by Ruby Gay-Magnet Chingu
Fuck all the romantic passionate movies I have been promoting to you guys. Presenting to you the MOST IMPORTANT ROMANTIC MOMENT OF ALL TIME!!!!
sheldon-and-amy-kiss.jpg.pagespeed.ce.Q82L8JHnEf THE SHELDON AND AMY LIPLOCK IN THE BIG BANG THEORY!! Wooohotttt!!!
Who would’ve expected our resident neurotic super-weird and ultra-unlikable but adorable Dr Sheldon Cooper would initiate a kiss with his girlfriend, Dr Amy Farrah Fowler, which proceeded into a romantic lip-lock.
It’s official, guys. Our Sheldon is indeed capable of being horny!!!!
He is a man!!!!! *cries* This is so touching. It is as if watching a boy grew up to become a man. Seriously, I thought Sheldon was asexual with no interest towards any romantic notion for the rest of his life. Hahahaha. But hell yeah the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory sure proved me wrong (Episode 15 Season 7).
I was not really into the pairing of Shamy in the first place. When Amy first came out, I was skeptical. Mainly because Sheldon Cooper is such a GREAT character in his own right that he did not need a love line to make his character more interesting. And I don’t think people would disagree if I say that Sheldon is the most fascinating and best character of the series. I mean – he’s brilliant but incredibly stupid at the same time, which makes me wonder how he ended up having friends after all. His superior intelligence led him to feel like a superior being, which is still unchanged as of Season 6. But at least he’s not hypocritical about it. He’s ignorant of other people’s feelings and insensitivity. He does not care about people around him. And he believes in this general idea that people should accommodate him and not the other way around. And he actually thinks that people are so happy to do that and put up with his annoying unfiltered mouth.
God, I feel like slapping him in most of the episodes. But noooo, I love him too much!!
Then, came Amy, also a super genius nerd with no life and apparently, almost-zero sense of social skills. She, by the way, has a more pathetic life than Sheldon does. Despite his oddity, Sheldon never really has a problem with his self-esteem. He does not seem to have any insecurities but Amy seems to be troubled by some. Of course, being the one who wanted the romance in the first place, Amy was the one who had to pull Sheldon towards her – with a steadfast perseverence. Her patience with him is incomparable. She puts up with him 99% of the time. In terms of being a boyfriend, Sheldon literally does not have to do anything. Why? Because I don’t think he wants to. A lousy boyfriend, he definitely is.
Which is why it was kind of frustrating to see the way he treats Amy. I mean, she is such a devoted girlfriend. Imagine being a relationship with a super-annoying boyfriend for 4 years and not getting any benefits out of it. They haven’t said I LOVE YOU to each other. Their lips touched less than five times during that duration. A few hugs. No phone sex. No romantic words. No romantic vacations. And no sex at all. 
It’s like being a depressingly platonic relationship with a romantic shadow. It’s like… the romance lingers from afar but it’s not really there. Like, sometimes it’s there but most of the time, it’s not.
Well, it is Sheldon we’re talking about.
Thus, after all the sacrifices Amy has made for Sheldon, it seems trite that Sheldon should at least learn how to display his affections for her. He did, though very rarely. I mean, Amy deserves better. Much better! But then, she chooses to stay with him – GOD KNOWS WHY?! Her patience finally paid off, though.
What makes the liplock moment so sweet and historical is that it was not a planned event. They were having their Valentine’s Day dinner on a train where Sheldon ignored Amy to talk to his train-obsessed new friend, which prompted Amy to confront him angrily. Annoyed with his girlfriend, he cynically reacted by pretending to do all the expected romantic things couple do. Then, he kissed her. Because why not?!!!
And then it turned romantic. For the kiss lasted more than five seconds. Yippie!!!!
It is on!! Sheldon is now a man!!!!
Now, he needs to get laid. Come on, take example from your sexually-housemate, Leonard. He does it all the time with Penny. Hahahahahahaahaha.
And here is the super cute picture of Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon and Miyam Balik who plays Amy. 🙂
Happy Bazinga, guys! And remember, if Dr Sheldon Cooper can find love, so can you.

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