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BROOKLYN NINE-NINE – Tales of Good Cops, Bad Cops, Stupid Cops, Smart Ass Cops But Mainly Funny Cops


RATING – 8/10

Brooklyn.Nine-Nine.S01E01Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the latest comedy series set in a police precint, pretty much just popped out of nowhere when it went on to win a Golden Globe. All of a sudden, it becomes the IT show of the year. Out of curiousity, I watched the show…. and am loving it so much.

It’s funny, it’s stupid, it’s ridiculous and very very entertaining. A lot of successful comedy shows are centered around the pathetic aspect of the characters’ setting or lives. Like the pathetic Raymond living a pathetic family life in Everybody Loves Raymond, the pathetic hopelessly romantic Ted in How I Met Your Mother, and the famously pathetic Leslie the politician in Parks and Recreation and many others. There are countless of pathetic characters on television to make your day feel brighter. Why the attraction? Because like them, we are pathetic people, too, but that doesn’t mean we have to whine all day and complain. Instead of doing that, we can be funny, too. HAHAHAHA *scratching my tummy*

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is about a detective squad in Brooklyn of the 99th Precinct. It consists of the highly experienced but emotionless Captain Holt overseeing a group of detectives with a variety of tendencies of being stupid, ignorant but surprisingly efficient at the same time. The summary of their roles is this –

urlCAPTAIN RAY HOLT – The fatherly encouraging captain with the same emotionless expression on his face

DETECTIVE TERRY JEFFORDS – The squad leader, a strong tough man with a soft heart who is afraid to go back in the field for fear of leaving his baby daughters orphaned.

DETECTIVE JAKE PERALTA – The best yet most immature and hopelessly childish young detective in the precinct

DETECTIVE CHARLES BOYLE – The short middle-aged newly-divorced detective who is deemed very hardworking by his peers. A self-proclaimed expert on food.

DETECTIVE AMY SANTIAGO – The overachiever, efficient, competitive and know-it-all detective.

DETECTIVE ROSA DIAZ – The tough fierce detective with not much facial expression. She likes violence. And violence. And nothing more. Finds human connection to be troublesome. Feared by her peers.

GINA – The clerk and Captain Holt’s personal assistant. A completely egoistical human being who sees herself as the best individual on earth. Completely vain and obsessed with herself.

ustv-brooklyn-nine-nine-series-1-3My favourite character is….. Captain Holt. Why? Because he’s funny without trying to be funny. He is pretty much a straightforward guy who has only one expression on his face the entire time.

“I am in great pain.” – poker face

“I am very happy” – poker face

“I am very angry.” – poker face

Due to his stiff exterior, he gives off this intimidating vibe that scares off his subordinates. The detectives suck up to him, always trying to obtain his approval though he has shown more than one occasion that he does not give a fuck about their kiss-assing and he is aware of their action. He is fatherly and encouraging to his less-than-competent detectives and believes in them despite their hopelessly foolish traits. He is particularly close to Detective Jake Peralta and Detective Amy Santiago, not because he wants to but because those two are the most obvious in their unashamed attempt of making the captain likes them.

Sure, I know he loves his detectives but he can’t show it. Or maybe he did with that poker face but we can’t tell anyway.

He is an openly gay man who has been married to his husband for quite some time. Ironically, he is the funny one in the relationship. I mean, how boring can his husband, Kevin be? Oh, I forgot, he’s a professor of language. Wait? So what? Hahahaha. Captain Holt married a man who is very similar to him, albeit a drier more unfriendly and elitist version of him. Our captain rarely smiles, never laughs and retain the same demeanor 99% in the show. But then, how can he be so fun to watch doing just that? Hahahaha.

ginas-floral-graphic-sweaterMy second favourite is our self-obsessed D-I-V-A, Gina. A civilian administrative staff, she is often looked down upon by her detective friends. However, have no worries, our Gina has enough vain and self-pride in herself to even care about what people think. Gina comes out with the best funny lines in the show, surprising people with her exaggerated understanding of herself.

She loves herself and we love her confidence for believing in it! To put it in her own words…

“I feel like I’m the Paris of people.”

“My mother cried the day I was born because she knew she could never be better than me.”

If all of us have one-tenth of Gina’s love to herself and channel the love to our own selves, I can assure you no one would commit suicide ever again. But then, Gina is unique. I hate her but I love her. Hahahaha. Aside from shooting mean insensitive comments to the detectives in the precinct, she is also an aspiring dancer – who dances very very shit-ly to the max – in a group called Floorgasm. Yup, you heard it. We have that now – after foodgasm, now there’s floorgasm. During a training session with problematic youths, Gina performed her terrible dance moves to the song Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. She sucked but she so genuinely believed that she was a terrific dance that you would also be led to believe the same.

Yes, Gina, of course we believe in you. Why would we not? Aren’t you the fucking Paris of the people? By the way, what the fuck does the Paris of people even means? Hahahaa.

Brooklyn99Insider-Fumero-Amy Santiago blue houndstooth shirtI also like Amy, the overachieving detective who is always trying to prove that she’s the best of the bunch, creme de la creme when no one is actually expecting her to. Why? Because she craves the recognition and attention shamelessly. She wants the glory and fame of being a policeman and lives in constant yearning for Captain Holt’s approval. She’s annoying, she’s difficult but also the closest thing that can rival the childish snobbish Jake’s detective skills in the precinct.

Hahahaha. I’m enjoying the ride so much. Since the show is still ongoing in its first season, the funniness of the show is almost guaranteed. So, enjoy it while it’s still new because… let’s face it, most popular sitcoms lose their steam after season 4 or 5.