?

i_frankenstein_a_lThere is no doubt for me that Aaron Eckhart literally carried the whole movie, making it watchable by his great performance. Only a great actor like him can make such a lacking story so believable. Frankenstein here, instead of being the ugly sewed monstrously strange and feared incomplete human, is strong, tall, hot, complete with a set of broad shoulders and six packs. He even had a steamy shirtless scene, which really knocks the last bit for Frankenstein’s monstrous feature out the door. Who the hell would call such a perfect human being a monster? Like… people, do you need an eye test? Sadly, though, the movie has no sex scene. Seriously, I was disappointed.

i-frankenstein-movie-aaron-eckhartBut anway, Mr Eckhart portrayed Frankenstein as more than a monster, who was conflicted by the identity people had given him – that of a monster – thinking he could be nothing else. Nevertheless, he seemed to be able to differentiate between right and wrong and lived his life to hunt the fallen demons. Unlike the Gargoyles, he was irreligious due to the fact that people kept telling him that he was not given life by God, meaning that he was deemed the living proof that God is not the only authority who has the power to grant life.

I am blushing now. I kept thinking about his shirtless scene. *sweats*

The female scientist who also serves as Frankenstein’s love interest was not compelling a character, so I won’t write about her. Bill Nighy, though, deserves praise. One can always rely on him to play roles representing the creme de la creme of satanic evilness. His face itself is outwardly. The general mood of the film is dark. Dark city. Dark clothes. Dark streets. Dark clubs.Dark dirty flat Frankenstein lived in. Dark everywhere. Well, this is an intense movie about good versus evil with a monster without a soul sandwiched between the conflict. Thus, dark seemed to be the best mood one could bet on.

The film is entertaining as the existence of Frankenstein involved a much more important stake – the survival of humanity (something tells me I’ve heard those words in other movies before). The actions scenes were good. The acting were mediocre at most with the exception of Mr Eckhart. I would recommend one to go watch the movie at the cinema instead of at home. Maybe because the sound system at the cinema is instrumental in giving the film that extra kick.

And lastly, dear Mr Aaaron Eckhart, you are so on my radar now! *wink*


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