Missile fired at Malaysian plane (MH17)

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Another Sad Tragedy Befell upon Malaysia:

I am speechless. I knew this terrible news from one of my best friends. She informed me that another Malaysian Flight MH17 has been shot down in the border of Russia-Ukraine. All of the passengers and the flight crews has been confirmed dead due to no survivors detected right after the plane blasted in the air. This is indeed sad. It felt that we had been stabbed twice in the heart at the exact same spot metaphorically speaking. The plane was shot down 17 July. What an unfortunate coincidence to have my birthday (which supposed to be a happy day) but instead i cried while scrolling the news on  my laptop. 




The fact that 298 people died just like that struck me. That’s a human life are we talking about. How can you shot it and apologized for your mistakes later? Have you no shame? what if we did the same to you? How did you feel? A lot of families lost their loved ones in this calamity. The atrocity committed by those who’re involved in this is unspeakable and should not be tolerated at all. On the other hands,The death in Gaza has been rising day by day. Those freaking Zionists somehow didnt show any sign to stop their bloodthirsty action. Now, another innocent civilians has been killed just because the perpetrator(s) could not figure out which of the planes carrying harmless souls with the planes who’ve been suspected to any war activities. In Iraq, People have been killed in this freaking 6 months and the count rate has increases up to 5500 civilians. This killing has to STOP.

I dont want to point finger to anyone. Those who involved directly and indirectly hopefully will be punished for their crime. This misfortune incident is something We should care and know about. It might not occur to us but if it did, how will you feels? I am sure that you might feel angry, sad, depressed and all those emotions will be attached deeply in your heart. To the families who lost their loved ones in this unforgivable cataclysm of MH17, Please know that we are here for you. We will cry together with you. We might not felt the same pain inflicted on you but we would like to share the burden of it. This same goes to the all families around the world especially Gaza and Iraq who’s currently battling and fight for the right to live. We will not forget you. May God grants all of you His Protection.

To the non Muslim families in the tragedy of MH17, May your loved ones rest in peace and I wish i had the right words to say but just know that i am among people in this world that care.

To the Muslim families in the tragedy of MH17, “Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return”.

Documentary Review : The Cove (2009)

By the Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating: 5/5

The Cove (2009) is the documentary film about dolphin mass killing and hunting in Taiji, Japan. Almost 23000 dolphins has been killed every year in Taiji. It was pretty disturbing though. When you entered the Taiji City, you can see everything has ‘dolphinized’. That was my term for saying that they are displaying in their tourism aspect how they adored dolphins, they got a lot of dolphins and whales statutes in it, and they had a whale museum, a marine park for dolphins and…. Wait for it, even the shops where they sold dolphin meats. Taiji have been trying to keep the activist out of the city for so long especially at the area near the cove. When any activists appeared with the cameras and any recording equipment in the cove area, their guard is up. The fishermen (more or less, the dolphin killers) called their colleagues to come and basically, ganged up and prevented any recording to go further. If this occurred right in front of you, you damn sure knew that something is not right happened there. It is a cliché but fuck yeah, something fishy occurred. Why did they get so angry when a bunch of people came to that area with cameras?

Ric O’Barry

Ric o’barry is the former dolphin trainer. He is now has been fully committed being a dolphin advocate and has been tried to shut the multi billion industry that grown on by captivating this animal. Ric said in his interview that he held himself responsible for the development of marine parks that increase in a large number after he took part in the show called ‘flipper’. In the show, Dolphin named flipper is portrayed by 5 wild dolphins (they took turns as flipper in the series) that Ric himself caught and trained by himself. Ric had a wakeup call that what he did was wrong when one of his dolphins, Cathy (if I’m not mistaken that‘s her name) killed itself by closing the blowhole resulted its own suffocation. I don’t know how Ric felt at that time, but judging how close he was with his dolphins, that must felt like losing one of his close friend. Since the incident, he has been detained for so many times due to the unconventional works he did. He illegally released dolphins in the marine parks and even dare to do so at marine national parks. He knew the risk of getting caught by the local authority and willing to do anything so that the dolphin can get back to their natural habitat.

Let’s talk about Japanese people for a moment. I knew they ate whale, dolphin and other cetacean creatures. I also knew that there are other aboriginal people in some countries like native Alaskan community hunting and eating them are part of their culture and tradition. No judgment is made since I eat cow and sheep and they chose to consume whale and dolphin. They all are the same except whale and dolphin live in the sea and well cow and sheep live in a land. Am I being sarcastic enough? Or other crazy people who seem to agree with the above point. For god sakes, they are not the same. Cow, chicken and sheep can be bred, their number can be increase according to the demand and supply of the market and the number of industrial production of meat is huge. Unlike them, Dolphin and whale are caught viciously in the open sea, in the certain period of time, and those fishermen kept coming back for more next year. Since they are mammals, they are not breeding in the large amount. We usually happened to see, one adult female whale mothering one baby whale. The growing number of whale consuming in Japan , Norway, Iceland and others alarmed the world and forcing the International Whale Commission to issue a moratorium or suspension on the commercial whaling activity. Since then, Japan has been given aid to the poor or developing countries to join the International Whaling Commission and vote for them. For more information, you should read more about International Whaling Commission in the internet. I was astounded on how Japan buying votes from those countries and for those votes, they exchanges it with foreign aid to those countries.

They chased out the activists who tried to swim across the shore in the attempt to save the dolphins from being slaughtered
They use a very loud sound to scare the dolphins and cause the dolphins to swim right to the shore area.
Can you see that? how many dolphins they have killed?
if you watch the documentary, there are some alive but injured dolphins being treated cruelly, the picture above show it all.
the cove area filled with blood right after the dolphin slaughtering activity ended.

I cried, dude. I really cried my heart out. Dolphin is one of the intelligent sea creatures. They did not deserve to be treated like that. When dolphin made the sound of screeching, squealing and crying in pain, you really don’t want to listen to it. You will fucking know that they are in pain. Dolphin interacts with each other using whistle like sounds. How Japanese fishermen in Taiji did to capture them is by using the loud noise to confuse them and drove them using more than 5 boats to force them to swim to the nearest shore. After the net has been held against the dolphin, the dolphin trainers will come down near sea shore, picked the bottlenose dolphin that can be sold to many countries particularly those who had the marine park. After the dolphin selection occurred, the fisherman then will be left to do the last work which is killed the rest of the dolphins. Why did you have to kill it? Why can’t you let the rest of it go and live the rest of their life at the sea? Then, their answer befuddled me. They considered dolphin as the pest and they have to get rid of it. Apparently, dolphin has been consuming a lot of fish and cause the decline in number of fishing industry. OBVIOUSLY, the only thing that eats fish in their fucking mind is dolphin. They don’t even considered HUMAN (who eats it in on daily basis) as the reason for the depletion number of fish. Not even once. The sea pollution also could be the factor for it. Astonishingly, they put the blame on this poor creature.

The team that worked hard to retrieve of evidences on the Taiji Activity.

I applaud the efforts Ric and the rest of the team who are willing to risk their life in saving the dolphins. They may banned from recorded the atrocious activity, but they got the footage anyway and can proved it to the world. The creative cameraman who concealed the cameras in a thing that shaped like rock, you totally rock. The Passionate Divers who swam across the shore to put the camera and sound recorder under water and the rest of the teams who made all of this possible. Thank you so much for what you guys have done in saving the dolphins especially in Taiji. I am so ashamed of myself that I don’t get to do nearly anything that you guys achieved so far. I can only say thanks.