[DRAMA REVIEW] My Husband Got A Family (You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly)

BY : Maertai Fatma (too obsessed with BBJX)

Ratings: 4.5/5

This was a 2012 drama, so I was 2 years too late. During its airing, it enjoyed a massive high ratings and stand on the top of the drama rankings for 25 consecutive weeks! After reading so much praise and favourable views from drama lovers I decided to give it a watch. The plot was far from being too insane and mundane instead it filled me with laughs and enthralled my heart with the cutest love stories from all the siblings. Gosh I feel so good after watching this!

I got to warn those who wishes to marathon this drama to spend at least 4 days  since there are 58 episodes in total but I promise you every second spent is worth it. Though I have to admit I did fast forward some scene because  I don’t feel the need to go through ’em.

Cha Yoon-Hee (Kim Nam Joo) is living a perfect life. A steady career, a loving husband and no in-laws. Well in Korean society being the daughter in law will consume your life as your in-laws would literally take over your life and truth to be told its nothing less than being enslaved to your husband family. Her friends envied her for being so free and she enjoyed gloating on her fortune of marrying a man and a man only.

And the man she marries, Terry Kang (Yoo Jun-sang) is a doctor graduated from John Hopkins and the husband that every women would die to have. He’s kind, romantic, love putting up events for her, can cook, good looking, considerate, oh my god the dimples *dies*, etc etc etc. I WANT TO HAVE A HUSBAND LIKE THIS.

But what is a drama without a cruel twist of fate? It turns out that Terry Kang isn’t an orphan as his real family was living right next door! And his real name is Bang Gwi Nam which means “fart” in Korean. Yoon-Hee’s husband just got himself a family! Her ideal life comes to an end and the nightmare begins. Hello in-laws!

The casts are celebrating their 50% ratings (this is just a guess LOL)

Heart warming and beautiful. That is my exact description of this story. Along the way I cried but most of the time I was feeling happy and amused by the antics of the family.

It is worth a watch!

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