By the Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Never in a million years that i imagine Malaysia would be in the spotlight because of the missing flight tragedy. It is so sudden and shocking. i for once still could not recover from the shock that i just got back from Hong Kong on the same day the news reported of missing MAS FLIGHT MH 370.

There are various of speculations saying it happened due to plane hijacking, possible terrorism activity, engine failures and so many more. malaysia already deploy their search and rescue mission along with the assistance from China,Vietnam and other countries. Lets just hope and pray they managed to find something that could answer what really happened to MALAYSIA MAS FLIGHT MH 370. As a fellow human being and malaysian, i pray that all the family members of this tragedy could get a closure and move on with their life.

I only write a short post regarding this tragedy. You guys can read more on the BBC news, Washington Post, China Daily, Al-jazeera and so on. You guys can also google about the malaysia missing flight.



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