Oculus (2014) : Horror Film Review

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating; 3.5/5
My Rating; 3.5/5

“Oculus offered such a great plot with a twist of horror. It delivered a good scare and your heart beat will skip so many beats because of the surprise element in it. Unfortunately, the ending was mehhhhh. To conclude, Hollywood film loves to slaughter a good story with a very disappointing ending.”

Thats what i wrote in my facebook status right after i finished watching it. I felt the thrill, the excitement and the scare but i was dumbstruck by its ending. I mean come on guys!! Do you guys planning to do a sequel? The story begins with 2 different plot with a different timeline. It’s a flashback but in the same time, it is accompanied with a present story. It does get confusing earlier because i thought its about 2 mirrors connecting each other and the ghost can travel through those mirror. Well, its not. For a second there i thought its just a rip off of Indonesian Horror Film, Kuntilanak. The story is about Kaylie’s family that being haunted by the mirror. Cliche as it can be, the family moving to a new neighborhood in a suburb area (place is not mentioned though) and ready to start a new life. Kaylie’s parents, Alan and Marie were busy to set their new home and life together.

Kaylie and Tim in the flashback version
Kaylie and Tim in the flashback version
Kaylie and Tim in the present version
Kaylie and Tim in the present version

The ghost appeared in a short time earlier but still everybody gasp in the cinema. The disturbance started when Alan purchased an antique mirror and put it in his office. The evil force started showing the signs that they are currently residing in the house. The plants started wilting, their family’s pet is weak and inactive in a past few weeks and both Kaylie and Tim see a girl walking in the stairs and in the office particularly. At first, Marie suspected Alan for his infidelity due to a girl that the kids seen in the office. By the time she realized the mirror is the root for what had happened to the family, it was too late. She was already possessed and tried to kill her kids. Alan managed to arrive home and caught his wife trying to brutalize the kids. He successfully in making her fainted for a moment and try to call 911 for help. Its too bad that the spirit got into him too and he was in a trance. Controlled by the spirit, Alan chained and locked Marie in the bedroom and told his kids not to go near the bedroom for a while because their mother is sick.

The Possessed Mom

Kaylie being an older sister try to protect his bother at all cost. She called many psychiatrists to ask for help only to be dismissed by them. For me Kaylie is a smart girl in the story. She detected that something is wrong when she tried to call for help. Although they used a different number, the same voice will answer the call. Knowing that she cannot sit still without trying everything, she went to her neighbor. Her neighbor did come to meet her father but her father assured the neighbor that nothing really happened and it’s just a teenager girl acting out. Kaylie was scared for her life and his brother. That night, her father decided to release her possessed mother from chain. The horror began when her mother chased them off and try to strangle kaylie to dead. She cried and called for her mother helplessly to stop it. At that moment, her mother suddenly loosened her strangulation and aware that it was her daughter she tried to kill. Her father then shot her mother three times.

M301 (Left to right.) Kate Siegel,  Rory Cochrane, Bob Gebert and Justin Gordon star in Relativity Media's OCULUS.  Photo Credit: John Estes ©2013 Lasser Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
When Kaylie’s father shot her mother thrice.

Kaylie pulled tim away and tried to smash the mirror with a golf putter together with her brother. The antique mirror is capable of protecting itself. They hit it with so many times but failed to cause any crack on that mirror. In fact, they realized that they were hitting the wall but not the mirror. Their father then came into the office and try to strangle kaylie for trying to break the mirror. Tim then hit his father and managed to take the pistol away. Alan then knelt infront of Tim and asked Tim to pull the trigger. What kind of kid around Tim’s age would kill his father? Alan take the gun that held by Tim aimed it right at him and shot himself. Alan died immediately. After this happened,all of you can guess what will happened next? The police and the ambulance will be arriving at the scene. Tim was sent to a mental hospital for evaluation and submission there and Kaylie is being submitted in the foster care after the tragedy.

The glowing eyed ghost

This is the first plot they featured in a timeline that taken place during their childhood. The second plot featured in the film is when Kaylie and Tim had grown up. Tim already moved on and wanted to let of this past. His treatment indicated that all that tim encountered are part of his brain trick and it is not real. Kaylie, however, is obsessed and she had been tracking the mirror and found it. She purchased it and wanted to find the truth about the mirror. She asked tim to help her. Tim refused to do so at first but relent to his sister seeing that she could not move on.They both were back in their old house and placed the mirror at the original place. Kaylie sets up everything that she needed to prove that she is not crazy and there is some apparition that stays in the mirror. The camera, the clock, the plant and even the equipment to destroy the mirror if anything were happened to them. This is where the thrilling and mindfucking event occurred.

I am not going to spoil this film any further, it was good in entirety but the ending is going to ruin your mood. I wanted to give 4 for the flawless silver-eyed ghosts in the film but i am sticking to 3.5. Overall, the film is scary but not ‘that scary’. Oh before i forgot, there is one favorite moment i would like to feature in this review.


When Kaylie thought she bite the lamp glass (not apple) and her mouth got all bloody, that was awesome but gruesome at the same time. The mirror tricked her into thinking that she did chew the lamp glass. When Tim called her name, she suddenly realized that she still biting the apple.

2 thoughts on “Oculus (2014) : Horror Film Review

  1. yup, the ending was kinda cliche somehow. however, everything before it was just nicely woven through the plot by great direction and editing.

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