[ It Was A Good Game But….] – Germany 4 – 0 Portugal

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

It was a good game but….

Okay, Germany Won and I am so Fucking happy. Still, I felt sad for Portugal. I actually hoping them to score 1 or 2 after Germany put its 4th goal. Do not doubt my loyalty to Germany, i just want to see Portugal put up a good fight, that’s all. Anyway, listening to the commentators after the first half time time ended, it makes me wanted to write a bit about this match. Besides Portugal suddenly lose their direction after Thomas Muller scored his penalty, the referee seems bias against Portugal. I dont know why i felt it (after doing some research via google, i found out i am not alone). Even other Germany’s fans did admit its true. You know why i dont like bias referee? Thats because i cant felt wholly good anymore especially when we are the winning team. It can be used to justify why we are winning and put all the hard work that players did in the match aside.


Above all, i felt Thomas Muller did exaggerate his pain (However, After did some browsing on the net, they said Muller was pulling his teeth and assessing his mouth injury). In my opinion, Pepe deserved a red card. Why i said so? He should have been professional and walk away from the scene. Instead, he went back to Muller, head-butted and verbally abused him. If he didnt do that, He will be fine and maybe Portugal can still score 1 or 2 goals against Germany.

Anyway, A man of the Match is Thomas Muller (For being the only one to score freaking 3 goals).


4 thoughts on “[ It Was A Good Game But….] – Germany 4 – 0 Portugal

  1. Believe me, the ref wasn’t biased. He could have pulled yellow a couple of times and didn’t…most notable when Pepe get into his face after the first penalty was given and again when Ronaldo practically chased him over the field.
    I think the people who feel so do because:
    1. It escaped their attention that Müller going down was initially ignored by the ref. He didn’t even call a foul but decided on benefit of the doubt for BOTH parties…in Pepe’s case that the hand in Müller’s face (which connected, btw) was accidental, in Müller’s case that he was really hit in an unlucky spot. Btw. I first thought that Müller was exaggerating for sure, because he was hit more at the throat than the face, but then it occurred me that by being hit on this spot unexpected and in full speed, most likely his teeth shattered together…which would explain why he was checking them in the aftermath.
    2. They wonder why the penalty for Portugal wasn’t given. Well, for one the situation was not the same…unlike with the first penalty, during which the attacker already surpassed the defender, this time around both players went for the ball simultaneously. But most likely the main reason why the ref let it go was because he himself had caused the situation in the first place by accidentally running into a pass of the German team, which caused the ball to end up with Portugal.

    That one of the players had to leave the field early in the game was not the fault of the Germans…there wasn’t even another player near when the leg injury occurred. That Pepe is not able to control his temper is not the fault of the Germans (or the ref) either. And overall, the German team was simply better because they acted as a team. Portugal got their own chances awarded by the ref later on…but if Ronaldo is not able to overcome a one-man-wall consisting of the smallest player in the German team from a perfect shooting position, then the result is 4:0

      1. You know, if the Ref could have pulled the red card instead of yellow when he gave the first penalty…it was well within his rights, but he decided to go for the middle ground.

        I guess most of us (me too) are simply disappointed by the game…we wanted Germany to win, but we also expected a tight fight. It’s not really fun when Portugal practically defeats itself and has in general a very unlucky day.

  2. Exactly! I couldnt agree more. After all, Maybe we just wanted a tight fight. Just like you said, we can considered that it was indeed unlucky day for Portugal Team.

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