ISHAQZAADE – 2012 Bollywood Film Review

Review by Ruby Chingu

RATING – 7/10

(It’s a good film, thoroughly enjoyable, very cute and passionate with a great soundtrack. A perfect Bollywood film. But the story did not haunt me. It was not really mind-blowing or left me with something to ponder at.)


Every now and then, I always enjoy a good Bollywood film. To say that the effects the films have on my childhood, growing years and now pre-adulthood are magical is an understatement. Because there’s always something more to these films than just the great songs, perfect choreography and sometimes illogical fairytale-like plots. They are great love stories. The passionate I-can’t-live–without-you ones. I don’t believe in such love but it’s great fun to watch people who do. They persuade me, sometimes, that this types of love can be appealing and worth dying for.

Ishaqzaade (Love Rebels) is one of those films. It took me a year of my best friend, Palah Chingu’s relentless persuasion to watch it. And when I finally did, I hated myself for not watching it earlier.

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The story revolves around Parma, a Hindu local gangster and Zoya, a Muslim college girl who had been enemies since they were children due to the fact that they belonged to rival political families. Zoya’s father is an MLA, or Member of Legislative Assembly. Gun violence in their lives were predominant. Parma and Zoya grew up to hate each other. Overtime, while campaigning for his grandfather and Zoya for her father, both found ways to love and did fall in love with each other.

Their love was the secretive, passionate kind. They had to sneak around town to meet each other and dated only at places where their family members wouldn’t be able to see them. They were different yet very much alike. He’s a rash kind of guy, unwanted by his grandfather who saw him and his widowed mother as a burden whereas she was a firebrand loudmouth of a girl – though loved and doted by her father – was sidelined from the family’s political venture because she was a girl and for them, girl holds the family honour. He made a mistake in cheating to her and it took her a long time to forgive him. However, their shared love for each other endured and they chose that over the hatred of their families who would rather see Parma and Zoya dead than dishonour them by being with each other.

Some may say the ending kinda sucks. For me, it does not. Because it’s not really a suicide for me. Parma killed Zoya, Zoya killed Parma – both out of their own requests. Rather than dying in the hands of their family members who were hunting them, they would rather end their own lives. They knew they were doing to die anyway. They wanted love to win. Did it win? Well, if you looked at it, it kind of did. If they killed each other, they did it out of love. If they were killed by their families, it would be out of hate.

The direction of this story is great. The cinematography, too. The plot, though seemed very cliche at first, somehow feels fresh. The film seems familiar yet gives off very different feeling. The strongest point of the fim? Both leads, our Parma and Zoya are very VERY CUTE together!! Both characters were always angry, intense and loud. Both had guns on their own accord. Both lacked manners. Both possessed no sense of rationality – once they wanted something, they go for it notwithstanding what other people think. That’s why they were made for each other. Coming from different background, they were so similar for each other.

And that’s what I find the most endearing part of the movies. Their families are, of course, important to them but it had nothing to do with their love. Once they came to realize that their families wouldn’t accept them, they did not give up. They were about to lose everything anyway. So, yeah.

Death does not seem as scary as it used to be next to the person you love.


What passion, yaar!