My thoughts on Last Cinderella (J-Drama)

By: Fatma Chingu *wink*

Look who has arrived? It’s Shinohara Ryoko (I love her in You’re My Pet) sandwiched by Miura Haruma and Naohito Fujiki while she’s only wearing towel and shaving her face?! It was aired in early 2013 but the poster doesn’t appeal to me since it’s concept is a bit hazy (One of my guesses was this drama is about a cougar. LOL) so I passed on this drama early on.

Well, around last week I’ve grown tired of Kdrama makjang-ness  and the repetitive plot that they seemed to recycle over and over again.So, I Google-d for “recommended Japanese Drama 2013” and this drama pops out at the top. So I decided to give it a try. And I gotta say it’s a fresh of breath air. I’m glad you came as The Wanted would have said (or sang).

Ratings———-> A refreshing 10. No fast forward. Appreciated every seconds.

What’s the story? 

Shinohara Ryoko played  a 39-year old beautician who already gave up on being a “woman” (the concept of a woman here is paired with relationship, beauty and style) and just live her live the way it is.

Sakura is someone I could relate to, except for being 39, as I am living comfortably without a care for other people opinion. Plus, she has 2 best friends, one with a decent but sexless marriage and another divorced but exciting sex-life. Another exciting addition to this story since it showed a different angles of women in their late 30’s. Sometimes I wonder would our Chinguz reach this stage in life? *laughs*

She has a lot of insecurities especially since her biological clock is ticking causing her hormones to become crazy. Her body is turning masculine because of her inactive sex life (boyfriend-less for 10 years), according to her bestie. So she made a new resolution to be in a relationship before she turned 40.

She later encountered Saeki Hiroto (Miura Haruma), 24 year old bad boy who plays BMX, who courted her after he saw her in a match-making party (of some sort). Well little she knows that he is actually approaching her because he was instructed by Ooami Chiyoko, his step-sister to do so.

Apparently, his step-sister is head over heels for Tachibana Rintaro (Naohito Fujiki) her boss who shares a love-hate relationship or the way I call it, bickering ’til loving. So in some way Chiyako is trying to intercept the possibility of romance between Sakura and her boss by sending in her Romeo step-brother.

Sakura and Hiroto began dating after he persistently hanging around her, begging for her to date him. And adding a cliche’ touch on the story, he falls for her. He was sweet to her and love her wholeheartedly. Deep in my heart I dreamed of being romanced by a younger man like that. Noona love is in the air!!

(P/s: bear with this gif. I just love how he smiled to her..Awww)

But what is a rom-com without a touch of love triangle? I turned out that her boss is also in love with her (unconsciously) and after she found out about Hiroto’s intention to approach her, he started his moves (which is too little too late bro). It was easy for me to decide my ship because the plot has been heavily flooded with Hiroto’s seduction that melts me and Sakura’s cute giddy reaction towards her young boyfriend.

The ending? I don’t want to drop spoiler on this one.

So this drama in a whole is a light hearted romance wrapped around innocent loving. That’s my motivation to finish all 11 episodes.

Plus the side characters are entertaining to watch. So this drama is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for whomever that wants a cute noona-dongseng love parade.


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