MY FAVOURITE LADY GAGA SONGS – Tribute to the Great Singer-Songwriter that She Is!

by Ruby Gege

lady_gaga_no_makeup_4I love Mother Monster. Palah Chingu loves Mother Monster. Fatma Chingu loves Mother Monster. To have the Three Chingu besotted with the same artist can only mean one thing – that that artist is super great, super good and have super crazy amazing songs. And yes, Lady Gaga, she has it all!

I woke up this morning and decided to listen to her songs, as I always do at least once a week. And suddenly, my head starts to list down my most favourite of her songs, which is many. Aside from being great tracks, the songs usually mean something for me. I tend to interpret the songs’ meaning to my own situation and somehow, they became the ‘background score’ for my life.


When I like an artist, I don’t judge his or her personal life unless it is involved with criminal matters. I think artists should be judged based on their performance and musical products. People may say what they want about Lady Gaga but she is one completely devoted follower to her arts. People used to associate her ‘weirdness’ with conspiracy theories – which might be true or false – but overtime, they began to realize that that is just the way she produces art to the masses. Flashy, explosive, unique and different. Just different.

2793992-3x2-940x627Why do I respect and admire her? Because I think her art has affected me in a way that makes me comfortable being myself. The message that I got from her is to be comfortable with the person that you are, no matter how judgmental the society can be towards you. Be proud of yourself and don’t be afraid of expressing your feelings. She often pushes to the extreme – in lifestyle and in performing, doing things that few can imagine – so that when her fans try to be themselves, they have courage to do so. Her songs are often sexual and she is also judged a lot about that. But, sexuality is a human thing. It is part of us. All of us feel lust and truthfully, we should not be ashamed of feeling it.

Okay, enough rambling. Now, to the songs!!


Album: The Fame

The song that changed it all. The song that introduced the entity of Lady Gaga to the world.

I, for one, personally believe that this song is responsible for the freedom of so many souls. Souls that have been repressed by culture and social expectations and the voices that have been telling us how to be and how to behave. The song is catchy, not over-dramatic and Gaga’s voice is harmoniously balanced with the electronica beats. The music is great, her vocal is great – and the song still succeeds in being a great dance song we can go crazy to. After all these years, after a number of great albums and so many great songs, Just Dance remains my favourite. Because she freed a part of me with that song.


Album: Born This Way

The song is ethereal. Gaga’s vocal is unclear, almost whispering. I love the song because of its consistent beat and it is the type of song you can laid back and enjoy, whilst having a strong cup of coffee or cigarette. It’s dancey but not dramatic. It is, in a way, a love song but a complicated one. Gaga sings at the beginning – “I want your whiskey mouth all over my blonde south”. But she ends every chorus with – “I can be your girl, girl, girl but would you love me if I rule the world?” It’s like a subtle challenge – the man may love her when he knows her, but would he still feel the same way knowing that she is constantly on the world stage, on the spotlight surrounded by millions of her fans?


Album: The Fame Monster

The first time I listened to this song, I kept repeating it for the next 2 years of my life. No joke! This song is influenced by the tale of the Red Riding Hood, about Gaga falling in love with a man she described as a monster. However, repeatedly, she kept telling herself – “could I love him?” at the same time reminding herself that “he ate my heart. He’s a monster in my bed.” It is a tale of a forbidden love. Gaga knew the man was bad for him and was going to end up hurting her but she could not let go.


Album: Artpop

Applause, for me, is a simple song about ambition. It is about knowing what you want to do with your life, the ideals you want to live for and to achieve your dreams. Gaga set an example here by describing her own obsession with fame and her stage. “I lived for the applause,” she sang, an anthem all performers abide to, and continue with “Give me that thing that I love!”. It’s a strong powerful song that I always listen to when I need to pump up my spirits doing work. Hahahahaha. Never give up, remember your dreams and if you fall down, get the fuck up already.


Album: The Fame Monster

The Fame Monster deals a lot with Gaga’s relationship with her increasing mega-fame, which I believe she translated it into a form of a man in the album. She loves and hates the man at the same time, finding it difficult to stay with him but refusing to leave him. Alejandro, similar to Monster, is one of those songs. I love the song because it’s melancholic, depressing yet catchy and intriguing at the same time. And what a great song for karaoke!!


Album: The Fame Monster

To think of it, all of the songs in The Fame Monster deserves a place here but then, there’s not enough space. Anyway, Bad Romance is the song that somehow secured Lady Gaga’ s permanent position in the pop universe. The song is direct, very out-there and loud. It epitomizes Gaga’s love for fame, love, creativity and everything crazy that comes with it. My favourite verse? “Walk, walk, fashion, baby, work it, move that bitch crazy…” It’s so powerful that you can’t help but to let go of yourself as you karaoke to the song.

“I want your love, and I want your revenge. I want your love, I don’t want to be friends.”


Album: The Fame

Lovegame is one of Gaga’s most sexual songs. She has a different standard altogether when creating songs of that category – love and romance are insignificant and the focal point of these songs revolve around plain desires, lust and attraction. It’s simple – she wants him or her and she wants it bad. It actually introduced to people how far Gaga is willing to go to express herself and she’s not afraid to talk about sex. And sing about it.


Album: Born This Way

Judas is actually Three Chinguz’s official anthem karaoke song. Me, Palah and Fatma would sing this song whenever we are karaoke-ing together, WITHOUT FAIL. Why do we love this song so much though it sounds a bit weird and too radical to our ears? Because it is weird and radical. It’s different. It pushes Gaga’s artistic expression to a whole new spectrum people did not expect. It is the song everybody hates to love and loves to hate.


Album: The Fame Monster

Despite whatever people say about Lady Gaga, she is an amazing singer and has produced great ballads. Speechless was written for her father and displayed their complicated yet loving relationship. She sings of how fame and boys in her life don’t really matter compared to her father, which is sweet. It was an ode to daughter-hood. A sad song that made me cried a number of times, it is Gaga at her most heartfelt moment.


Album: Born This Way

I love this song because it is a great song Gaga sings about herself. It is a sane song, lacking the elements of craziness and radical-ity so familiar to us. The song talks about herself and the devotion to her arts. It is not so much a clubby songs but the beat is great. The ending part is great, where the music just plays itself.

“I’m a warrior queen, lives passionately tonight…”

11 – G.U.Y

Album: Artpop

My favourite song in Artpop because it has a great beat and Gaga did not sound over-dramatic here. She sings about the lust and love she has for the man she loves. It is a direct sexual song but infused a little bit with love. Is it a sex song? Or is it a love song? Or is it both? I’d go with both.


Album: Artpop

“Looking good and feeling fine, looking good and feeling fine!” Gaga sings as the song starts. Fashion is a song about confidence and feeling good and comfortable about yourself. A great morning anthem! And remember to always feel fine about yourself!


Okay, I am so fucking tired listing and listening and choosing all the songs. Lady Gaga has a great repertoire and her works have been amazing. The songs not listed here are not less amazing than the ones listed. But the songs I chose are the ones I can relate to. And that touches my heart. And make my day better.

Thank you, Mother Monster. We will always love you.



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