R.I.P Detective Barry Frost – Overview of Rizzoli and Isles

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating: 4/5
My Rating: 4/5

I’ve discovered Rizzoli and Isles 2 years ago and has been a fan since then. Yes, it is an underrated show considering some of my friend’s reaction who never even heard of the show. It didnt affect my commitment to keep watching the show though. What i love about the show is the main character are both independent, smart and down-to-earth women. They (Detective Rizzoli and Medical Examiner, Dr. Maura Isles) hit it off their chemistry very well as a good colleague who constantly helped each other out to solve many homicide cases in Boston Police Department Unit. They are a good colleague first before the relationship grew  and progressed as best friends to each other. The clash of personality between them is what makes the show entertaining and enjoyable. Detective rizzoli is a top recruit for homicide unit, have a strong headed attitude and a personality of ‘I dont care as long as it work’. She have a family where every single one of them is a bit dysfunctional. She might sometimes appeared very annoyed with their presence but deep down she loves each one of them. Detective Rizzoli has its own romance but she didnt pursue it. She felt that she loves her career more. She couldnt bear the idea of leaving homicide department for good to be with somebody. For her, that’s not the right choice if she did it. Yeah, she was devastated for not going with him but she will not be happy if she follow him there.

Dr. Maura Isles and Detective Jane Rizzoli
Dr. Maura Isles and Detective Jane Rizzoli

Dr Maura Isles is everything opposite of Detective Rizzoli’s persona. If Rizzoli prefers silence, Dr Isles wants to have a conversation. If Rizzoli wants to break a rule, Dr Isles will be there to forbid her (or at least, ask Rizzoli to consider other option). They check each other balance and kept each other out of trouble. Unlike Rizzoli’s clear family background, Dr. Maura Isles came from a very stiff and less affectionate family. Her adopted parents raised her well but she never felt the love and warmth of parents let alone siblings. When she met Rizzoli’s family, she immediately felt like she’s home. Dr. Isles is a brainy one and kept talking about trivia and facts whenever people approached her with any topics. If people didnt know her well, they would assumed she’s a bit of show off. Even their fashion sense is against each other taste, Maura enjoyed dress up fancily while Rizzoli (if it is allowed) she might appear to Boston Police department with her pajama. When Dr. Maura Isles discovered her real parents identity, she just could not accept it. Luckily, Rizzoli was there to console and advise her on what needs to be done. Both characters have their ups and down but it didnt affect them in their work and profession. It is a crime-thriller series but it combined all of other values. It is not entirely CSI (but more like family-friend in the background story, Homicide department as the center of their work and a bit of cases they solved in each episode). The show is inspired from the novels written by Tess Gerritsen. It may not be famous but it has constant viewer due to the steady rating of the show.


Why i like this show? Because majority of the show i’ve seen, the main character is portrayed by a man, or best friends (both are men), or a straight-heterosexual couple that will centralized on the male partner. Not that i have anything against men but when i see this kind of show which centered female character, i just wanted to keep watching. Since the show is good enough for me, i committed myself to watch it every season. Deep down inside i wanted Rizzoli and Isles becomes more than a best friend and involved in romantic relationship. I know it’s not going to happen but God,  if it did happen, it would be a dream come true. However, In the early season, Rizzoli and Isles always rejected guys who they did not want to date by faking themselves as a lesbian couple. It was really cute and super hot in the same time. Rizzoli had a stable relationship with a soldier named casey before they broke it off due to the long distance relationship and neither one of them ready to give up their career. Isles on the other hands loved to mingle with those who are interested in her and if she finds it it will not working out accordingly, she walks out of it with no strings attached.

Lee Thompson Young as ‘Detective Barry Frost’
Detective Barry Frost is one of the closest friend to Detective Rizzoli
Detective Barry Frost is one of the closest friend Detective Rizzoli ever had.

However, Everything changes when the actor who portrayed Detective Barry Frost committed suicide before the production started  their shooting for season 5. Lee Thompson Young found dead in his apartment and suicide has been confirmed by the authority as a reason for his death. I had no idea at first but when i watched season 5, the absent of Detective Barry Frost in the unit is stated as he was taking a vacation at that time. It all change when they make a character of Detective Barry Frost died in the accident. It was so sudden that i myself could not brain it. Without his character, the whole works of homicide might seems too procedural and stiff. His habit of bickering with his fellow officer,Frankie and his constant teasing of Sargeant Korsak old school style is how the show spun off their humorous side. His habit of throwing up in any dustbin near the homicide area is also one of things that i would miss from him. Despite being a good detective, he possessed a low tolerant of a gory and bloody crime scenes .Anyway,that’s when i looked up to find the explanation of this show creator on why they killed off his character. ……..and that’s how i found about his death. As i (an avid viewer) find it difficult to cope with the character ended up dead all of sudden, I am sure the other casts finds it more difficult to cope with the loss of their fellow actors. Episode 2 of Season 5 paid a tribute to Detective Barry Frost by Detective Rizzoli ending her eulogy in Frost funeral describing Frost as a good friend, a great detective and a loving son.

There is rumor saying that new character will appear in the upcoming of Rizzoli and Isles episodes in season 5. He may not replace Detective Frost’s spot but lets hope he can fill the gap that Frost left behind in the show.

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