Shameless (US): TV Series Review

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating: 4.5/5

“Of course we can survive this, we are Gallagher for fuck sake”

That is what Fiona will say if her family met with any unfortunate incidents especially on regards of her useless-drunken-jerk father and her lesbian mother with bipolar disorder. I always love shameless. It is the epitome of how strong family can remain together despite facing so many hardships and problems. The word ‘stick together’ forever fixated in the Gallagher dictionary. I know that many will say that Shameless UK version is so much better, entertaining and fun. It is undeniable fact that people said Shameless UK version brings more enjoyment and excitement to the table. However, I had my fun with Shameless US version and I am not ashamed to admit it. This post might lean a bit too much on Fiona (by Emmy Rossum) but hey, i like her. She’s the reason why i still watching this show.

Frank Gallagher


I don’t know how I could survive my life for having someone that I could call father but does not has any credibility to act like one. Frank Gallagher is that kind of father. You don’t know how many times I wish I can kill him because of what he had done to his children especially Fiona. He’s a burdensome, drunken, worthless and manipulative man. He is just someone that some people can’t stand of. I know that he loves his kids but sometimes his behavior does not reflect that value at all. He is loved by his much younger kids like Debbie, Carl and Liam but despised by the older one. He does not work. He forged the pension money from his deceased aunt just to buy booze.

Fiona Gallagher

Episode 211

Fiona really earned my respect and admiration for working her ass off to support her younger siblings. She even took GED exam to improve her resume so that she could look for a better job. Being an older sister/father/mother to her 5 siblings is not that easy. Each of her sibling problems is her problem too. She had to manage her time and pay attention to each of them carefully. However, she’s not being a strict guardian to them. She’s a friend in need and a parent when any situation occurred. She had a boyfriend in season 1, 2, 3 and she thought she was lucky to have him. Little did she know that her boyfriend had 2 identities and even married to a certain girl. Let’s just say, Fiona did not had much luck in love department.

Lip Gallagher

Episode 401

Phillip or known as lip is a fucking genius in the family. Everybody look up to lip and hoping he would go to college and made a lot of money with a permanent job. He, himself had another plan and not planning to go to college at all. He is sometimes irresponsible and reckless in his own way. Even at high school, lip already took a part time job as ‘someone who would sit in SAT examination for other person and give them a perfect score’.

Ian Gallagher

Episode 309

Ian Gallagher is the only children that not fathered by frank. Ian is the son of his mother with Frank Gallagher’s brother. According to frank, Ian are most likely resemble to his mother compared to rest of his siblings. Ian Gallagher struggled a bit as a teenager because he was a bit confused of his sexual orientation. Later in this show, Ian Gallagher coming out as a gay but he’s not doing it publicly. He only told a few people in the family and close friends of his. In the recent season, Ian enlisted in the military but using lip’s social security number as he still considered underage at that time.

Debbie Gallagher


Debbie is a sweet little girl in the family. She loves her family and always tried her best to help her sister. I pitied her a bit because sometimes she is forced to choose between her older siblings and her father. She knew her father is a good for nothing person but deep down, he will always be her dad. I don’t really like the recent change that made in ‘Debbie’ character. I mean, I get it all teenager will get through all the ‘rebellion and I hate this world’ phase but make Debbie mixed up with a slutty teenagers just does not add up. She is a smart girl for goodness sakes.

Carl Gallagher

Episode 305

Carl is like an evil twisted kind of kid among the Gallagher siblings. He likes to play around violently and does not like to follow rules. He has a tendency to hurt and injured people and animal. Although his father seldom paid attention to Carl, he always managed to help him whenever he needed Carl to. In this season, Carl tries to help his father finding a donor for his liver. Carl may be a psychopath kid but he doesn’t abandon his father behind.

Liam Gallagher


At first, I thought Liam Gallagher is adopted. Pardon me for thinking so but after reading a few articles in the article on regards of genetic or recessive gene, yes it is possible for a fair skin parents to have a children with darker skin. Well, I don’t know what to write about Liam, he’s pretty much a baby and all of his siblings love him. He may grew up with a very little of his father’s love and mother’s attention but Fiona make sure that he feels adequate with her love.

Why ‘Shameless’ might be one of the best TV series I’ve ever watched?

I kinda miss Steve with Fiona together. Steve understands her very well.

It is not a blue collar or white collar film. It does not defined by what job a main character had and how awesome his/her love and relationship could be. It is just a family based story to survive live using whatever things they might have left. It is just a moving story of a family that led by a strong-minded older sister with so many difficulties that need to be overcome. Emmy Rossum as Fiona is unbelievably good. She displayed various emotions from being an insecure girl to strong-willed sister. She captured me with her story. If someone offered 1 million to me in exchange to be Fiona for a month, I would say Hell to the No. I can’t be like Fiona. She is basically a sister (that we could never have) with a great and extensive compassion, patience and kindness. If this character is based on true story, I would salute this girl for sacrificing her life to raise her brothers and sisters. Hey, everyone is a selfish human being! If it is up to me, I would dump all of my siblings in foster care and get on with my life. We all love our siblings but not that much. Nobody wanted to quit school and take cares a bunch of little kids. Why would I want to parent kids that not even mine in the first place? That is why I had this notion in my head that if parents are not ready to be parents in the first place, then don’t produce kid for fuck sake. You will end up make other’s life in hell. It goes same with Fiona situation. Because of her parent’s incompetency, she ends up be a parent to them.

Episode 405


In the recent episodes after Fiona screwed up her relationship with her boss, she was so sure she will get fired. Finding out that she can keep her job, she tried to shake her tense and party a bit by doing a little bit of cocaine. She was joined by her neighbor, Kevin and Veronica at that time. She forgot that she left the cocaine in the kitchen. Unfortunately (but not so surprisingly), Liam got a hold of that cocaine and snort the rest of it. Liam was found unconscious in the kitchen by Debbie in the kitchen. Liam has been hospitalized and put in the intensive care unit for detailed observation. Lip at that time just returned from finding Ian was so furious and mad at Fiona for not being careful. Fiona was detained by the police and her siblings may in risk of returning back to foster care as Fiona had signed to be their guardian. On the other hand, Liam might suffer brain damage due to the excessive amount of cocaine in his body.

Fiona called Lip to ask about Liam’s condition.

This episode is fucking crazy dude. It is not crazy in a bad way but in a good way. It showed that even a perfect and caring sister can slipped up and bam! Something bad happened. However, it also showed that once you did a big mistake, people judge that mistake for so long that you can’t even get past of it. It happened to Fiona. She’s being a perfect sister for so long and people forgot that she’s a human being. She makes mistake too. I know that Lip really has a trust issue with Fiona after the incident but dude, you got to move on. Due to being a first time offender, Fiona managed to avoid jail and will only be facing home detention. Lip was struggled to divide his time from college, part time job and taking care of Liam after he got out of hospital. He doesn’t want Fiona anywhere near Liam after that incident even to the point he’s bringing Liam to his dorm and workplace. Fiona was left alone at home. She confessed to Veronica that she missed being an elder sister who had all her siblings clinging and depending on her. Now she don’t matter to them anymore as one by one is growing up and already move on from her.

I dont know why, but i really like shameless poster for season 3. 😉

Overall, Shameless is a story of the dysfunctional family. All the drama, conflict and tragedy tangled in one depiction of Gallagher’s family.

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