[DRAMA REVIEW] <3 Emergency Couple <3


Rating : A Sweet 4/5 stars… 

This 20-episodes drama has ended a couple weeks back but it would not leave me. How I miss my weekends waiting for new episodes to come out and when they finally out I’ll be all giddy and have my snacks and drinks ready for another enjoyable ride and entertaining story of a divorced couple rekindling their romance amidst of the hectic ER.

The premise revolves around broken marriage/bitter relationship between the leads which draws me into watching this drama.Especially when this drama is the follow-up of the ever successful Reply 1994, making the expectation so much higher .It’s a romantic comedy but like all k-drama I’ve watched for the past years, it would not be a complete set without a few depressing episodes that dry your tear ducts and emptied a box of tissue just to wipe my snorts.

Let’s do a quick recap shall we?

When your family disapproves your relationships, what do you do?


and run in the middle of busy streets to have everyone taking pictures of you in your wedding dress.

After a year of marriage…

Due to unstable income and continuous pressure from the families, they succumbed to stress and pressure hence ended their marriage…. 

But it seemed like their path crosses once again… as interns in the same hospital.

The hate still lingers…

but somehow the love never left

 and the lovers accepted each other as they are…

 and when they woke up the next morning…


In short, this is a cute drama. The kind that makes your endorphin gushing out throughout your system.

Here are the pictures & gifs of my picks of favourite moments in the drama..

 Oh Jin Hee woke up beside Chief Gook because Oh Chang Min left her in the male on call room after she     ended up drunk.. Hilarious  (credit to owner)

 The most sensual CPR ever

click this——->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LabdGEBgSg


 Mission: Seduce Oh Chang Min (credit to MissMongji@tumblr)



and teasing Oh Chang Min with the sexy night dress.. LOL (credit to owners)



Oh Chang Min’s cute parade (credit to owners)




 The boob poke.. aiyoo so naughty (credit to owner)

 The back hugs..Feelssss (credit to owners)


The Cameos

Gary of Leesang (also her Monday Boyfriend)

(credit to owner)

Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls (credit to gianthelove@tumblr)





This is Choi Jin Hyuk’s first lead role. *seal clap*

I’ve grown tired from watching him sitting on the sidelines instead of gracing the stage as the lead man. He was amazing in Gu Family Book playing the tormented supernatural being who fathered Lee Seung Gi—- like a legit-demonic-sexy -not aging- charming-charismatic lover boy that have lead man qualities all over his gorgeous self.

The Heirs was a huge disappointment to me because his character only have a little exposure and development that shadowed his charms. Or maybe I just hated the story. Well to be frank The Heirs is not my cup of tea. Not even Lee Minho could make me love it.

Plus, his character in this drama is different from his previous project. Acting alongside Song Jihyo, I have faith that both of em makes a good pair. And my intuition proven to be correct,they were picture perfect and leave a tasteful aftertaste.

So I wanna end my post with this:-


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