By: Fatma Chingu

Hands in the air people cause 2NE1 is back!!!!! (like a month ago)...

Blackjacks all over the globe rejoice for the release of the 2nd full-length album from our beloved 2NE1 since their first album back in 2011.

credit: young-ajummah.com

Don’t ask me to rate this album because naturally I would give the perfect score . But man I do enjoy this album so much. This may sound exaggerated but CRUSH made me proud to be a BLACKJACK. *shake hip*


How does CL says “I’m the hot stuff?” Instead of saying how the boys drool over them and smacked down by their sexiness or cuteness, she described their undeniable aura (with explicit narcissism) in the first verse of the song:

“I’m the hot crush of all girls, giving the rush that makes your heart pound,

Pretty unnis like me because they got prettier if they like me..”

Word girl.. And the chorus goes like:

They love me cuz I’m hot

They love me cuz I’m cold

They love me cuz I’m real

They love me cuz I kill

This song is the best jam when I’m in front of the mirror. Of course I can only sing the chorus part cause they’re in English. And maybe some gibberish Korean lines. *Swagger mode*

P/S: CL wrote the lyrics of this song. That’s so cool.


Whoa this one caught me off-guard. How do you mash reggae,electronic and dance pop in one track yet sounded so delicious?! I literally repeat this song for one week straight after the MV was released. And the music video,gosh it does look expensive with all the CG and fancy effects (YG was said to spent half million on this one). I love it and apparently there is a message behind this video i.e. Nowadays people are trapped in virtual paradise (translation: technology) and depart themselves from the real world where the real happiness lies. Its evident in today’s society and basically Papa YG wants to spread the message : GET A LIFE.

There is also the unplugged version of this song. I love this version more because of CL’s slow rap in the middle of the song plus Minzy sounds amazing in this.


The title pretty much explained everything. *laughs*

This song sings out the plea of a lover who doesn’t want to replace her lover with a new one. Normally the songs with this theme will play out the mellow tunes or slow ballad layered with agonized facial expression by the singers to express their desperation. It played out the exact opposite for this one. The upbeat melody and energetic dance moves accompany Dara saying “It ain’t over till it’s over” pretty much relay the message that she’s not letting you go. Who said we cannot dance out our feelings eh? Next time I’ll tell you how angry I am with a chicken dance-Krump version. *flap flap*


This is my FAVOURITE track in this album. It’s a slow pop song that never gets old. What makes it better CL wrote the lyrics and co-composed the song. The direction of the song is similar to Beyonce “If I Were a Boy” and the lyrics basically narrated the thoughts of a girl who wishes that the guy could stand in her shoes so he would realized how much pain he had caused her and eventually would make him treat her better. And again Minzy has proven she’s not only a great dancer but her vocal is top-notch. Bravo maknae!! And CL’s whisper in the end shows that she is an old soul, not just a tough rapper.


Good girls got hurt by a bad guy. Typical but it happens. Naive girl innocently loves a playboy who in the end of the day picks a bad girl over the good girl. The ironic fact about this song is the lyrics are written by GD and Teddy. I mean how does men express the innocence of a girl loving a bad guy wholeheartedly. Owh, Korean drama have plenty of that. It figures.

Disclaimer: This is only an opinion. I do not know GD or Teddy personally. Don’t throw stones at me.


I could totally groove to this song. While “Baddest Female” is a slow swag (as I want to call it), “Mental Breakdown” tempo is on a faster pace. So it’s a faster swag (sorry for the lame language). And frankly I only listened to this song once the live performance was released. Personally I enjoyed it much more when it is accompanied with CL doing her crank and bad ass moves while rapping fiercely onstage. On top of that, who does not love it when two hunky topless guys moving their body in sexy waves alongside the sizzling CL?


Don’t be fooled by the smiles and bright colours in the MV. It’s actually a sad song. Who knew right? Initially I thought that the song was about rising up from sadness and be happy. When I read the lyrics however it’s different and kind of depressing at some angles. The lyrics literally described them as the girls who blamed themselves for the breakup and feeling sorry for their ex therefore wishing them to be happy for days to come. How is that for a consolation? That’s too dark for me man. Bright colours and breakup are not meant to each other.Sobbing and smashing up things are more like it. But the MV is cute. 


The was their 1st Japanese original single. So this is the only song that is not new in this album. This song is a song you dance to in the club to release some steam (of anger) over your cheating boyfriend and you wanna show him that you could move on. Like Beyonce always said, to the left, to the left!

It’s enjoyable to listen to especially when you’re alone in your room and you want to dance as if you’re in a club.


Fooled again. Without the subtitle I thought the song is about a lover who misses her other half. Yeah that’s what the title suggested isn’t it. With subtitle, the song is actually about a girl who has yet to confess her feelings to the guy she likes and now having love sickness. What a twist CL. And CL totally got me at the monologue. She makes a confession sound cool. Damn girl now I love you more.

So as a whole I guess the concept of this album (most of it)involves the girl’s perspective on relationships (heartbreaks due to their involvement with bad boys) and on the other side the album displayed their charisma and unique artistry as well-rounded performer. With that I end my review.


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