When Priyanka Chopra Portrays Mary Kom – Bollywood Biopic Film Review


My Rating : 4/5 (because i felt so inspired after watching this film!)

” It listens to just its own self,
It’s related to immaturity,
It roars coming and going,
It calls days nights.
Looks into the eyes of the fate..
It goes and says in the ears of wind
that fate is small
You’re very stubborn
This heart is stubborn,
This heart is stubborn, is stubborn “.

I am sorry, Rani and Kangana but I think Priyanka deserved an award for best actress in this film. Priyanka proved her versatility in choosing many roles (that does not usually end up at the hero’s arm). Look at her in Barfi!, 7 Khoon Maaf and Fashion (where she earned her first National Film Award). She can deliver a brilliant performance as an Autistic girl and now, as a boxer. My God, she really is dont hold back at all. She keep coming to the big screen and deliver a mind blowing performance. First of all let me clarify to all the hater”s remarks saying Priyanka didn’t look like M.C Mary Kom at all. Yes, it is true but have you seen how a good film has been smeared by a very bad make up. I think it is a good decision that they opted out from using prosthetic eye lids on Priyanka Chopra. Second of all, Why priyanka? She might had a difficulty in her early career but look how far she has improving. Film after film, she earned numerous of nominations for her performance. If that’s not good enough, then i dont know what is.

I am glad they didnt do this.

For some of you who might not know (heck, i also knew this after i watched Chak de! India and this film), Mary Kom was born in Manipur. Most of people in Manipur look like Burmese/Vietnamese (correct me if I am wrong!). Manipur also remain one of the states in India with a series of militant insurgencies that occurred there. The situation there remain restless.  Mary Kom also told in her perspective on how people of Manipur also remain unrecognizable as India Citizen because of their skin color and eye features. Foreigner who never been in India had a hard time to recognize her as Indian. I am hoping to explore more about conflict in Manipur after watching this film but first, let’s talk about this biopic film. Priyanka told the press that the production team tried the approach of changing her face to resemble a bit like Mary Kom. However, they felt it might not work and due to that Priyanka is willing to change her body (to build a muscle exactly like her). She said that if her face cant be changed to look like MC Mary Kom, lets get her body resembled MC Mary Kom. Hey, guess what? She totally did. Her muscle is so ripped in the movie. In the beginning of the film, Mary kom is described as rebellious girl in the family. In term of tenacity, she has it all. She kicked her friend’s boyfriend because the boy beat her friend. She fought with a man twice her size to gain bit money for her brother.

Mary Kom & Her Coach

She finally realized she can achieve her dream when she stumbled upon the boxing gym. She asked the coach to help her being a good boxer but the coach Narjit Singh wanted her to earn the glove. She kept coming to the gym for 20 days without any teaching or class from the coach. She’s just waiting at the corner of the gym. Finally, the coach decided to teach her because of her persistence and dedication. She challenged herself day by day and finally it all works out. She made name for herself and became a world champion for three times. For me, it’s not only her hard work and stubbornness that contributed to her success, her family and her husband is also one of the factors why she is so fearless in chasing her dream. Her father who initially against her dream finally  supported her. There is one scene that i particularly remember when her father asked her to choose between her boxing glove or him? MC Mary Kom without any hesitation answered that she would choose her glove. Yes, it is very typical in Asian culture that parents always have a say in the future. To those who didnt have any parent’s objection regarding what you wanted to do in the future, consider yourself a lucky one.

Mary Kom & Her father

Her husband, Onler (before they got married, he was Mary Kom’s best friend) is a very sweet and supportive guy. He doesnt feel intimidated with Mary Kom. He cheered up for her in every game, being her rock when Mary Kom is being judge unfairly in the competition and even force her to continue her winning streak after she’s having a baby. In other words, he is and always remain her number one fan in the world. Did i tell you that the coach Narjit Singh refused to come to Mary Kom’s Wedding because he against the idea of her getting married? Their relationship grew weaker and Mary Kom didnt return to arena for 2 years in order to focus on her family. When people no longer recognized her as Mary Kom, she felt so sad and devastated. She felt so miserable but she doesnt know how to cope with it. Her husband asked her to get back into the boxing and making a comeback in the sport. She became a world champion again in 2008 and was hailed as ‘Magnificent Mary’.

Mary Kom and Her Husband

This is the right film to watch whenever you feel so distressed or in need of something to inspire you. The sound track of ‘Ziddi Dil’ really did justice to the whole film. I forgot how many times i push repeat button for that song but i am sure it’s alot. Maardani and Queen is a great film but with ‘Mary Kom’, it is far more superior film. You got the flavor of fighter and dreamer in a story line. If you didnt watch it, please do so.

The real Mary Kom and Her Husband attended one of the film screening.