Missile fired at Malaysian plane (MH17)

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Another Sad Tragedy Befell upon Malaysia:

I am speechless. I knew this terrible news from one of my best friends. She informed me that another Malaysian Flight MH17 has been shot down in the border of Russia-Ukraine. All of the passengers and the flight crews has been confirmed dead due to no survivors detected right after the plane blasted in the air. This is indeed sad. It felt that we had been stabbed twice in the heart at the exact same spot metaphorically speaking. The plane was shot down 17 July. What an unfortunate coincidence to have my birthday (which supposed to be a happy day) but instead i cried while scrolling the news on  my laptop. 




The fact that 298 people died just like that struck me. That’s a human life are we talking about. How can you shot it and apologized for your mistakes later? Have you no shame? what if we did the same to you? How did you feel? A lot of families lost their loved ones in this calamity. The atrocity committed by those who’re involved in this is unspeakable and should not be tolerated at all. On the other hands,The death in Gaza has been rising day by day. Those freaking Zionists somehow didnt show any sign to stop their bloodthirsty action. Now, another innocent civilians has been killed just because the perpetrator(s) could not figure out which of the planes carrying harmless souls with the planes who’ve been suspected to any war activities. In Iraq, People have been killed in this freaking 6 months and the count rate has increases up to 5500 civilians. This killing has to STOP.

I dont want to point finger to anyone. Those who involved directly and indirectly hopefully will be punished for their crime. This misfortune incident is something We should care and know about. It might not occur to us but if it did, how will you feels? I am sure that you might feel angry, sad, depressed and all those emotions will be attached deeply in your heart. To the families who lost their loved ones in this unforgivable cataclysm of MH17, Please know that we are here for you. We will cry together with you. We might not felt the same pain inflicted on you but we would like to share the burden of it. This same goes to the all families around the world especially Gaza and Iraq who’s currently battling and fight for the right to live. We will not forget you. May God grants all of you His Protection.

To the non Muslim families in the tragedy of MH17, May your loved ones rest in peace and I wish i had the right words to say but just know that i am among people in this world that care.

To the Muslim families in the tragedy of MH17, “Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return”.

Germany Won Yet I felt Like I Am Losing…

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu * The opinions expressed in this post are strictly the author’s personal opinions.

Semi final - Brazil vs Germany


German’s victory against Brazil is something i should celebrate right now. My favorite team advanced themselves in the final and i myself waited 8 years long for this. Seeing Brazil defence gone loopy without their formidable captain, Thiago and star player, Neymar is unforgettable. 4 goals in 6 minutes is not something bound to happen especially it occurred in the first half of 30 minutes. CAN YOU IMAGINE IT? THE FIRST 5 GOALS just send Germany to play in much more precision and well-coordinated position. They are already secured their place in the Final Match of World cup, For god sake. Germany accidentally drove so many Brazillian fans cried last night. As a fan, I would like to thank Mueller, Klose, Kroos, Khedira and Schurrle for that 7 beautiful goals in that match.


The tension and crisis occurred in Middle-east especially Palestine and Iraq is something you cant dismissed and put it all aside like its nothing. The number of death is increasing and the political unrest is not showing any sign to cease. While we are celebrating and cheering for our team on TV or Laptop screens, People in certain areas are fighting for their life.

Is it depressing? it is depressing to see the fatalities and injuries of civilians there are rising. The World somehow turned into the blind eyes and ignored whatever happened there. What is more worst is reading the comments of how Palestinians always loved to play a victim whenever this kind of things happened. This is not a time to feel who played a victim or not, the human rights is on violation and we should unite in one voice on condemning this kind of inhumane action. The atrocities committed is too damn high. NO matter what religion you professed on, Killing innocent human beings is not something we should support. .

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Now, tell me how can i celebrate Germany’s winning when there are kids in Gaza cried beside their parent’s dead bodies, parents mourning over their children’s death, Husband claimed the deceased body as his wife and Wife told the authority that the disfigured dead body was her own husband. TELL ME.