KIL (2013) – Local (Malaysian) Film Review

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu (This would be my shortest review ever as i dont have much to say about it).

My Rating: 3/5

I don’t always watch local film but when I do, it always tainted by a bad script and mediocre actors. Remember when I said that I like bollywood films (though it is overdose with illogical action stunts and sometimes with lengthy unnecessary story line) than my own local films? It is all because of our local films usually end products of bad script and mediocre actors. I am going to be brutally honest, I did watch some of local films back then, and there are certain films that I like. Some of the local films that I like are Songlap, Tanda Putera, Puteri Gunung ledang, Merong Mahawangsa, Sekali lagi, Bohsia: Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam (shaheizy sam and salina saibi are among good actors in malaysia) and some of old stuffs back in P.Ramlee time. All of them are not so bad but to be considered as good film entirely, ehhh… I don’t know.

How to redeem KIL in my review? I am not planning to be a bitch saying I don’t like it, and don’t tell why. Fortunately, there is something that I like in this film. On that remark, I will start with a good points. First, the idea is totally abnormal (not in a bad way but in a good way). The film begins with the story of suicidal boy, a girl he met a few days after he decided to end his life and his involvement with some sort of agency that assists in staging the suicide. I don’t get that from my own film industry. They always produced a recycled love story over and over again. Film like this gives me a similar feeling back then when I watched Songlap (2011). There is my first point, why I don’t hate this film. It was because of a very peculiar idea and story in the film.

Akil & Zara
Akil & Zara

Second, there is no cheesy love line or the first at love sight moment that I usually encounter when watching local film. It is just the 2 strangers; Akil and Zara live in the same building somewhere at Kuala Lumpur. They ended up bumping into each other at KTM and Elevator. Zara suspected Akil of stalking her and apologized to him as it turned to be a misundersatnding because they live in the same building. They became friends and enjoyed each other company. It is simple and it doesn’t always have to be love to tied main characters in the story. The third point is this film marking a debut of new director, Nik Amir Mustapha. He got gut and vision. He doesn’t debut with overdose cheesy romantic film that I can’t stand of. He tried a very unconventional approach to make his debut. He succeeded though he got many things to improve in this film.

Why I don’t like it? Oh my god, the script was written by the director of this film. He is good in directing, I like the flow of the film but I despised the script. It was bad script. He should give someone much more expert to revise his script. The raw idea of the script should not be amended but it needs upgrading in some aspects. The other things that I don’t like are the main actors of the film, Redza Minhat and Christina Suzanne. The film could have been better if they are portrayed by some of the good actors (though I admit that we are so freaking lack of ) in Malaysia. They both can act, but failed to make me feel the emotions. I don’t know whether their mediocrity of acting or I am just some emotionless person.

This film somehow showed that our local film industry could breakthrough and continues their effort in producing unconventional films in the future. I lauded the good try by the director of this film.