DHOOM 3 – 2013 Review

dhoomby Ruby Chingu

Directed by: Vijay Krishna Acharya| Starring: Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Katrina Kaif

Rating: 6/10

Sorry for the late review.  I have been planning to review Dhoom 3 for quite some time now but never got a chance to do it until now. I have been seriously waiting for months to watch this, thanks mainly to Palah and her enthuthiasm to watch her object of devotion, Katrina Kaif, on screen. We indulged ourselves in the beauty of the songs, the music videos and the trailers in anticipation of the movie. I was looking forward, particularly, to see Aamir Khan, whom I had a crush on since I was 6 years old.

I went to see the movie at the cinema, dragging along my little sister. The story of Dhoom 3 is centered around a circus performer, Sahir of The Great Indian Circus, who was also a robber with a vengeance against the bank which had shut down his father’s circus business and led the latter into committing suicide. His crimes were committed in Chicago, though the Hindi writings hints he left at the crime scene prompted the Chicago police to seek the help of 2 Indian policeman, Jai (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali (Uday Chopra). At the same time, a circus newbie with the name of Aaliya (Katrina) entered into their lives, further complicating things.


Truth to be told, I am quite disappointed with the film’s writing. The plot has many loopholes and the investigation targeted against Sahir did not make sense. For example, the scene involving Aaamir Khan’s bike turning into a jet ski then into a bike again. And the fact that an intelligent robber forgot to wear a mask during a chase with the police. And the fact that the police failed to recognize him when he came offering them help to catch the criminal, who was actually him in the first place. Get what I mean? No? I didn’t, too. It’s not me, it’s the story.

I expected film to be slick and intelligent, with a substantive cat and mouse chase between the roles played by Abhishek Bacchan and Aaamir Khan. However, their roles were reduced to really just performing stunts and actions scenes. I would say the film is hugely entertaining, though, and is visually spectacular for an action masala film.


dhooWhat saves the film for me is Aaamir Khan’s performance NOT as Sahir but as Sahir’s twin, Samar, a brilliant man with the personality of a child. Sahir’s masterful evasion from the police who had been hunting him down was made possible with the help of his twin brother, Samar, who looked exactly like him. Unlike the arrogant confident Sahir, Samar is a man-child who was trained to listen to his brother at all times. He had no lives of his own, his existence was kept secret by his late father and later, his brother. They claimed to care for him, though in my opinion, they used him to further their purposes, all in the name of The Great Indian Circus.

He wasn’t really a bad man. But he was never really though to be a good one. Sahir, his twin, had his own version of a moral code – fuck the capitalist banks, fuck them all. Samar pretty much believed the same and kind of resigned to a life being Sahir’s shadow and go-to-guy in the events he needed to esape from the police. However, Samar was allowed to be himself, his own person every Sunday per week, where he would escape the circus plus criminal life with his brother and enjoyed a day of fun at a local theme park. Those kind of Sundays had been his release, his happiness, pretty much the definition of Samar as a person truly unconnected with his twin.

Aamir Khan played the role to perfection. And to think that he actually had to play dual roles that belong to two different extremes – the cold-hearted Sahir and the innocent naive Samar. The performance is in itself more enjoyable than the film as a whole.

I know it sounds pathetic. But yes, this film should really be called The Tale of Samar: Years of Living in Sahir’s Shadow. Because it sure felt like it when I was watching it.

dhoom_3_-_katrina_kaif_0Anyway, now we go to Katrina Kaif, who played Aaliya, Sahir’s assistant and Samar’s love interest. The insignificance of her role was also a major disappointment for me. From the look at the poster, I initially assumed that she would be playing a vital character and perhaps was to be involved with Sahir’s crime. Because our Katrina looked so badass. But of course, she was not. That huge expectation was crushed by the reality that in this film, Aaliya was a mere eye-candy with terrific dance skills. She kept the audiences glued to the screen with her beauty and performance prowess but nothing more.

I sincerely think Katrina has been given better roles than Aaliya.

The ending kind of sucks for me, because the twins committed suicide by jumping off the bridge. The degree of their evilness was also lacking for me. They were BAD but not that bad. They were bad people with a justification to be bad. They wanted revenge on the bank who had drove their father to suicide. Which is also, for me, kind of disappointing. For the villain is not that villainy. The aspect made the story a bit too safe. I was expecting more thrills, more suspense. Of course I got them but not from the story but the visual and sound effects.

Maybe because Aamir Khan was the lead actor for this fim, my expectations were sky-high. Like so high you can’t even see it. Perhaps his previous records of being such an excellent actor with an excellent taste in films are not helping him this time. For it made me wonder why he would choose a script with way too many loopholes. BUT only an amazing actor like Aamir who could pull off the roles so compelling in a way, it stayed with me for several weeks after I watched the film.


Notwithstanding my opinions on the film, people should go watch this movie. It is an entertaining movie and an important one at that, having been declared as the HIGHEST GROSSING HINDI FILM ever!! That surely proved that despite the weak plot, the film works in a way. I walked out of the cinema, feeling somewhat happy. And a lot in love with the enduring charms of Aamir Khan. *faints*

MUSIC – The songs in this film are great, great, great!! The Dhoom Machale anthem, Malang and my favourite, Tu Hi Junoon!


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