Rio 2 (2014) : Animation Film Review

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating: 3.5/5

As usual, the sequel would be somewhat disappointing and less entertaining than its previous film. I must say that i still enjoy Rio 2 nevertheless but it cannot beat Rio somehow. The story takes place in Amazon whereby Blu and Jewel together with their 3 kids and their friends venture there to find the location of their species. Of course, The original villainy bird in Rio is still maintained in the story. Nigel returned with other animal (a venomous frog) as his sidekick for his plan to kill blu. He wanted blue dead because blu had caused him an injury of losing ability to  fly. Rio might cast an idea that it is a story about a blue macaw bird going to an adventure but for me, it is more than that. It teaches you that the extinction of species happened. It happened to blu when he discovered that he might be the last species left in Rio until he met jewel, the female kind of his species. During the first film, they put an animal trafficking issue as the highlight of the film. In Rio 2, they returned with deforestation and illegal logging that occurred in Amazon.

They are traveling to Amazon together
Nigel, The original Villain in Rio

We as an adult may able to watch 2 hours documentary about extinction of the species or illegal logging that happened somewhere in country without getting dozed off. However, for kids its totally a different story. They need to know about this issue without getting bored or sleepy about it. I thinks its brilliant that Rio incorporating the element of conservation and preservation of nature in the animation. This kind of film is a must film for parents to watch with their children. Of course, it should not be boring and more colorful in animation film but as long as the message get crossed, it was worth it. After blu and jewel settling down as the rehabilitation bird park, they got 3 kids on their own. Carla is the eldest one. she is the music lover. Bia is the second one and she’s read everything and known for her intelligence. Last but not least, Tiago is the only son and a troublemaker in the family. They are settling down in the park whereby it’s near to Rio De Janeiro city and Blu can live as humanly as possible though he’s a bird. Jewel tried to teach their kids to experience their life wildly but they are too comfortable under blu’s influence of living like a domesticated pet.

Bia, Carla and Tiago

When Blu’s former owner, Linda and her husband, Tulio discovered that maybe their ‘Blu and Jewel’ is not the only species of blue macaw bird left, Jewel is excited and happy. She wanted to go to Amazon with her family to find other birds there. Blu hated the idea but conceded with Jewel as his friend, Rafael always said to him ‘Happy wife, Happy life’. Their childrens are somewhat having a mixed feeling about this. Bia wanted to go but she read Amazon is having so many creatures that could get you killed. Tiago is thrilled to have an adventure as living in a bird park, he always being told no to whatever he wanted to do. Carla could not care less because of the carnival. Upon hearing that Nico and Pedro will be joining them to scout the talent there in Amazon, Carla changed her mind. They went to amazon right away and even lost a few times because blu insisted on using the GPS provided by Linda. When they arrived at amazon, they are being ambushed by some birds and been brought into an isolated location in the forest. Jewel met her father for the first time after they were separated in a tragedy occurred in Amazon. She also met her old friend named Beto and her aunt, Mimi there.

Tulio and Linda
Jewel met her father back.

Blu felt left out and try to compete with Beto but he knew he’s not wild enough. His father in law also not impressed by blu’s domesticated behavior and try to train him to be more wild bird. The struggle between blu’s innerself began right away. There are also scene of Linda and Tulio being captured by illegal loggers as they tried to stop prevent the forest from getting destroyed. Of course, Nico and Pedro held a hilarious parts the most in the films. My favorite scene would be the audition they initiated in Amazon to scout talent for the carnival. Overall, if you watched Rio, you knew that this film slightly failed to maintain what they originally had, but Rio 2 still deserved some applause and its sufficiently entertaining for kids and adult around my age (who still loves animation films).

Nico and Pedro.

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