Scandal: A Fond Adieu to James Novak

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

If you are an avid of follower of American/British drama series, you usually noticed pattern of story would be somehow similar in each season. That’s why when some of series ended up producing more than 5 seasons, I will stop watching them. They will become sort of drag-ish, predictable and mundane. There is no element of surprise in the plot and we kind of know how the characters will respond and react. You can’t find any flaw in Scandal. Every single season, they increase the thrill, suspense and plot twist. You’d think you can figure out the story but well, never in a million century that would happen. Remember in the 2nd season when we found out that B613 Commander is Olivia’s Father? Everybody gasps. Twitter almost blew up that day with that shocking twist. I wanted to write about plot twist taken in Scandal but I am consuming by my work lately. Thanks to the recent episode of scandal, here I am eagerly to spill the bean.  Cyrus and James will always be my favorite couple in Scandal. The first reason is the portrayal of married gay couple is not tainted by the evil media. They both are pretty much average looking. There is no hot 6 packs gay guy with a softy-girlish gay guy. They embodied the standard of gay couple in the world. When James Novak died in the recent episode of Scandal, I was like ‘What the Fuck!’ What have you done, Shonda Rhimes? Why did you do it? I can’t accept it.

Cyrus Beene & James Novak
Normal & ordinary gay couple
Normal & ordinary gay couple

This episode brought tears on my eyes. The way Cyrus reminisced back to the day they first met, the day James confess to him and the day Cyrus took James’ hands and dance in the president party is just heartbreaking. Truth be told, they loves each other so much. I didn’t say that their love is perfect because trust me, no one can stand or be loyal to Cyrus. He did so many horrible things that even I lost track of how many. However, James stays with him till the end. Even after betrayal and deceit by Cyrus ate him alive, James keep on believing that his husband will change. James previously wanted to betray Cyrus by revealing the BIG secret to David Rosen whom he believed may help him to do so. He then backing out from doing so when he saw Cyrus is terrified of being exposed. I don’t know how James did it but if I were James, I will not forgive and forget the incident with Vice President’s Husband. Once Cyrus knew that Daniel Douglas is a closeted gay, he’s pretty much pimping out James to seduce the VP husband. Cyrus created this scheme with Mellie (The First Lady) to ensure that the VP won’t resign and declared that she intended to run against the president. The plan made by Mellie and Cyrus of course, is working. The thing is their marriage is beyond repair. When James knew about it, he was devastated. This episode ended with Cyrus in the White House Press Conference crying in the middle of it because he could not get over the fact that he just lose the love of his life. The memories of both of them flash in his head uncontrollably that he couldn’t keep his emotion intact.

I am sure as hell gonna miss them together.
I am sure as hell gonna miss them together.
Cyrus cried when he knew about James Novak's death
Cyrus cried when he knew about James Novak’s death

This episode also reconciled Olivia with his father after so many fights and arguments between them. When Olivia knew that Jake Ballard is behind the killing, she was devastated. She knew that B613 will ruin Jake Ballard and change him into cold-blooded killer. She seeks answer from her father, who is a former commander of B613. Her father said that being a second hand to God is already a punishment. He asked Olivia not to make a big deal out of it. He admitted of being responsible to killing more than 150 people in doing his job and not a single day passed that he didn’t think about it. In Scandal, B613 (pretty much similar with CIA and FBI) is considered higher than the president authority itself. Only a few people in the White House knew about. Their establishment is to ensure that the republic is sound and safe. Any threat will be eliminated right away at any cost and deed. Jake Ballard confessed to Olivia that he didn’t send any of his officers to do the dirty work. He himself did it. He told Olivia that he’d never use the same method like Olivia’s father did. He even told that Olivia that he stayed with James until he draws the last of breath. He have to make James died due to Carjacking went wrong. The murder has to be sloppy in order to remove any suspicion. The scene when James gasping for his life is really disturbing. He managed to say a few words like Ella, his daughter’s name before Jake assure him that his daughter is safe and will not be harmed.

Olivia and Her Father

It’s about time Mellie deserved some happiness too. This woman is blinded by spotlight and power that she can close her eyes and ears whenever she found out that his husband is fucking another woman. She knew about it but she didn’t do anything about it. She confronted Olivia Pope but not because of her screwing his husband but to make sure nobody knew. It will be terrible for Public Relation to undo the damage if people know the infidelity of their leader. There are many episodes of showing Mellie threatened to go public about his husband’s scandal. She tried to gain her husband’s affection but it failed because they are too far apart. When there is a new character who will be President Fitzgerald’s old friend and it appears that Mellie did have a history with him, I was so excited. I rooted for her to find her own happiness. If President Fitzgerald happy in Olivia pope’s arm, why can’t she be happy in other man’s arm. Andrew Nichols appears as a man who did his job brilliantly but also a man who couldn’t keep his hands off another woman. He is known as a ‘serial dater’ or playboy among politicians. He did say in the interview that he will not settle down because he already found the right woman to him but he let her go. Is that Mellie? Of course it’s Mellie, Silly!

Andrew and Mellie.
Andrew and Mellie.

Why I didn’t worship a straight couple in Scandal? I know so many people go crazy with Olivia Pope and President Fitz. The biggest thing that turns me off is Fitz still married to another woman. No matter how passionate their love is, I could not get past of that fact. Second thing is I love ‘Olivia Pope’ Character so much. She displays a strong and resolute woman for her age. The thing that ruined her is Fitz’s love. Fitz is her kryptonite. Whenever Fitz is around, Olivia will waver and weak. Is it love? Is it lust? Because every single time they saw each other, they fuck. There is a moment when Fitz ready to divorce her wife and retire from politics just for Olivia. It almost happened until Fitz heard about the news of election rigging done by Olivia, Cyrus and others. The second couple in the story is Abby Whelan and David Rosen. They are just kinda okay together. They didn’t have that kind of spark to be the OTP. Even when Abby breaks up with David, I couldn’t care less. I am just not into them. They are supposed to ignite my interest since both of them are not married, pretty much in love with each other and work in totally opposite field. Maybe James and Cyrus overpowered them a bit.

President Fitz and Olivia Pope
President Fitz and Olivia Pope
Abby and David
Abby and David

I like Jake Ballard with Olivia Pope. They have their own moment but of course with Fitz interference, the relationship ended. They remain friends with benefit (they occasionally fucking and kissing whenever Olivia tired of Fitz). Maybe, because Jake did open up about his feeling and told Olivia that he loves her. He knows Olivia will not choose him over Fitz but at least he’s being honest about his feeling. Actually, I missed how Olivia’s gladiators (Huck, Quinn, Abby and Harrison) did their work. The first season, the story pretty much center around them. They didn’t ask much whenever Olivia hands them the order. They stick around with Olivia because Olivia saved them and gave them a second chance. That is why they are called a gladiator. They fight for their master without any second thought. In Season 3, the series still show how the gladiators did their job but it is sidelined by White House Scandal, B613 and Olivia’s Parents. It is there but not that much.

Jake and Olivia
Jake and Olivia

There are some people said Scandal is a bit dramatic but hey, I rather this series being dramatic than turn into 15 years old cheesy love story. It’s perception regarding duty, honor, democracy, freedom, loyalty blending together perfectly with the plot and character.

Olivia's Gladiators.
Olivia’s Gladiators.

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