Kapoor and Sons (2016) – Raw and Real Family Drama.

By The Gorgeous Palah Chinguz


Rating : 4/5

Seriously i didn’t expect anything in this film and it turns out to have everything ; emotional journey, Great assemble of casts, strong plot and extra points for having fawad in the film. He’s such a Bae. I swear my head just wanted to explode because I can’t brain how wrong I am to think that this will be another cliche Bollywood film. A lot of spoiler will be discussed later on as I can’t hold myself any longer. I need to get this thoughts out of my head as soon as possible.

Homosexuality and the society’s acceptance.


Rahul Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor and Tia Malik.

You’re kidding, right? It’s 2016 and we never had a fair share of bollywood films that tried to view homosexuality in a positive way. We mocked gays in the film and always portrayed them as too feminine and flamboyant person. Homophobic much? I get it that our parent’s generation might not accepted homosexuality and their takes on it will be it is not normal. How about our generation? Us? Millennials? Didn’t we saw that changes is coming? The cultural change can be done but it starts with us. With the right mentality, education and open mindedness, we can help them to feel that there are nothing wrong with them. It pains me to see how Fawad portrayed Rahul Kapoor , the perfect son, the successful author and the entrepreneur but still hiding in the closet. He pretended to have a girlfriend and all but deep down wishing that his mother will see right through him so he don’t have to pretend anymore. It was tiring living a double life and be a person you don’t want to be. Up to the point, he even said to his brother, Arjun Kapoor, that he’s willing to surrender his place of being the perfect son in their family to Arjun.

I wont drag my religion into it. Not to be defensive about it actually but i do believe what  you do and whom you choose to love is personal choice. It can only be between you and god. Simple as that. Fanatics, fundamentalists and conservatives might argue differently but let them be. They have no other job aside from being religious police.

Parent’s favourite child.


Rahul Kapoor and… his father’s broken car.

If you can’t figure out whose your parent’s favourite child, that means you are the one. If you can, then it’s real. Don’t cry, your parents are human too. They make mistakes and these are one of their mistakes that we have to make peace & move on eventually. Of course they keep saying they love your siblings and you equally but ……. I think you can figure it out. Sunitha Kapoor and His husband, may not vocally said that their favorite son is Rahul but all acts pointed it was him. In this film, Arjun Kapoor is the innocent victim caught in this parents’ disease (as I called it).Sidharth Malhotra’s performance as Arjun Kapoor is not bad at all. There are moments which you could feel how unfair his parents treated him. Rahul drove and accidentally damaged the car yet their father get angry at Arjun. Rahul’s room remain intact when he’s gone but Arjun’s room being used by their mom to escape from her problematic marriage. Both of them are struggling authors but yet their mother choose to save Rahul’s career by sharing Arjun’s idea to Rahul. That’s really fucked up and no excuses could make up for it. Sunitha has her own reasons to do so , I guess but it was totally unfair.

Infidelity in MArriage.


Harsh and Sunitha Kapoor reminiscing their fun memories.

I may not support polygamy but i know that there is no such thing as monogamy. People fell in love but they also fell out of love. When you get married, you not only need love to strengthen the relationship, you also need tolerance and compromise. I am surprised how many people didnt realized this and yet they wonder why they are not happy in their marriage. The question arose is how much longer can you tolerate and compromise, to what extend can you tolerate and compromise because for me if you tolerate and compromise too much, you’re going to lose yourself. Marriage is good for some people but if its begin to make you feel dreadful and despised it, then fucking leave. Why they bother to stay and try to save the marriage is beyond me. Rajat kapoor totally nailed the character of Harsh Kapoor ; Intense father and grumpy husband. Ive seen Rajat in his best performance especially in Ankhon Dekhi but this role also worth noting too. This is second time Ratna Pathak played Fawad’s mother and their chemistry never cease to amaze audiences. Fawad will always be the favorite son on screen, I presume especially in bollywood. What are the causes of infidelity in marriage? I just cant seem to place it mainly on the major cause.

Whenever I said Men wanted to be with younger and prettier wife, thats not necessarily true cause ive seen before whereby husband cheated on his wife with someone older/uglier than his wife. Is it because of unsatisfying and repetitive sex or lame bed skills? Could it be one of the causes of husband/wife betraying their own spouse? In this film, it was obvious that the feelings is not there anymore. Harsh Kapoor was having an affair with his colleague until he quitted his job at the bank. His wife knew the affair and thought it was over. She still taunted him occasionally but never in a million years thought that her husband is continuously meeting her behind her back.


Overall, this is one of the good films that i’ve watched this year. Bad prediction from my side but i was satisfied the way this film turned out to be. Rishi Kapoor is amazing as a grandfather in this film. He is mischievous and playful. Rishi Kapoor take the acting to the next level by wearing prosthetic to portray someone 20 years older than his own age. Im sorry i didnt write much about him though.

kapoor-sons-Rishi Kapoor

Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) – A struggle of Daughter, Wife and Woman in today’s (conservative) society

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating : 4/5
My Rating : 4/5

You might think this film is filled with laughter and humor. You might think that it will be very entertaining and it will made your day after watching it. Yes, it is funny. Yes, you will laugh. What you dont know is Zoya Akhtar’s film is more than just an instrument to make people laugh. She will pinned down a message in it and you will find yourself pondering about it. At least, i found myself doing that. The plot started when Mr and Mrs Mehra (acted by Anil Kapoor and Shefali Shah) invited their friends to join them celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary in a cruise ship. It was their eldest daughter, Ayesha (acted by Priyanka Chopra) plan to begin with. They began their journey without any disturbance; enjoying their time together along with their youngest son, Kabir (acted by Ranveer Singh) and their family’s dog , Pluto Mehra. In a first glance, they looked like a typical upper class Indian family where money and career are the measurement of success. Where does Zoya hinted a woman’s struggle in a current society ; i’ll show you in a following paragraphs.

A daughter’s struggle.

Farah Ali, a free spirit dancer.

On a cruise ship, Kabir found himself fell in love with Farah Ali (acted by Anushka Sharma). He loves the fact that they are totally opposite in nature and how farah inspired him to pursue doing what he wanted to do. Farah shared with Kabir about her past ; how she aspire to become a dancer but it was not sits well with her own family. Farah knew she wont be able to pursue her dream if she didnt take charge of her own dream. What did she do? She ran away from home, leaving her family behind and funding herself to learn dance at the art institution. How many people out there like Farah? I am sure it is more than thousands. While people are claiming things has change for girls today, it is indeed very slow and frustrating process. Kabir, as we known all his life has been sheltered and never did anything like it was drawn to Farah. Kabir wanted to become a pilot originally but it has been rejected by his parents saying it was not a real career and he should focus on running their family business. He kept it quiet and running his family business but deep down, he knew it wasnt right for him.

Ranveer Singh as Kabir Mehra.
Ranveer Singh as Kabir Mehra.

A wife’s struggle.

Mr and Mrs Mehra, An Unhappy Married Couple.
Mr and Mrs Mehra, An Unhappy Married Couple.

Mr and Mrs. Mehra (Ayesha’s and Kabir’s Parents) has been playing a charade of great couple for god knows, how many years. They are both miserable but didnt tell each other about it. Mr. Mehra has been unfaithful to Mrs. Mehra for for the past few years of their marriage. Mrs. Mehra knew about it but she wont confront her husband about it. Why? most wife wont leave her husband if she herself are not educated or didnt has any job. She depended solely on her husband and never earn a penny her whole life. This is just an ugly truth. Kabir and Ayesha knew about it but due to a nature of ‘Mind Your Own Business’, they didnt dare to meddle in their parent’s affair. Mrs Mehra acting among her friends how Mr. Mehra is a romantic and good husband. Her friends knew about Mr. Mehra’s infidelity as rumors about it spread faster but they shut their mouth to avoid any conflicts. How many women out there is letting themselves rotting in a prison of a bad and unhappy marriage, you tell me? Ayesha tried to suggest getting a divorce to her mother but has been dismissed completely. Divorce is a thing that scared women the most especially in a conservative society because it shows that you failed to be a good wife and you are completely undesired by your husband.

Anil Kapoor as Mr. Mehra and Shefali Shah as Mrs. Mehra
Anil Kapoor as Mr. Mehra and Shefali Shah as Mrs. Mehra

A woman’s struggle.

Ayesha Mehra is torn between career and tradition.
Ayesha Mehra is torn between career and tradition.

Ayesha Mehra, a self made entrepreneur. Despite her own success, she was being belittled due to her failure of being an obedient wife and good daughter in law. Among these three characters, i felt somewhat connected with Ayesha the most. She obeyed her parent’s decision to having an arranged marriage with Manav Sangha. She adopted his name and her family cut their connection completely with her. She was their daughter but now she belongs to them. I remember one scene when Mr. Mehra said that Ayesha belong to other family. Her parents wont even care a bit how successful she is after her marriage. She was told frequently by her mother to focus more on being a good wife. Her mother in law taunted her for not being a typical daughter in law which she said should be reserve, shy and kept their opinion to herself. None of these qualities possessed by Ayesha. She was independent, fierce and dare to confront the truth. She was listed in a India Forbes’ top 10 business owner but in her own home, she was pressurized of not trying hardest in having a baby. It is a woman struggle because no matter how successful you are, this gender roles of being a good daughter and wife will always haunting you. Ayesha felt the hollowness in her life and decided to ask for a divorce but her family strongly against her decision. She doesnt love Manav and she doesnt want to let herself trapped in the unhappy marriage. What makes me angry is how both her mother and mother in law kept saying that having a children will save their marriage. According to them, having a children with Manav will make Ayesha happy which she utterly disagreed.

Farhan Akhtar as Sunny Gill.
Farhan Akhtar as Sunny Gill.

Where is Farhan Akhtar in this film? Farhan acted as Sunny in this film. He is Ayesha’s lover before her marriage. Their relationship is over because Mr. Mehra decided to send Sunny further their study oversea and married Ayesha off to Manav. As a son of Mr. Mehra’s manager, sunny couldnt do anything. Their love sparked again when Ayesha met him after a few years separated. He has a minor role compared to others but man, i do love one scene when he talked about women’s equality with Manav, Ayesha’s Husband. It showed how different their mindset are and why Ayesha love Sunny not Manav.

Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193258.896 Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193305.744 Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193308.154 Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193312.490 Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193315.033 Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193317.808 Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193319.342 Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193347.167 Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193349.140 Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193353.414 Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193410.695 Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193415.140 Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193420.533 Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193422.504 Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193424.074 Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193427.374 Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) 1CD WebRip x264 AAC - M2Tv Exclusive.mkv_20150830_193432.948

This is a normal family film if you want to look it that way. I wouldnt change my opinion, that’s for sure. It is normal to see family crises but if you look deeply, you will see how zoya creatively buried this long overdue of woman’s struggle in her film. It is entertaining but at least you will gain something from it. I gave 4/5 for this film because i think Zoya and the other casts deserved it.


My Rating : 3.5/5
My Rating : 3.5/5

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Where do I start? I am not even a bit interested of seeing this film. I dont know when they will releasing the film or when it will hit the cinema. Least to say, this is not in the list of films ive been looking forward to watch. However, upon reading a bad review of this film, I was intrigued. How bad it was that it has been obliterated by critics in India. All of us can see that the casts of this film is merely no joke ; Vidya balan, Rajkumar Rao and Emraan Hashmi . They are an award nominees actors and their talent is incomparable. What went wrong in this film really arouses my curiosity. I downloaded this film and proceeded to watch it next day.

Mr. Ruparel (Emraan Hashmi) who found his true love in Vasudha, the florist that worked in his hotel.
Mr. Ruparel (Emraan Hashmi) who found his true love in Vasudha, the florist that worked in his hotel.

Here is my prediction on this film. It would be a love story. Hero and heroin against all odds will be together no matter what. Who doesnt love that, right? People pay big money to see that kind of illusion in a film. I was right. Yes, It is a love story. It is a different love story (kinda). How difference? It was between a widow and a single guy. Vasudha (acted by Vidya Balan) is a single mother who worked as florist to provide for her son right after her husband’s gone missing for 5 years. Here is the twist in a film. His husband has been missing for 5 years because of his involvement in a terrorist group. Police confirmed this to Vasudha due to some video clip resurfacing showing that Hari (Vasudha’s Husband) shot some of tourists in that footage. Vasudha get on with her life together with their son. It was difficult but she managed to did it on her own.

They have been working together in 2 films before this. Talk about overflowing chemistry, right?
They have been working together in 2 films before this. Talk about overflowing chemistry, right?

When is the conflict going to appear? Vasudha worked as a florist at one of the major hotel in India. She was good at her job and she was praised for her work. Her husband disappearances has been noticed by her colleagues but Vasudha told them it was normal due to his nature of work as tourist driver. Out of nowhere as usual, the hero appears and charmed the heroine. Mr Ruparel (acted by Emraan Hashmi) is a hotelier and looking for a venture to expand his hotel empire. He met vasudha accidentally in his room. It was cliché but it worked. People digs fell in love at the first sight. It was pure and filled with hope. Instantly, they liked each other but both of them has a different personality. Vasudha decided not to pursue due her status of a married woman but Mr. Ruparel felt that this was a first time he can love somebody more than his own self. Obviously, denial is not working out for Vasudha. She decided to seal her past and choose her own happiness with Mr. Ruparel.


Vasudha (Vidya Balan) tried to deny her own feeling by running away.
Vasudha (Vidya Balan) tried to deny her own feeling by running away.

When Vasudha returned to India, she found her husband returned to their house with a very poor condition. His husband explained to her the calamity that befell upon him. He has been framed in the video footage causing police to believe that he was a terrorist. She believed him but she couldnt return to be his wife again. She told the truth to her husband about her relationship with Mr Ruparel. Her husband felt so devastated. At this point, she felt guilty but she doesnt love her husband. She was forced in to this marriage and Hari (acted by Rajkumar Rao) treated her more like slave than a wife. Hari took a drastic descision to surrender to police. It causes national chaos as hari is fugitive and police has been looking for him ever since the tourist shooting. Vasudha asked Mr. Ruparel to help release her husband from jail. Being a selfless lover, Mr. Ruparel promised to help her in whatever means he can. Little did Vasudha knew that Hari planned everything. He wanted to make Vasudha drenched in guilt so that she can never be happy with Mr. Ruparel. Vasudha will be attached to him and pleading so that Hari admitted that he is indeed innocent. Hari acted he was doing it to give Vasudha’s happiness. He wanted to make Vasudha’s life a living hell.

Hari (Rajkumar Rao) tried to act that he pleaded guilty for the sake of his own wife.
Hari (Rajkumar Rao) tried to act that he pleaded guilty for the sake of his own wife.

Mr Ruparel found a proof saying that Hari is innocent. However, He and Vasudha is unable able to be together. Suffice to say, the fate has decided. Nothing can be done and Vasudha’s life completely shattered. she dumped her husband and living independently without Hari. Hari managed to track her down and threatening to kill her if she doesnt return to him.

Vasudha replied him with Kill me. That’s what men like you have done to women like me. You either killed us in the womb or right after birth. What strange tradition is this? Everything belongs to you. I’ve to wear your vermillion on my forehead. Your nuptial necklace around my neck. My wrists and your bangles. My womb, my blood, my milk and the child takes your name. Everything is yours”.

This is a story about betrayal and infidelity in marriage. This is also a story about sacrifice and selfless love. You are served with a question ‘What if it was not a happy marriage, what if he was not a good husband and what if there are present chances that let you escape from it?’. You might like it, you might despise it but for me a brilliant casts and a decent plot is a good combination to call this a good film. You might beg to differ but I watched it and thats how I felt.

P/s: Although, the ending is sad but it is a kind of good sad. Hari got what he deserved and Vasudha finally has a chance in reconciling with Mr. Ruparel (sort of).

When Priyanka Chopra Portrays Mary Kom – Bollywood Biopic Film Review


My Rating : 4/5 (because i felt so inspired after watching this film!)

” It listens to just its own self,
It’s related to immaturity,
It roars coming and going,
It calls days nights.
Looks into the eyes of the fate..
It goes and says in the ears of wind
that fate is small
You’re very stubborn
This heart is stubborn,
This heart is stubborn, is stubborn “.

I am sorry, Rani and Kangana but I think Priyanka deserved an award for best actress in this film. Priyanka proved her versatility in choosing many roles (that does not usually end up at the hero’s arm). Look at her in Barfi!, 7 Khoon Maaf and Fashion (where she earned her first National Film Award). She can deliver a brilliant performance as an Autistic girl and now, as a boxer. My God, she really is dont hold back at all. She keep coming to the big screen and deliver a mind blowing performance. First of all let me clarify to all the hater”s remarks saying Priyanka didn’t look like M.C Mary Kom at all. Yes, it is true but have you seen how a good film has been smeared by a very bad make up. I think it is a good decision that they opted out from using prosthetic eye lids on Priyanka Chopra. Second of all, Why priyanka? She might had a difficulty in her early career but look how far she has improving. Film after film, she earned numerous of nominations for her performance. If that’s not good enough, then i dont know what is.

I am glad they didnt do this.

For some of you who might not know (heck, i also knew this after i watched Chak de! India and this film), Mary Kom was born in Manipur. Most of people in Manipur look like Burmese/Vietnamese (correct me if I am wrong!). Manipur also remain one of the states in India with a series of militant insurgencies that occurred there. The situation there remain restless.  Mary Kom also told in her perspective on how people of Manipur also remain unrecognizable as India Citizen because of their skin color and eye features. Foreigner who never been in India had a hard time to recognize her as Indian. I am hoping to explore more about conflict in Manipur after watching this film but first, let’s talk about this biopic film. Priyanka told the press that the production team tried the approach of changing her face to resemble a bit like Mary Kom. However, they felt it might not work and due to that Priyanka is willing to change her body (to build a muscle exactly like her). She said that if her face cant be changed to look like MC Mary Kom, lets get her body resembled MC Mary Kom. Hey, guess what? She totally did. Her muscle is so ripped in the movie. In the beginning of the film, Mary kom is described as rebellious girl in the family. In term of tenacity, she has it all. She kicked her friend’s boyfriend because the boy beat her friend. She fought with a man twice her size to gain bit money for her brother.

Mary Kom & Her Coach

She finally realized she can achieve her dream when she stumbled upon the boxing gym. She asked the coach to help her being a good boxer but the coach Narjit Singh wanted her to earn the glove. She kept coming to the gym for 20 days without any teaching or class from the coach. She’s just waiting at the corner of the gym. Finally, the coach decided to teach her because of her persistence and dedication. She challenged herself day by day and finally it all works out. She made name for herself and became a world champion for three times. For me, it’s not only her hard work and stubbornness that contributed to her success, her family and her husband is also one of the factors why she is so fearless in chasing her dream. Her father who initially against her dream finally  supported her. There is one scene that i particularly remember when her father asked her to choose between her boxing glove or him? MC Mary Kom without any hesitation answered that she would choose her glove. Yes, it is very typical in Asian culture that parents always have a say in the future. To those who didnt have any parent’s objection regarding what you wanted to do in the future, consider yourself a lucky one.

Mary Kom & Her father

Her husband, Onler (before they got married, he was Mary Kom’s best friend) is a very sweet and supportive guy. He doesnt feel intimidated with Mary Kom. He cheered up for her in every game, being her rock when Mary Kom is being judge unfairly in the competition and even force her to continue her winning streak after she’s having a baby. In other words, he is and always remain her number one fan in the world. Did i tell you that the coach Narjit Singh refused to come to Mary Kom’s Wedding because he against the idea of her getting married? Their relationship grew weaker and Mary Kom didnt return to arena for 2 years in order to focus on her family. When people no longer recognized her as Mary Kom, she felt so sad and devastated. She felt so miserable but she doesnt know how to cope with it. Her husband asked her to get back into the boxing and making a comeback in the sport. She became a world champion again in 2008 and was hailed as ‘Magnificent Mary’.

Mary Kom and Her Husband

This is the right film to watch whenever you feel so distressed or in need of something to inspire you. The sound track of ‘Ziddi Dil’ really did justice to the whole film. I forgot how many times i push repeat button for that song but i am sure it’s alot. Maardani and Queen is a great film but with ‘Mary Kom’, it is far more superior film. You got the flavor of fighter and dreamer in a story line. If you didnt watch it, please do so.

The real Mary Kom and Her Husband attended one of the film screening.

KICK (2014) – Bollywood Movie Review

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating: 4/5

Dhoom + Krrish = KICK

“Surprisingly, Kick has a gripping story compared to Dhoom 3 and full pack masala action of superhero compared to Krrish 3”.Those who followed threechinguz knew me too well as i always am babbling of how much i love bollywood masala films. Yes, sometimes, it get sucks with draggy storyline or overacting casts but i still love them anyway. If KICK turned out to be one of those kind of Masala films, i did not mind at all considering Masala films could be pretty generic. Man, how i love when it turned out i was wrong. When this film released a few months ago, i was shocked seeing some of bollywood websites gave KICK a pretty much good review and rating. Honestly, i didnt expect much. Believe me, i love salman khan (he used to be my crush when i was 7 years old) but when it comes to act in Masala film, he’s pretty much himself —- Dabangg, Dabangg 2, or Bodyguard is just an example of his film whereby he would be swinging gun, throwing punches, beating bad guys and etc..etc.

Dhoom 3 + Krrish 3 = KICK
Dhoom 3 + Krrish 3 = KICK

I am not saying KICK is not masala-full action pack-hero centric film. It is 100% what i’ve described it in the previous sentence. I am saying it is better than Dhoom 3 (because i was expecting it to be good but it turned out to be just okay) and it is less disappointing than Krrish 3 (because Vivek and Kangana is the only saving grace in the film). Let me start with my criticism on this film: 1) Jacqueline Fernandez, You are super gorgeous but girl, just because your role is psychiatrist , then you need to wear a glasses? (it’s not her fault but cant you say something to whoever wrote this script? it is super clicheeeeeeeee) 2) The animation describing how devi lal is different from everybody is just super creepy and using laptop upside down is considered as one of his capability? Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Salman Khan as 'Devil Lal Singh' & 'Devil'
Salman Khan as ‘Devil Lal Singh’ & ‘Devil’

Just like Aamir Khan said in Koffee with Karan show, nobody cant deny that Salman Khan has star power. He has that ‘charismatic’ presence and people are attracted to his film. I am just stating the truth (just look at his record in rolling in the 100 carore,200 carore, yada-yada carore films) nowadays. He manipulated his star power by acting in this kind of films and roles. After watching KICK, i must say it works. His character in KICK, is someone who is compulsive and always up to any challenge to find the excitement in his life. He is a genius and somehow, ended up with no life purposes. It is his luck indeed to have a very supportive and understanding parents. He didnt work and constantly quit right after a few days as he said work makes him stifle. He then met a heroine, Dr Shaina Mehra. They fell in love. Blah..Blah (Bollywood cliche’) and when they try to get serious (getting married etc..) , their relationship ended. They failed to work out their differences and Devi Lal walked out of their relationship while Dr Shaina move to Poland with a broken heart.

Jacqueline Fernandez as 'Dr Shaina'
Jacqueline Fernandez as ‘Dr Shaina’

A year has passed and Dr Shaina’s father wanted her to get married. He asked Dr. Shaina to fetch Himanshu from the airport hoping that something will occur between them. He wanted Himanshu to be his son in law and her daughter can find happiness again (why father always find that marriage is the only thing that can make her daughter happy, i also cant understand it? — I rather get an IPAD not a husband. bleghhhh). Along the way, Himanshu and Dr Shaina talked about each other which led to the topic of the person their obsessed with? Dont ask me how they get to the topic, they just did. Dr Shaina pretty be frank to himanshu and telling him about someone she used to love which is Devi while Himanshu told her the frustration of failing to catch a smart criminal name ‘devil’.

Randeep Hooda as 'Himanshu'
Randeep Hooda as ‘Himanshu’

Himansu is portrayed by Randeep Hooda in this film. We all know how brilliance he is in the ‘Highway’. He managed to carry the role as police officer without overdoing it. He kept calm and cool whenever any problem occurred cause by ‘devil’. We may think that he will be overshadowed by Sallu Bhai but it didnt happen. In fact, Himanshu role brought a balance in this  masala action film. He didnt annoy us with his appearance in the film unlike (Abishek and uday in Dhoom 3). He brought an A-game to challenge Devil back and he didnt back down from any setback that happened. To credit Salman solely on the success of KICK film is unfair considering Randeep is pretty much one of the backbones in the film.

Nawazzidin Siddiqui as 'Shiv Ghajra'
Nawazzidin Siddiqui as ‘Shiv Ghajra’

Nawazzudin Sidiqui is a villain in KICK 3. Oh please, that man can freaking ACT with his eyes shut. I dont do any commentary on his acting considering his performance is lauded from critics both local and international on gangs of wasseypur 2, Lunchbox, Bombay Talkies and the list went on and on. He portrayed the role of a minister’s nephew who is a do-gooder and a savior especially in the medical field. He was praised by the media for his charity and good work. However, behind the mask of do gooder, is a vicious, corrupt and abusive man. He’s doing all the charity for the sake of money. The scenes where Nawazuddin in the film is too little but hey, he did his best in all of it. With a creepy laugh and being snarky to his own people, he brought his own rule in the villain role he played.

Jumme Ki Raat Shot - Jacqueline Fernandez & Salman Khan
Jumme Ki Raat Shot – Jacqueline Fernandez & Salman Khan

Before i forget to mention it, i really love all the songs in this film. ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ and ‘Hangover’ is a very addictive songs. Dont forget to watch Jacqueline Fernandez solo dance shot in ‘Jumme Ki Raat’. Damn, it is freaking hot. Another song in this film is ‘Yaar Na Miley’ whereby Nargis Fakhri dancing in it also suits my taste (though i felt so annoyed with yo yo honey singh voice in the song). FYI, Salman Khan lend his voice in ‘Hangover’ song. Overall, i ended up giving KICK 4 stars as i think this film deserved it. Yes, the actress could act a little bit better, the script could be improved but what blew my mind is the purpose of DEVIL in doing all the robberies. It is not for himself but for the sake of unfortunate childs around him. In short, It is like Robin Hood version Masala Bollywood with a vengeance and a little bit of ‘Kick’ in it. If you’re looking for action, romance & masala-flavor in bollywood film, this is the right choice to start with.

[Bollywood Movie Review] – I AM (2010)

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

I Am (2011)
My Rating: 4/5

I was expecting more actually from this film because I’ve been searching for English subtitle like forever. I can’t find one until now. Luckily, I found Indonesian subtitle and since our language is not that different, I stopped searching for it. By expecting more, I didn’t say this film is not good, it’s just less impactful. I was hoping it to be longer so that you can understand the story in many angles and the attachment of character’s emotion could be felt. It did affects you but later, you kind of moving on from the story (except story number 2 and 3, it will haunt me). However, this film received a tremendous amount of awards in India and even overseas. There is also a high amount of overseas screening in the film festival. There are 4 stories in the film but for me the story number 2 and 3 is my favorite. The way Manisha Koirala portrayed Rubina is so flawless. Juhi Chawla as Megha also proved to be not disappointing as well. This film also had its own attraction due the budget itself. Onir (the director) raised the production credit and asked people to donate via Twitter and Facebook to ensure the film got released. People sent their contributions and actors like Juhi Chawla and Manisha Koirala didn’t draw any salary from the film.

I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_001344120

I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_001371400
Nandita Das as ‘Afiya’

I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_001372840         I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_001697440

 I AM (2011) assembled 4 stories and 4 main characters that does not directly involve with each other but you can see their relation as a friend, client or old mate. The first story is about Afiya. She’s a strong and Independent woman and having her own career but she’s in the battle over her feeling to have a child or not. After finding out about her husband’s infidelity, they filed for divorce and Afiya’s plan to have a child seems impossible. She consulted with her friend, Megha on her plan to use sperm donor to get pregnant. Megha felt it was a bad idea and asking Afiya to hold and wait for the right guy to come. Ignoring all the objections, Afiya went on to a clinic to do a procedure. After the procedure, the video footage showing Afiya let go her problems and truly happy with her decision to do it.

I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_001758040
Manisha Koirala as ‘Rubina’
I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_002484840
Juhi Chawla as ‘Megha’

I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_003176880

The following story is about Megha, Afiya’s friend. She’s originally from Kashmir and her family was forced to flee to Delhi when there is a terrorist attack there. After 20 years living in Delhi, she returned to Kashmir half-heartedly with the intention only to sell her house there. Megha already proved that she’s no longer attached to Kashmir prior of her ability to speak Kashmiri no more and could not bear to stay there for more than 1 day. Rubina, Megha’s childhood friend was excited to show her around but got dejected by Megha’s indifferences towards her. Later in the story, Megha revealed her anger to Rubina that she was forced to flee home but Rubina never had to do so. She also feel infuriated when one of the tourist drivers said that all the pandit’s family ran away from Kashmir and has been labeled as a coward. She told him they are not in fact running away because Kashmir has been always their land. She also told him that they were forced to flee. Rubina felt offended by Megha’s statement and told her that she’s also not happy living in Kashmir. The situation already changed and there is no longer peace in it. There are only armies patrolling around and checkpoints that surrounded them. The tense arises and Rubina dismissed herself. Megha is left behind to ponder her friend’s feeling. This story is based on Sanjay Suri’s past in the Kashmir. Sanjay Suri is also one of the actors in this film.

I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_003490680

I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_003915600

I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_003919240

I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_004335280

I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_004339280
Anurag Kashyap as ‘Abhimanyu’s step father’
I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_004732480
Sanjay Suri as ‘Abhimanyu’

The third story is about a young successful guy named Abhimanyu. He worked actively in film industry and specializing in documentary film actively. Abhimanyu faced confusion over his sexuality while growing because of his dark past involving his step father. He has been molested and sexually abused by his step father in the very young age. He then used it against his step father to ask him to buy and give him whatever he wanted. He figured it was wrong but no one was there to help him, not even his mother. He grew up in the environment of always having an intimate relationship with his step father while his mother is not around. When he’s finally having had enough, he moved out from the house and tried so hard to avoid from meeting his family. He called his mother but rarely wanted to meet them directly. One day, his mother called and asking him to return for his step father has been sick. His step father asked for him and wanted to meet him before he passed away. Abhimanyu can’t hold his feeling anymore and he confided everything to his best friend about his past. His friend promised to accompany him to his home. He is too late and the funeral already ended. On the final scene of the third story, Abhimanyu confronted her mother about his dark past with his step father. He asked her whether she already knew and pretended not to know it or she really didn’t know about it. Her mother refused to listen and broke into tears when Abhimanyu asked her mother to call him when she is ready to know the truth. This story is inspired from the past of Harish Iyer, One of the prominent activists in LGBT and equal rights in India.

I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_005264640

I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_005504520
Rahul Bose as ‘Jai’
I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_005508920
Arjun Mathur as ‘Omar’

I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_005607400

I Am (2011) - DVDRip - Team MJY - MovieJockey .avi_005950320

Last but not least, the fourth story is about Gay Rights in India. It was a simple story actually which has been complicated due to the same sex relationship. If it was Omar and Jaya, then the whole thing would not have happened. However since this is a story about Omar and Jai, the whole romantic date/one night stand turned disastrous. Jai and Omar met at a café around 7-8pm. They are totally stranger with seats not so far from each other. Jai then flirted with Omar and the next thing I see; they are having a dinner together. Jain then took Omar home but they stopped at a shady and away from people to have some ‘action’ together. They then were forced to exit from the car by the police officer who was in charge to patrol in that area. He wanted to bring Jai and Omar to the police but Jai refused since it will tarnish his name and reputation. The police officer then demanded Jai to pay him 100000 rupees as a bribe. When Jai only managed to pay 75000 rupees, the police officer took Omar into custody. Later when Jai went to Police station with his lawyer, he found out Omar was never there. He even pointed out the police officer that had taken the bribe from him but the police officer said he never met Jai before. That’s when Jai found out that Omar sets up the whole plot to extort money from him. In the final event, Jai managed to track Omar and confronted him. Omar promised to return his money back but Jai said it is not about money, it is about himself. He lost himself that night and felt so humiliated by it (Jai was forced to give the Police officer a blowjob when Omar went to ATM to withdraw his money). This story is retrieved from research material in the Online Portal Gay Bombay.

Overall, this film could receive more attention in the India Cinema (but from what I read, it failed to reach box office). Well, it is a bummer but it doesn’t surprise me at all. Most of them felt serious and realistic film like this only restricted to certain audience and not all of the cinema goers like to watch this kind of film.  If you want to watch it, please watch it for the messages and issues that they try to bring out and get cross in the film. You will be surprised that there are things you feel it wont happen but it did actually.


by Ruby Gege n1pb3n



Now, Queen, where did you come from? Appearing on the news online without a warning and stealing hearts of many viewers. The film inspired us, touched us as it made us smile, laugh and cry at the same time at the journey of self-discovery of its main character, Rani (literally translated to Queen).

The film is divided into three main stages and I shall review based on this stages.

1st Stage – Rani, the Rajouri Delhi Girl

Queen-2014The film opened with the introduction to its heroine, Rani. Rani was a simple girl whose life goal is to spend the rest of her life with her fiance and nothing else. She was pretty much a submissive girl – submissive to her wealthy loving family, submissive to her friends and submissive to her boyfriend. She had no other dreams but to get married and her fashion sense was comparable to that of a grandma.

For Rani, she was living the perfect life she had always wished for.

Until her fiance broke off the engagement and dumped her just like that, two days before their supposed wedding.

Rani’s glass castle was shattered. Her dreams, ruined. She had nothing else.

REVIEW – I am so surprised to see Kangana pulled off the village-girl-in-a-city act so confidently. Mind you, Kangana is a super hot urban woman, rugged and rebellious.  There was vulnerable in her eyes, delicacy in her body gestures and overall simplicity to her performance that made Rani such a heartfelt character.

2nd Stage – Our Rani in Paris, Carefully Walking out of Her Shell

Rani’s sadness propelled her to materialize her dream to visit her dream city, Paris. She was supposed to visit the city and Amsterdam anyway for her already-paid honeymoon. The prospect of spending the honeymoon by herself depressed her but it did not deter her spirit to experience something new… to try leaving the sadness behind. By now, Rani’s confidence was low. The man she had loved threw her away just like that.

queen movie stills 2014Paris was a strange city to navigate but Rani embraced all of its weirdness with a brave yet intrigued soul. She made a friend out of the hotel staff, the mega hot Vijaylaxmi, who was there for her when she was alone. Rani slowly found the joy of life she had been missing and acquired the increasing taste of independence and freedom of her mind – either in wearing clothes she couldn’t wear before or dancing crazily in a club, an act her former fiance had always disapproved of.

queen-danceREVIEW – What I love most about Rani’s Paris adventure is that notwithstanding the fact that she enjoyed the city and the new things she discovered, she remained the sweet polite Indian girl that she was. She accepted the differences in the most broad-minded of ways. How can we possibly achieve happiness if everyone is the same? Rani learned her lessons to SEEK FOR HER OWN HAPPINESS and most importantly, TO BE HERSELF. Instead of letting people define her, Rani sought for her own definition.


3rd Stage – Rani, leader of the Gang of Amsterdam

foreign-actors-in-queenThe most fun part of the film is this one!! After some soul-searching in Paris, Rani continued her travel to Amsterdam, his former’s fiance favourite city. Vijaylaxmi, her new best friend accidentally booked her a room in a hostel, meaning she had to share a room with 3 super cute guys (Oleksander, Tim and Taka). I do suspect Vijaylaxmi did that on purpose! Hehehe. Rani, though very awkward and cautious around the cuties (since she was a girl travelling on her own and there were like… 3 of them in the room), she soon warmed up to them.

1381736_666298176741311_792477644_nWell, how could she not since they are literally the nicest and kindest men around?!! During Rani’s first night there, she took her pillow and blanket and slept on a bench outside. The three guys decided to sleep outside and ask Rani to sleep in the room instead. Within days, they became the best of friends and Rani let her guard down to them, opening them to her heart. At the same time, Rani also met a chef whom she crushed on, even kissing him!!

REVIEW – Rani, whose confidence was slowly built in Paris, had to amass courage in living with three guys she had never met before in a hostel. She did not chicken out. She stayed and she explored the city together with Oleksander (whom she affectionately called Sikander), Tim and Taka. She bonded emotionally most with the Japanese Taka, a cheerful guy from the outside but hid a great pain inside. He lost his whole family due to the tsunami. The scene where Rani hugged Taka whilst they were dancing in the room was so touching. And I cried so much watching the moment where the three guys were to leave Amsterdam – Taka hugged Rani and left, only to come back and hug her one more time!! It was sooooo sad!!!! What a strong friendship they share!!

Despite the fact that the fiance wanted her back (only after realizing that Rani is slowly transitioning to the modern fashionable woman he had always wanted), Rani rejected him. However, she did not harbour any hatred or vengeance towards him. Instead, she hugged her ex-fiance with gratitude. “Thank you,” she said to him, for if it was not for his cowardice and stupidity, she would not have found her freedom, her independence and finally, herself.

queen-503QUEEN is a beautiful film from every aspect. Kangana is amazing. Vijaylaxmi, Oleksander, Tim and Taka are amazing. Every characters, including Rani’s ultra-supportive family, are amazing. It delivers the message of love, friendship, freedom, the discovery to one’s self and appreciation of live so effectively in mere 2 and half hours. It did an amazing job, leaving us with a truly sweet and wonderful aftertaste.

Always remember – be yourself, be happy, be free…. and be a Queen!!