Hana Yori Dango & I —-> Tribute to the Galore (in Remakes)

By: Fatma Chingu *buing buing*

Makino and the F4. This is a classic romance that would stay forever in me. And I have to admit I watched all the versions (excluding the Indonesian and Filipino version, if any) and no matter how sucks the remake turned out, I somehow managed to watch them. I’m a sucker for Makino-Domyouji pairing whomever they are. *cough*.

The obsession started in 2001 with “Meteor Garden”. I mean who doesn’t watch this? I remember vividly when I rushed back home from school just to watch this on TV though I only made it at the last 30 minutes. I am not bluffing when I say that every person from my generation knows the soundtrack from that drama. Who doesn’t sing along to Qing Fei De Yi?

1. The Best F4

My pick for the Best F4 is from the Boys over Flower (Korean Ver). Who can deny their visuals? F4 is the definition of four dudes with good looks and rich boys persona. One word to describe this ensemble—–> EYE CANDY. And I LOVE IT. They won this just for that sole reason. HAH

And the worse F4 is also the Boys over Flower (Korean version). WHY? Because they are all looks without substance. At the end of the drama, I was left wondering what the fuck did I just watched? I mean the have the best visuals and the most promising casts to play F4 out of all the versions. But their characters are getting worse each episode. The progression of the story instead of making me more excited, it turned me off. It’s like unwrapping a gift but found the box empty. Complete disappointment.

2. My Favourite Makino

She’s like the ABSOLUTE Makino. She’s righteous, bold and loyal. Well that’s the general description of this character but Inoue Mao just fits the role perfectly. Her comic and candid performance in HYD was brilliant. She made HYD a wonderful experience since she is so entertaining.

In comparison to other Makino characters, she triumphed. I don’t hate Barbie Hsu just that Inoue Mao does Makino better. But I hate Goo Hye Sun. Or her character. Or just both. I mean… In entirety, Jan Di is too confusing. Blame the writer. I like Goo Hye Sun in The Musical though.

The Chinese version, hmmm. She’s just ok. Not so good but not that bad. Bearable at least. Though she’s cranky all the time but still better than Jan Di. Muchhhhh better.

3. My Ultimate Domyouji

*jumping up and down*

*fan girl scream*


*gasping for air*

 *scream some more*

Jerry Yan is MY Dao Ming Shi (Domyouji). I watched Meteor Garden BECAUSE OF HIM. Though his fashion is lame to the max but his version resembled the most to the manga.I remembered when Ruby Chingu used to tell me that before he’s known as an actor, he was a farmer. If farming does that to a boy, well I should petition for every guy to do some farming cuz world needs more of this! Plant some more trees please!

 Other versions do not come close to Jerry Yan’s potrayal. Period.

4. Best Remake


This one is the BEST version of HYD. Even though the Korean version is more popular but the Japanese version is the complete set. This is the only version where I watch the 1st season all the way to the Movie version. And in repeat! I never get bored with this one because the plot is fast-paced and fresh (unlike the Korean version and Chinese version). Meteor Garden is good for the first season but I only managed to watch until the 3rd episode on the second season. Too depressing.

But beware because the Chinese version (Let’s Watch Meteor Shower) is only a loose adaptation to Boys Over Flower. So the story line is not a duplicate other than just having some similarities at most.

6. My pick for Domyouji-Makino pairing

It’s kinda hard for me to pick one… So I decided to do a ranking instead.


These are promising pairing but the writer literally destroyed the electric romance from ep 10 onwards. Maybe I’m too hopeful.


They are sweet but the moment I knew Barbie and Vic Zhou are dating back then, all my fantasies crash down onto the earth and shattered into thousand pieces. Burned and left the ashes fly with the wind. So, Shan Chai actually dated Hua Ze Lei instead of Dao Ming Shi. My ship just sank.


Honestly they are so cute together and I would believe if someone told me that these two are actually dating. The way they stare at each other are so sugary but not cheesy. To simplify, they make a believable couple. In the drama and outside the drama (I hope so).



They are the ultimate pairing for HYD. What’s there to argue?


For all the fans of Korean Version, I may not love it but I admitted that I was a crazy fan back then. But honestly I was so bumped because the story is too makjang for my taste. Lee Minho is delicious but I’m left hungry at the end of the series. You know what I mean?


3 thoughts on “Hana Yori Dango & I —-> Tribute to the Galore (in Remakes)

  1. 1st things 1st: found your blog searching if anyone had watched the indonesian version of HanaDan because I’m curious about it since I’m trying to finish the chinese version (I still have the whole 2nd season to watch, with luck I’ll found it with english or spanish subs… no hope for portuguese ones – I’m brazilian, it’sd just be easier -, I guess).

    I agree with 99% of what you said here – the exception is the ultimately Doumyouji, I liked the way Jarry Yan portrait him (his my 2nd favorite), but for me Matsumoto Jun had the full pack of the character. ^^

    I’m curious: who is your ultimately Hanazawa Rui? I’m suspicious to state it, because I’m a HUGE fan of the actor, but I stay with Oguri Shun. I just loved how he brought Rui to life, it’s very similar with the character in the manga.

    “Lee Minho is delicious but I’m left hungry at the end of the series. You know what I mean?”
    YEP, I trully know what you mean… I felt the same way. But BoF will always have a special place for me because it’s the 1st k-drama that I watched in my life.

    Anyway, you and your friends have a nice blog here, very diverse, I’ll try to read the other posts when I have a little of time again. Keep the good job. ^_^

    1. it’s nice to see your reply here.. well our blog is apparently new so its barren (with comments and views).. (LOL)

      if i was to answer your question my ultimate Hanazawa Rui is… oh i’m torn between Oguri Shun and Vic Zhou. You see both really make me have a 2nd lead syndrome at the beginning of the series. Maybe I’ll pick Vic for my Hanazawa Rui for the fact that he was “involved” with Barbie at that time and it translates on screen (ngeeee). My pick is totally clouded by my shipping towards them (Barbie and Vic.)

      Matsumoto Jun is a great actor to begin with and he captures Domyouji in the cutest way. It’s just, again, my decision is solely on the fact that Jerry Yan is my bias. Acting wise, Matsu Jun is great as Domyouji. I agree 100%

      Thanks for your time to read and reply. Please do visit us often.. *wink*

  2. Just found your blog and I have to agree with your review. I loved the manga and seek out the live adaptations. Was sorely disappointed in the Korean version mainly because of how all the characters (mostly jan di) were portrayed and only finished watching the first episode. Didn’t finish the Japanese version, but really want to, because imo it is the best adaptation. Meteor garden was okay but way too melodramatic; agree that jerry yan did a good job portraying domyouji. Never watched the Chinese version, but will like to try it.

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