Presenting one of the best films I have ever seen in my life. Beware and be careful…. u might just pee in your pants coz this film is too fucking funny.

RATING: 10/10
The film is about 6 actors who were trapped in a house during the event of apocalypse. Jay, a comedian, came to LA to visit his friend, Seth Rogen. Mind you, all of the actors in this film played themselves – or perhaps the more exaggerated loud swear-loving ridiculous version of themselves.

1170481 - The End Of The World
Seth brought Jay to a party hosted by James Franco who had just moved in into this very boxy nice-looking mansion. There, they met all sorts of celebrities – Michael Cera’s cameo was the best. Apocalypse then happened and the remaining six who were still at the house protected themselves by locking themselves in and survived on whatever that was left in Franco’s house, which was not much.

The story doesn’t make any sense but that is not the point. The point is – I can’t, for the love of God, stop laughing while watching this movie, recommended highly by Palah Chingu. The first time I heard about it, I was like… duh, sound like a lame movie. Oh damn, I was soooo wrong!
The purpose of a film is to entertain you and hell, this film entertained the hell out of my poop!

The best part of this movie is about how much the actors made fun of the real life versions of themselves.  A paparazzi asked Seth Rogen why he kept playing the same character for his past 6 movies. James Franco – a PhD candidate in real life – is actually a super nerd who is just coincidentally blessed with good looks and acting chops. Jay never really changed as a grown-up.
It’s not about the story but how funny the characters are – each and everyone of them. The acting – if they were – were amazing, the ensemble cast made the film so enjoyable with their stupid bickering over Nutella and chocolate bar and plain water.
There is a lot of swearing and cursing in this movie – fuck, shit, damn, motherfucking bitch. I like it, I’m totally cool with it.
My favourite scene?
1- Emma Watson’s scene. She survived the apocalypse and sought refugee with the guys. Unfortunately, during one of the many stupid not-helping discussions the guys had outside her room, they accidentally brought up the word ‘rape’, not that they had it in mind. She freaked out and swung her axe to them, stole their drinks and escaped.
1170481 - This Is The End
One of the characters said… “Hermione just stole our drinks.” Hahaha
2- Danny, one of the 6 actors, and James Franco had a bickering about a porn magazine. Franco kept a magazine in his toilet for ‘urgent’ use. As he was about to flip through it, he discovered the pages were already wet.
He confronted Danny from the upper floor, Danny on the ground floor. Danny admitted to ‘jizzy’ing the porn mags and they kept fighting about masturbating in front of each other. Their hand gestures were the funniest things – they kept making gestures as if they were doing handjobs to themselves and were going to cum towards each other’s face. God, I was laughing so fucking hard during this scene.


I highly recommend this film. It feels like a film where a bunch of actor friends hanging out together and suddenly, Seth came up with the idea – “hey, you know what, motherfuckers – let’s make a fucking film about the apocalypse where we can play ourselves – or the douchebag version of ourselves”. And they did and it happened to be good. Their performances and the group dynamic work out great and somehow, I felt sincerity in the film, which is odd because it is a ridiculous story.

Who cares? I fucking love the film anyway!