Earth to Echo (2014) – Movie Review

By the Gorgeous Palah Chingu


My Rating : 4/5

Watching ‘Earth to Echo’ really reminds me of my childhood, my best friends and a life that I wish I could have but couldn’t. It’s sad but that’s life. I just have to deal with it. Although rotten tomatoes and IMDB gave this movie a lower rating, I would say ‘watch it and you know how wrong they are’. The story revolves around Tuck, Alex and Munch. They are inseparable friends (kind of loser in school but they didn’t really care because they got each other). Their friendship about to be tested when their family had been asked to move away from their home due to the massive highway construction in the Mulberry Woods. All the residents has been asked to vacate the house and moved away. The story started with Tuck showing off his footage of the things he did with his friends. Some of it has been uploaded in the youtube while others he kept it secretly.  The story proceeded when he showed how he spent his last night together with Munch and Alex before they move to another place. It was like a paranormal except it’s about three kids who about to do the dumbest thing in their life but it turned out to be the best night of their life. Perhaps, it maybe will be one of the unforgettable memories for the rest of their life.

Earth to Echo HD Movie Captures00002

Munch, Tuck & Alex

The whole ‘adventure’ thing started when Alex discovered a weird symptom in his phone. It didn’t happen to him only, almost every single house that lived really close with Alex’s house experiencing the same problem. Alex invited Munch and Tuck to investigate this together. Due to the construction, most of the residents were convinced that’s the main cause for the whole disturbance of signal in the phone. Apparently, Munch didn’t think the same way. He discovered that the ‘barfing-like’ image is resembled some kind of map. Being a nerd kid among the three of them, he found that the disturbance caused by some echo in the map shown in the phone. They planned the whole night out to find out what’s in the map. All of them lied to their parents telling that they are going to sleepover at the each other house. It’s going to cause some confusion to the parents at the end of the story but let me get back to it later. They went there by bicycle and only to find some rectangle-shaped metal lying on the field.

                        Earth-to-Echo-still EarthToEchoPic

I mean, come on!! WHO doesnt want to help this adorable alien? :3

It was hilarious seeing Munch was so cold feet in the middle of the night. He was so scared of during the travel to the field in the middle of the night. Seeing the metal junk and felt it was worthless, they decided to take off until that particular metal junk making some noise. They were so scared for a few seconds until they discovered that it was friendly ‘alien’ who just wanted some help to build a spaceship so it can get back to where it belong.  Tuck was having a time of his life because he might get a highest rating via youtube if he decided to upload the video later. Munch is freaking out saying they should live as soon as possible while alex intrigued to help the alien. They argued and went with their heart by taking the alien back with them. It was hilarious and exhilarating in the same time. What happened to them is utterly adventurous journey in assisting their alien friend and showing completely disobedience towards authority. Secret government authority insisted them to return what they found in the site which is the alien but they refused particularly Alex. Alex is a adopted child and being abandoned by his own parents is something he could not forget. That’s why among three of them, Alex is more concerned with echo (the alien name) compared to others.

                    65521110-earth-to-echo-mov-jy-690- Earth-To-Echo-large

This is the story that will touch your feelings to the core. The story of how friendship will never ends regardless of how far you lived from your friends. Yes, you may feel lonely, incomplete and alone but remember, your best friends will feel the same way you do.  As for the ending, whether ‘Echo’ can go back to it’s home and whether they stayed together until the end, it is all up to you. Put this in your watch list, guys!



(this post is dedicated to all my friends that I love!)

It has been forever since my last post, approximately two months ago. Nevertheless, so many things have been happening to the lives of the three chinguz. Palah, Fatma and I were and are still in the process of discovering new things about ourselves, our lives and where we are actually heading. No answers. Transitions… transitions everywhere. 

Truth to be told, the three chinguz are experiencing a rare moment where all of us are in a state of unhappiness AT THE SAME TIME. Hahahaha. I know it sounds a little over-dramatic but that’s the fact. Still adapting to lives after university, the three of us are struggling to find who we want to be and how can we be who we want to be. What’s worst is that the three chinguz live so far away from each other – literally hundreds of kilometres away. I am in KL, Fatma in Bintulu and Palah in Taiping.

I am going to sound a bit sentimental now… but only after being separated physically from them for some time that I realize how void my life is without them. Friends are the best thing that has happened to my life. Family had disappointed me. Love has disappointed me. I have repeatedly disappointed myself. But friends… friends are my inspiration and motivation. (Am I having a PMS? Why am I sounding terribly corny? Hahahaha) Whilst they were still near me, I got to sit down with them and expressed my worldly problems for hours. I cured my loneliness with their companionship and patience with my impatience personality. Being so far away from each other, I am very VERY prone to calling my best friends a few times EVERYDAY and my phone bill would skyrocketed. Nevertheless, I don’t mind. Because I know I won’t be able to survive life without the connection with people who understand me and have been with me for many years. 

Putting the photo here because I miss them like crazy!!
Putting the photo here because I miss them like crazy!!

What people say is indeed true – the university years are the best years of your life. That’s the place where we formed friends for life, our ideals, our happiness and identities. As we are trying to achieve our dreams, we realize that the roads to our dreams are marred with many great obstacles, miseries and challenges. 

What Fatma said is true. Hahaha. I do tend to write as if I’m writing a novel. I’ve missed this blog so much. I’ve missed writing so much. I’ve missed sitting down to read or watch a great film with a cup of coffee without any worries in my head. 

A summarization about what is currently happening to our lives (that have been making us quite miserable and keep questioning about our life choices) are as follows…

I’ve recently graduated my Master from a local university. To gain experience, I’ve started working in a legal firm as I believe that it would be very instrumental to my self development. As much as I hate to deny it, I am a spoiled upper middle class brat. All my life, I’ve never had to worry about money. I’ve been given a lot of freedom and luxury to live life the way I want to. Thus, to work in something I believe I would not enjoy to the fullest seems like a challenge I must accept. To prove to myself that I am not a spoiled kid all along. To prove to myself I can work hard. To prove to myself that I am capable of being professional. 

Do I hate it? Not really. Do I enjoy it? Not really. But everything is too early to be evaluated. Do I think I belong in the legal industry? Not really. Do I know where I should belong? Not really.

Most importantly, am I happy?

Absolutely not.

As I’ve started working two weeks ago, I’ve been struck with the realization that I have never been this confused with my life. I know what I love yet I feel as if there is no path as to where I should go. I told my good friend Natalia a few days ago that I felt as if I’ve stepped into the Amazon jungle without a compass. Like Scarlett Johannson’s character in the film Vicky Christina Barcelona, I know only what I don’t want… not what I want. Yet, turning back is too late now. With my family and my office mates starting to settle down with my presence in their life as a working woman, it seems that I have no choice but to move along with this new ‘role’. 

Palah, after earning her Master from USM, taught for a few months. Currently, she is working as an overworked administration officer in Taiping. Each time I call her, never once she said she enjoys her current job. But like other human beings in life, she needs money to survive. Whilst still looking for a teaching position, she is considering to start preparing her PhD proposal. However, opportunities come and go in the most unpredictable of manners. The last time I’ve called her (which was yesterday, haha. Yes, people, we call each other allllll the time), she told me she had been disillusioned with the notion of attending interviews – as one knows how tiring and troublesome it can be after her experiences of going to many of them.

From bright hopeful young people with many ideals, Palah and I have degressed into two persons whose dreams seem to be more distanced than ever. Our spirits are down, every single day, as we try to march along doing something we know we HAVE to do, yet have no passion of doing.

Fatma, our chingu over the sea, has been working for a law firm as well for over a year. She had planned to practice. However, a few months ago, she informed us that she had actually lost passion in law, a sentiment I can understand. Both Fatma and I – though we enjoyed studying law very much – know very well that the legal profession will not make us happy. Fatma wants to try the creative field – possibly studying drama and theatre. She’s a highly creative and passionate person and I know if only she has the opportunity, so many great stories can burst out of her head. Yet, like me and Palah, she is also trapped in the circumstances she was in.  To leave Bintulu and fly to Kuala Lumpur and achieve her dreams would require a lot of money, something we are still struggling with. There is also the question of practicality and security. 

The three chinguz… though I can declare with conviction that our spirits are free… but our selves are not. We are used to comfort… used to the presence of an approved clarity in our life… used to being accepted and having somewhere to belong… We dream big yet are too scared to sacrifice everything to achieve them.

Ouh, this post is getting wayyyyyyy to sentimental…. 

I think I better stop now before things get too emotional!

Great things remain, though. Our friendship remain strong, as strong as it has always been. Only when life disappoints me that I realize how much I need friendships in my life. Now, I am more excited to come back to this blog and promise myself to start writing more!!! Despite the confusions and our colourless lives, I have to say we are not the only ones. So many people out there are in the same situations like us.

We are young. We are independent. No one get to dictate what we should do. Mistakes are meant to be made. Miseries are meant to be experienced. Disappointments are meant to be there all along. Life is a journey. And the best is yet to happen.

And here’s to tomorrow! As Scarlett O’Hara said, “After all… tomorrow is another day!”

Photo taken in Penang, 2014. Credit to the friend I love so much, Atiqah Anas! How much beauty shall one seek in life…?