Shameless (US) : Season 5 – What Happened So Far?

By the Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Warning : This post contained a lot of spoilers.

Shameless : Season 5
My Rating for this season : 4.5/5

First of all, sorry dear readers and followers for not updating this blog ( at least 1 post per week). It seems impossible (due to my laziness, of course). However, I need to let off some steams due to many series that i watched concluded their season in the most satisfying (yet i wanted more) kind of ways. For example, How To Get Away With Murder (season 1). Anyway, that’s not why i’m here. Today,I am going to review or babbling or whatever you guys wanted to call it, each characters in SHAMELESS and what did they bring to the table in this season.


Fiona and Sean.
Fiona and Gus*my bias. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Fiona and Jimmy/steve

 She’s getting married to a guy she barely knew. Classic Fiona. When it comes to successfully destroyed herself and tangling in the complicated emotions, feelings and shit, she is the best. What were you thinking? Dont get me wrong, ( GUS is sweet, gentleman and everything that girl could wish for) but getting married a few weeks after she knew him, Nuh-uh, it doesnt work that way, dear!. Like i said, Fiona love to wreck herself and yes, she did when she fucked her ex-boyfriend, JIMMY/STEVE, right after the she’s got married. Things went south and Gus distancing himself from Fiona. Come on, who doesnt? You just fucked your ex boyfriend a few weeks after getting married. This is too fuck up. Fiona is trying her best to make the marriage work but i felt that this relationship wont last longer. As much as i would love to see FIONA-STEVE back together, I hate seeing GUS getting hurt in the middle of it.


Lip Gallagher
Lip and Amanda
Lip and Prof. Helene

He’s always been my favorite character. He maybe an asshole when it comes to love, girls and relationship but he valued family above anything else. If you watched ‘The Originals’ Series, he is a bit similar to Elijah except he is Ghetto-ish and not a gentleman at all. Actually, i loved lip and his current girlfriend, Amanda. It’s such a shame if they really broke up this season. They have this compromise of being in an open relationship which Lip is totally cool to do it given that Amanda provides him a financial support. However, A new character appeared, which is one of Lip’s professors interested in him and they ended up fornicating. Amanda seems jealous about but since Shameless has 2 more episodes before season finale, we’ll just have to wait and see. [Crossing my finger] Please dont break up!!!

3) SAMMY GALLAGHER?*because she is a frank’s eldest daughter but she’s not sharing the same mother with the rest of GALLAGHERs

Episode 407
Sammy & Frank
Sammy, being the needy daughter.
Sammy & Chucky

This girl is lunatic. I mean by lunatic, not normal crazy like us, but really mad. We all know what happened last season when Frank tried to lure her in donating her liver (but failed due to some incompatibility issue). This girl got way crazy this season. She’s practically invited herself to live with other Gallagher’s siblings and make herself as 2nd Fiona. Since Fiona got married and got a job, she couldnt make time to care for Debbie, Carl and Liam. Fiona’s absence in the household leaving an opportunity to take over and taking care the household. Sammie felt that Her daddy (that’s what she called Frank) cant live without her after the operation. She used this chance to redeem her childhood which Frank was never in it. She has a mentally-handicapped son named chucky that she brought with her in the house.


Debbie tricked matty into sleeping with her.
Debbie confessed to Derek.
Debbie and Derek as official boyfriend and girlfriend.

Debbie, Debbie & Debbie. I am sorry but she’s not really giving what i need from Debbie. Debbie who used to be an outsider and doesnt really care has turned into someone needy, clingy and (whatever cliche words you can use to describe a teenage girl). When she wanted to get pregnant and try to persuade fiona into giving her permission, i swear to god, i just want to slap her. You can have sex but to throw you life away by getting pregnant? No way man. I support fiona in whatever decision she has made including dragging you to the abortion clinic.


Frank and Dr. Bianca
Bianca before she committed suicide in Costa Rica.

FRANK, FRANK, FRANK. I really hate him. I just couldnt handle how a father could be so freaking reckless, cold hearted and manipulative bastard. He played sheila to bear the responsibility of himself,  Sammy into taking care of him, the parent’s of his liver donor and of course, he somehow managed to find some sick doctor into running away and living her life as she will die the next day. Only this time, He fell in love so hard with the doctor. The cancerous doctor does not want to fight the cancer because she only has 3% chance of surviving. He tried to persuade her into living healthily and tracked her medicine time. Unfortunately, it didnt work. The doctor killed herself when they are in Costa Rica. He returned to USA as a heart broken man.


Episode 305
Carl Gallagher
Carl and Debbie.
Carl in Juvie Detention Centre.

Carl and Debbie in this season is such a cute brother and sister. They always hissed and bickered at each other but come on guys, siblings are supposed to be like that. This time they are having some sort of competition of ‘who will be the one between them to lose their virginity’. Of course carl would cheat and using some sort of trick to earn that title. Debbie on the other hand, conceded but she vowed will not stop until her virginity is gone. It’s crazy but that’s what happened. Carl who always loved being the menace among  other gallaghers proved again that he is indeed irrational teenage boy. He entered the drugs world and being a dealer in such a young age. He took a wrong step and end up in the juvie world. He could get away from juvana if he said to the judge that he regretted his action but we are talking about carl here. He enjoyed his ‘thug phase’ and wanted to stay in the juvie. He insulted the judge and the court gave him a maximum sentence. Again, another headache to Fiona.


Ian and Mickey
Ian and Mickey having fun with each other.
Ian and Monica

Ian’s character is probably having the most unexpected turns in this season. We all know that Monica Gallagher have this disease and Ian is the one who inherited it from their mother. This soon caused a chaos in the family as most of them could not handle ian’s unpredictability. He kidnapped his boyfriend’s son, he locked that baby in the car and he almost endangered that baby’s life when he encountered unfavorable situation with the police. Of course we couldnt blame him but dude, please take your pills. I know you say it’s not you and you dont want to live the rest of your life depending on that pills but considering you almost killed your sister, you are way out of line. The break up is the worstttttttttttttttt thing ever. I am so rooting you and mickey will end up together. What the fuck? Breaking up is not the solution. I really like you guys. You guys made dysfunctional love sweeter than ever.


Kev returned to Veronica
Kev & Veronica

It’s just a phase guysssssss. This thing happened in marriage. However, it’s funny how the roles reversed between two of them. Veronica or Vee that we all love being sass and funny didnt enjoy the new kev. The three babies should be a pure joy to  Vee but she just didnt feel that way. Kev has shifted all of his attention to their babies and left Vee felt loveless all the time. They often fought about it causing Vee to move out temporarily. Due to that, Kev felt so frustrated but managed to take care of their babies separately. Both of them are miserable without each other but just too egoistical to forgive each other. Time passed by and they both try to moving on but they just couldnt do it. Vee try to go on a date with her high school lover but she just couldnt bring herself to sit on the table. Kev is just a different story. He joined lip business venture selling weed in school and turned himself into coed’s magnet. They called him ‘the rape walker’. He just manipulating the chivalry to ensure the girls would invite him to bed. Yes, he has alot of sex and he confessed to vee. (of course, again, it’s a normal sentence man would use to a girl which is it’s just not the same with you). Vee forgave him and he promised that he will try to save their marriage together with her.

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