R.I.P Detective Barry Frost – Overview of Rizzoli and Isles

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating: 4/5
My Rating: 4/5

I’ve discovered Rizzoli and Isles 2 years ago and has been a fan since then. Yes, it is an underrated show considering some of my friend’s reaction who never even heard of the show. It didnt affect my commitment to keep watching the show though. What i love about the show is the main character are both independent, smart and down-to-earth women. They (Detective Rizzoli and Medical Examiner, Dr. Maura Isles) hit it off their chemistry very well as a good colleague who constantly helped each other out to solve many homicide cases in Boston Police Department Unit. They are a good colleague first before the relationship grew  and progressed as best friends to each other. The clash of personality between them is what makes the show entertaining and enjoyable. Detective rizzoli is a top recruit for homicide unit, have a strong headed attitude and a personality of ‘I dont care as long as it work’. She have a family where every single one of them is a bit dysfunctional. She might sometimes appeared very annoyed with their presence but deep down she loves each one of them. Detective Rizzoli has its own romance but she didnt pursue it. She felt that she loves her career more. She couldnt bear the idea of leaving homicide department for good to be with somebody. For her, that’s not the right choice if she did it. Yeah, she was devastated for not going with him but she will not be happy if she follow him there.

Dr. Maura Isles and Detective Jane Rizzoli
Dr. Maura Isles and Detective Jane Rizzoli

Dr Maura Isles is everything opposite of Detective Rizzoli’s persona. If Rizzoli prefers silence, Dr Isles wants to have a conversation. If Rizzoli wants to break a rule, Dr Isles will be there to forbid her (or at least, ask Rizzoli to consider other option). They check each other balance and kept each other out of trouble. Unlike Rizzoli’s clear family background, Dr. Maura Isles came from a very stiff and less affectionate family. Her adopted parents raised her well but she never felt the love and warmth of parents let alone siblings. When she met Rizzoli’s family, she immediately felt like she’s home. Dr. Isles is a brainy one and kept talking about trivia and facts whenever people approached her with any topics. If people didnt know her well, they would assumed she’s a bit of show off. Even their fashion sense is against each other taste, Maura enjoyed dress up fancily while Rizzoli (if it is allowed) she might appear to Boston Police department with her pajama. When Dr. Maura Isles discovered her real parents identity, she just could not accept it. Luckily, Rizzoli was there to console and advise her on what needs to be done. Both characters have their ups and down but it didnt affect them in their work and profession. It is a crime-thriller series but it combined all of other values. It is not entirely CSI (but more like family-friend in the background story, Homicide department as the center of their work and a bit of cases they solved in each episode). The show is inspired from the novels written by Tess Gerritsen. It may not be famous but it has constant viewer due to the steady rating of the show.


Why i like this show? Because majority of the show i’ve seen, the main character is portrayed by a man, or best friends (both are men), or a straight-heterosexual couple that will centralized on the male partner. Not that i have anything against men but when i see this kind of show which centered female character, i just wanted to keep watching. Since the show is good enough for me, i committed myself to watch it every season. Deep down inside i wanted Rizzoli and Isles becomes more than a best friend and involved in romantic relationship. I know it’s not going to happen but God,  if it did happen, it would be a dream come true. However, In the early season, Rizzoli and Isles always rejected guys who they did not want to date by faking themselves as a lesbian couple. It was really cute and super hot in the same time. Rizzoli had a stable relationship with a soldier named casey before they broke it off due to the long distance relationship and neither one of them ready to give up their career. Isles on the other hands loved to mingle with those who are interested in her and if she finds it it will not working out accordingly, she walks out of it with no strings attached.

Lee Thompson Young as ‘Detective Barry Frost’
Detective Barry Frost is one of the closest friend to Detective Rizzoli
Detective Barry Frost is one of the closest friend Detective Rizzoli ever had.

However, Everything changes when the actor who portrayed Detective Barry Frost committed suicide before the production started  their shooting for season 5. Lee Thompson Young found dead in his apartment and suicide has been confirmed by the authority as a reason for his death. I had no idea at first but when i watched season 5, the absent of Detective Barry Frost in the unit is stated as he was taking a vacation at that time. It all change when they make a character of Detective Barry Frost died in the accident. It was so sudden that i myself could not brain it. Without his character, the whole works of homicide might seems too procedural and stiff. His habit of bickering with his fellow officer,Frankie and his constant teasing of Sargeant Korsak old school style is how the show spun off their humorous side. His habit of throwing up in any dustbin near the homicide area is also one of things that i would miss from him. Despite being a good detective, he possessed a low tolerant of a gory and bloody crime scenes .Anyway,that’s when i looked up to find the explanation of this show creator on why they killed off his character. ……..and that’s how i found about his death. As i (an avid viewer) find it difficult to cope with the character ended up dead all of sudden, I am sure the other casts finds it more difficult to cope with the loss of their fellow actors. Episode 2 of Season 5 paid a tribute to Detective Barry Frost by Detective Rizzoli ending her eulogy in Frost funeral describing Frost as a good friend, a great detective and a loving son.

There is rumor saying that new character will appear in the upcoming of Rizzoli and Isles episodes in season 5. He may not replace Detective Frost’s spot but lets hope he can fill the gap that Frost left behind in the show.

DESPERATE LOVE / Qīngchéng jué liàn / 倾城绝恋 – The Blurred Lines Between Love, Imprisonment and Marriage

ddc396e9fd568728fbdcf353bc80561351ee6215650d29c6cfadf99b74b3264cby Ruby Gege


RATING – 3/5 (Good Durian… Thought it’s philosophically bad, it’s still good…)

There is so many things I want to write about this drama. Generally, it is a good melodramatic drama. Wait, change that to super over-dramatic because I think there’s always someone evil creating new evil conflicts in each episodes. But then, rather than the evil characters themselves, the reason why I love and hate this drama at the same time are the misgivings I have about it. The drama touches on a wide variety of women issues such as freedom, marriage and societal expectations on virtue and purity that I think make the drama worth discussing here.

Standing up to its title, Desperate Love, this story REALLY is about a love so desperate between Princess Mei Li and Prince Jing Xuan, or whom Mei Li affectionately addressed as Jing Xuan Gege.

Princess Mei Li

Our pre-evolution Mei Li is a bright and innocent princess of a Mongolian state, holding the title of a Gong Ju or a State Princess. Because of her outgoing and protocol-free personality, she was often ostracized by the members of the Imperial Harem. Gong Ju also signifies her to be of a lower rank than the Imperial Princess or Gege. Now I know the difference between Gong Ju and Gege! Nonetheless, she was the favourite of the Empress Dowager, who soon persuaded to bestow Mei Li the title of a Gege as well.

The title of Gege should have settled all of her problems with regards to her status. However, the sudden passing of her father made her an orphan, thus without any family and money to boast her reputation. Her only saving grace was the Empress Dowager’s love and attention towards her, which provided her with some importance in the eyes of other people. Other than that, due to all the problems she created due to her personality, she was not really favoured as anyone’s daughter-in-law and it can be said that all potential mother-in-laws with eligible bachelor sons avoided her like a disease.

Princess Mei Li and Prince Jing Xuan

Our pre-evolution Jing Xuan gege(which is also used to call someone an older brother) is the Emperor’s cousin and an important general in the empire. He was a super masculine man with a cold exterior, a manly man to the core. Which pretty much sums up everything about him. Mei Li loved and cherished him, and also looked up to him. Our Princess Mei Li and her Jing Xuan gege fell in love quite instantly, having a sweet romantic relationship.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not end well, particularly due to the fact that Jing Xuan gege had already been betrothed to another noble lady, Su Ying. Since betrothal was a serious family business back in the day, Jing Xuan somehow did not have a choice but to marry her. After a great deal of misunderstanding and conflicts, Jing Xuan and Mei Li eventually broke up.

Mei Li, after an accident where she unintentionally killed her foster sister, transformed from a bright girl to a depressed super sad melancholic woman. She was traumatized by the event, always blaming herself and somehow ended up punishing herself very severely. At first, I thought the grief would not last forever, but damn, it did. From that point onwards, our Mei Li gege turned to a weak and weaker person, becoming more and more helpless in controlling her destiny. She LITERALLY surrendered herself to fate, deeming herself unworthy of happiness.

Sometimes, I just want to shake her shoulders and shout “Live your life, woman!!”

Yong He, who was not even half as intense as our Jing Xuan gege….

Although Mei Li was heartbroken, she got over Jing Xuan gege after a while due to her best friend, Yong He, who had always been in love with her. She, too, was falling in love with him as well. Their relationship differed greatly from Mei Li’s previous experience. Unlike the macho dominant Jing Xuan, Yong He was a laid-back humble guy, who treated Mei Li as an equal. His love, therefore, seemed more sincere.

And thus, our Jing Xuan gege turned super obsessive and desperate…

Unfortunately, our Jing Xuan gege refused to let Mei Li go. He turned into an obsessive bastard and started bothering Mei Li, forcing her to return to him. Even though Mei Li had stated very clearly that she was in love with Yong He, Jing Xuan refused to believe it. The three of them reached a point of no return when Jing Xuan literally BLACKMAILED Mei Li to marry her, forcing her to leave Yong He.

It was interesting to note that Jing Xuan tried his best to break his engagement with his betrothed, Su Ying. However, since the betrothal was granted by an Imperial decree, he could not get out of it because it would signify that the Emperor’s words carried lesser value. He accepted the fact that he had to take Su Ying as his first wife and Mei Li, the love of his life, had to accept the rank of a second wife. However, he decided that he would hold the wedding ceremony with Mei Li first, as he wanted to spend his first wedding night with her.

Literally… the Blackmail Wedding of Mei Li and Jing Xuan

It was sweet in a very disturbing manner. I felt bad.

However, Jing Xuan really earned my hatred when he discovered that Mei Li did not bleed after their first night. From then on, he deemed Mei Li as an impure woman and was convinced that she had slept with Yong He before marrying him. Which really angers me. I mean – what the fuck were you thinking, Jing Xuan?!!! Who the fuck told you to force a woman to marry you? She CLEARLY refused you but you were so persistent anyway. Now, when she failed to exceed your expectations, you got mad??? Are you fucking serious? Can I just slap you in the face? Or anywhere that hurts? You said you loved Mei Li. You NEVER said you loved the virgin her!


But then, he was a man from the 18th or 19th century. What to do… Virginity of their brides meant the world to them. Haish….

Mei Li’s life turned from bad to worse after she married Jing Xuan. Stuck in a marriage where her husband had always the suspicion of her impurity, she gave birth to a premature child, whom Jing Xuan was convinced was not his but Yong He. Furthermore, Mei Li had to endure endless abuses from her mother-in-law and Su Ying, the first wife who was so bitter and jealous towards her as Jing Xuan clearly favoured Mei Li. See, polygamy never works people. Sharing a husband is not a fun thing!20130216133041d6b10

However, from a tormented husband, Jing Xuan evolved to a loving husband and father. Even though he thought Mei Li’s son was not his, he treated him like his own son (but Mei Li’s son was actually REALLY Jing Xuan’s). He cared for Mei Li more than his own life and over the years, they really had a beautiful loving marriage together, marred only by the stupidity and anger of his mother and his first wife.

The Happy Family
The Happy Family

As usual, our Mei Li was helpless. I am not sure what was wrong with her but there was definitely something wrong. When Jing Xuan was away or outstation, her mother-in-law and the first wife would beat her, scold her and treated her like garbage. What angers me is that she NEVER fought back. She did not stand up for herself. She did not say no. She did not try to find justice. Somehow, just because she was the second wife and held the most junior position of a lady in the house, she thought she deserved the abuses as well. Only when her child was treated badly that she begged her husband to interfere. 


So, how does the drama end? Are you guys wondering will Mei Li ever stand up for herself? Well, worry no more… Because guess what – she killed herself. In the end, she committed suicide when Jing Xuan was out of the city. Why? Because the rumours of her being an impure wife was widespread. The mother-in-law was going to kick her out of the house. For Mei Li, suicide was the only way to retain her honour. She killed herself to prove others wrong (for the love of God, I still don’t see the connection between virginity and suicide. No, sex and death don’t go together!!).

Jing Xuan blamed his mother and his first wife for Mei Li’s suicide and instructed that if he dies, he wanted to be buried next to Mei Li and his first wife’s burial plot shall be 300 miles away from them. It was a huge insult to the first wife, as the gravestone is considered the eternal home after death in Chinese culture. After a few years, Jing Xuan died a hero during a war and was re-united with Mei Li in the next life.


Now…. aside from the great dramatic feelings I gained from this drama, allow me to clarify this – I find no valuable lesson at ALL. I mean… what great lessons for improvement can one take from this drama? How can one be inspired? Indeed…. how can one possibly do that when the main characters are either weak, irrational or completely dependent the notion of love? Like… can’t you guys move on??!!! Not just Mei Li but everyone. The drama really lives up to its title, Desperate Love, as everybody seemed so desperate to love or be loved.

Mei Li was essentially a prisoner in this story. A prisoner of imperial culture, of obsessive lovers, of discrimination due to her Mongolian roots and second-wife status, of the marriage trap, of impurity rumours… so many things chaining her, at times I felt like jumping into my laptop screen and saving her. How can a heroine have ZERO individual improvements in a plot? How can the writer be so evil and heartless? How can you represent a heroine like this… or even the hero…. Where are the evolution from bad to good to better? Why did everything turn from bad to worse to very detestable?

Still, I really enjoyed the drama. Because it had all the dramatic elements that make a series so addictive. It could have been so much more, though. Mei Li in the beginning had so many potentials – outspoken, able and free. She could have been lifted up so high. But all I could see was her fall, which ended in her death.

Damn it, drama, why do I hate to love you so?

The Blacklist (2013) : TV SERIES REVIEW

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating: 4.5/5
My Rating: 4.5/5

Before any of you proceed to read this post, let me warn you that this may contain spoiler and my obsession to James Spader will somehow make you guys want to vomit. Anyway, I don’t care. This is my post. I can write whatever I want. This Ahjusshi (Korean word for ‘Uncle’) really turned me on. He may not have a hotness level like Mads Mikkelson but damn, his character got my attention in the blacklist. The way he portrayed his role (mhhhhmmmmm) is just so evil-ish sexy. I know I watched this drama series very late considering I am a TV series maniac but guys; I hate to wait every week for a new episode to release. When the pilot episode is released on september 2013, I made a decision to wait until season 1 is over. When  the last episode, episode 22 is released last week, I already set up my things for drama series marathon.  A cup of ice coffee and an instant noodle is suffice for me to do ‘The Blacklist’ Marathon. Not that kind of running marathon (please dont be confused with that), It is the back to back marathon of episode by episode and I only stopped when I felt sleepy, tired and hungry. Otherwise, I was hooked on my laptop screen. In ‘The Blacklist’, James Spader portrayed his role as ‘Raymond Reddington’ who recently surrendered to FBI as he already on the list as ‘The Most Wanted Fugitives’ in FBI. He was brought in and been put in the secured location known as ‘The Post Office’. Reddington or Red as people called him claimed that he shared the same interest with the FBI. They wanted to catch the criminal and he can assisted them  to do so. He reveled to the FBI that he has a list of criminals and terrorist names that FBI does not even knew they existed. He called it as ‘the blacklist’. However, in exchange of his information, he wanted an immunity from FBI and the channel of communication that he will using only through one rookie agent named Elizabeth Keen.

James Spader as 'Raymond Reddington'
James Spader as ‘Raymond Reddington’

I just finished the whole season yesterday and the feeling to to write my thoughts on the series is just exploding. First of all, the character of ‘Raymond Reddington’ is just awesome. Awesome maybe an understatement but well, if audience and critics love his character, you really cant deny the character’s awesomeness. He is vicious when he needs to be, he has a business-like mind and he does not associate with the concept of ‘good citizen’ or ‘loyal to the country’. For him, it is all about business. He takes good care of his people but when one of them deceived him, death will be their answer. He showed no mercy as he wanted to set example that nobody should never cross him ever. What I like about ‘Red’ is he’s being true to his character but he has his human being side. He knows he is a bad person but that does not necessarily mean he should kill people all the time. When there is a time he is being confronted to help people, he help them. I could say that almost all episode of the blacklist, the episode revolves around ‘Red’ and the rookie agent known as ‘Agent Keen’. He did what he saw necessarily fit to protect ‘Agent Keen’. I still cant figure out what are their relationship is; part of me said Red is Agent’s keen father (but when the last episode 22 is broadcast last week), i just stunted. I am not sure anymore.

Megan Boone as 'Agent Keen'
Megan Boone as ‘Agent Keen’

I don’t love ‘Agent Keen’ role but I also don’t hate it. My feeling floats in between. At first, I thought Red is sexually attracted to Agent keen. I mean, she’s hot and woman with a gun can be a major turn on to some guy. However, when the show proceeded, those feeling change to the affection of a father to a daughter. I wanted Agent Keen to be stronger, more focus and women with a drive and determination. It turned out that whenever any problem arises or she failed to find solution, she turned to Red for a help. I mean, come on, you are a trained agent, graduated on top of your class, you supposed to show your charismatic side and how you can handle the problem without asking for any assistance. I can’t believe I said this but Agent Keen should have more ego. It would be great if she can be deadly good as ‘Agent Annie’ in the ‘Covert Affair’ drama series or like ‘Nikita’ in the ‘Nikita’ Drama series. When she found out that her husband in not a school teacher but a spy, the perfect marriage that she thought she had crumbled. Actually, i felt sympathy towards her. I know she totally in love with his husband. The fact that his husband confessed that he is just doing his job and how he knew that she fell for him on their third date is just plain cruel. Part of me wanted Tom Keen confessed that he did love Agent Keen but that would be totally cliche. It didnt happen anyway. The rest of the blacklist casts like those who portrayed as agent Meera Malik, Aram or Ressler; I don’t have any problem with them. They did a good job being a supporting cast. Their role, on the other hand is suffice to say can sustain the story line.

Agent Ressler
Diego Klattenhoff as Agent Ressler
Agent Cooper
Harry Lannix as Director Cooper
Agent Meera
Parminder Nagra as Agent Meera
Agent Aram
Amir Arison as Agent Aram

There are some episodes that are memorable but there are also some which is just ‘mehhh’ and not really grab my focus when I am watching it. I will definitely remember episode 10 and 11 when a group of criminal succeeds to infiltrate the FBI facility and taken down the entire building with the agents in it. The whole scene still clear to me because to break into FBI building and managed to take the agents as captives, it will take an organized criminal gang with meticulous plan to do so. One particular scene still lingers in my mind is when Dembe and Red praying together in Arabic before they shoot him. That scene is so touching and it makes me cried. I already knew about the scene because Ruby told me. It would be awesome if I didn’t know about it and watch it myself. The other episode that I remember is ‘The Good Samaritan’. I have a thing with vigilante. I don’t know why but I think they are necessary tools to repair the system that sometimes couldn’t provide fairness and justice to the citizen. This episode showed a paramedic who randomly choose his hospital, subbing for staff and find the victims who have been abused by their husband/wife/parents. When he found one, he investigated the case and he will drugged and kidnapped the perpetrators of those domestic violence cases. He inflicted the similar pain and injury that they did to their wife, husband or children. If you hurt your child and he has a minor fracture, this Good Samaritan will do the same to you. It was like ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth’. Other episodes like ‘the stewmaker’  and ‘Ivan’ should not be skipped.

Tom Keen
Ryan Eggold as Tom Keen

Overall, this show is a ‘must watch’ series. With a fast paced plot, thrilling and enticing story and a great casts, you are not going to feel that your time is wasted. If you are hoping to see any sexual scenes in this series, let me tell you that there are none. I am a bit disappointed actually to find out that almost to zero of any bed or sex scene between agent keen and her husband but the writers of the series do know more. Maybe they find it is not that important to include any. On the other hands, there are some eye candies featured in the series. You can check out Agent Keen’s Husband, Tom Keen (in my opinion, he is so cute) until I found out later that he was a spy. Suddenly, I find him so hot and fuckable (Oh My!). Agent Ressler and Aram is good looking too but they are just not my type. Anyway, I am looking forward to ‘The Blacklist’ season 2. I hope that there is no change of writers for season 2 since I felt comfortable with their writing style. It’s not too drag-ish and you can fathom the rationality why such incidents or events occurred.


Last but not least, I found one episode where James Spader said my name. I know some of you might have a very common name and you just dont give a fuck when you find out that there is character in tv series that used similar name with yours. It’s totally different thing with me. Having an arabic name means there is no chance that my name will appear in any TV SERIES (Until ‘The Blacklist’). I even screen captured the scene. Don’t be Jealous. Miahhahahahha.

[DRAMA REVIEW] My Husband Got A Family (You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly)

BY : Maertai Fatma (too obsessed with BBJX)

Ratings: 4.5/5

This was a 2012 drama, so I was 2 years too late. During its airing, it enjoyed a massive high ratings and stand on the top of the drama rankings for 25 consecutive weeks! After reading so much praise and favourable views from drama lovers I decided to give it a watch. The plot was far from being too insane and mundane instead it filled me with laughs and enthralled my heart with the cutest love stories from all the siblings. Gosh I feel so good after watching this!

I got to warn those who wishes to marathon this drama to spend at least 4 days  since there are 58 episodes in total but I promise you every second spent is worth it. Though I have to admit I did fast forward some scene because  I don’t feel the need to go through ’em.

Cha Yoon-Hee (Kim Nam Joo) is living a perfect life. A steady career, a loving husband and no in-laws. Well in Korean society being the daughter in law will consume your life as your in-laws would literally take over your life and truth to be told its nothing less than being enslaved to your husband family. Her friends envied her for being so free and she enjoyed gloating on her fortune of marrying a man and a man only.

And the man she marries, Terry Kang (Yoo Jun-sang) is a doctor graduated from John Hopkins and the husband that every women would die to have. He’s kind, romantic, love putting up events for her, can cook, good looking, considerate, oh my god the dimples *dies*, etc etc etc. I WANT TO HAVE A HUSBAND LIKE THIS.

But what is a drama without a cruel twist of fate? It turns out that Terry Kang isn’t an orphan as his real family was living right next door! And his real name is Bang Gwi Nam which means “fart” in Korean. Yoon-Hee’s husband just got himself a family! Her ideal life comes to an end and the nightmare begins. Hello in-laws!

The casts are celebrating their 50% ratings (this is just a guess LOL)

Heart warming and beautiful. That is my exact description of this story. Along the way I cried but most of the time I was feeling happy and amused by the antics of the family.

It is worth a watch!

[DRAMA REVIEW] <3 Emergency Couple <3


Rating : A Sweet 4/5 stars… 

This 20-episodes drama has ended a couple weeks back but it would not leave me. How I miss my weekends waiting for new episodes to come out and when they finally out I’ll be all giddy and have my snacks and drinks ready for another enjoyable ride and entertaining story of a divorced couple rekindling their romance amidst of the hectic ER.

The premise revolves around broken marriage/bitter relationship between the leads which draws me into watching this drama.Especially when this drama is the follow-up of the ever successful Reply 1994, making the expectation so much higher .It’s a romantic comedy but like all k-drama I’ve watched for the past years, it would not be a complete set without a few depressing episodes that dry your tear ducts and emptied a box of tissue just to wipe my snorts.

Let’s do a quick recap shall we?

When your family disapproves your relationships, what do you do?


and run in the middle of busy streets to have everyone taking pictures of you in your wedding dress.

After a year of marriage…

Due to unstable income and continuous pressure from the families, they succumbed to stress and pressure hence ended their marriage…. 

But it seemed like their path crosses once again… as interns in the same hospital.

The hate still lingers…

but somehow the love never left

 and the lovers accepted each other as they are…

 and when they woke up the next morning…


In short, this is a cute drama. The kind that makes your endorphin gushing out throughout your system.

Here are the pictures & gifs of my picks of favourite moments in the drama..

 Oh Jin Hee woke up beside Chief Gook because Oh Chang Min left her in the male on call room after she     ended up drunk.. Hilarious  (credit to owner)

 The most sensual CPR ever

click this——->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LabdGEBgSg


 Mission: Seduce Oh Chang Min (credit to MissMongji@tumblr)



and teasing Oh Chang Min with the sexy night dress.. LOL (credit to owners)



Oh Chang Min’s cute parade (credit to owners)




 The boob poke.. aiyoo so naughty (credit to owner)

 The back hugs..Feelssss (credit to owners)


The Cameos

Gary of Leesang (also her Monday Boyfriend)

(credit to owner)

Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls (credit to gianthelove@tumblr)





This is Choi Jin Hyuk’s first lead role. *seal clap*

I’ve grown tired from watching him sitting on the sidelines instead of gracing the stage as the lead man. He was amazing in Gu Family Book playing the tormented supernatural being who fathered Lee Seung Gi—- like a legit-demonic-sexy -not aging- charming-charismatic lover boy that have lead man qualities all over his gorgeous self.

The Heirs was a huge disappointment to me because his character only have a little exposure and development that shadowed his charms. Or maybe I just hated the story. Well to be frank The Heirs is not my cup of tea. Not even Lee Minho could make me love it.

Plus, his character in this drama is different from his previous project. Acting alongside Song Jihyo, I have faith that both of em makes a good pair. And my intuition proven to be correct,they were picture perfect and leave a tasteful aftertaste.

So I wanna end my post with this:-