Missile fired at Malaysian plane (MH17)

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Another Sad Tragedy Befell upon Malaysia:

I am speechless. I knew this terrible news from one of my best friends. She informed me that another Malaysian Flight MH17 has been shot down in the border of Russia-Ukraine. All of the passengers and the flight crews has been confirmed dead due to no survivors detected right after the plane blasted in the air. This is indeed sad. It felt that we had been stabbed twice in the heart at the exact same spot metaphorically speaking. The plane was shot down 17 July. What an unfortunate coincidence to have my birthday (which supposed to be a happy day) but instead i cried while scrolling the news on  my laptop. 




The fact that 298 people died just like that struck me. That’s a human life are we talking about. How can you shot it and apologized for your mistakes later? Have you no shame? what if we did the same to you? How did you feel? A lot of families lost their loved ones in this calamity. The atrocity committed by those who’re involved in this is unspeakable and should not be tolerated at all. On the other hands,The death in Gaza has been rising day by day. Those freaking Zionists somehow didnt show any sign to stop their bloodthirsty action. Now, another innocent civilians has been killed just because the perpetrator(s) could not figure out which of the planes carrying harmless souls with the planes who’ve been suspected to any war activities. In Iraq, People have been killed in this freaking 6 months and the count rate has increases up to 5500 civilians. This killing has to STOP.

I dont want to point finger to anyone. Those who involved directly and indirectly hopefully will be punished for their crime. This misfortune incident is something We should care and know about. It might not occur to us but if it did, how will you feels? I am sure that you might feel angry, sad, depressed and all those emotions will be attached deeply in your heart. To the families who lost their loved ones in this unforgivable cataclysm of MH17, Please know that we are here for you. We will cry together with you. We might not felt the same pain inflicted on you but we would like to share the burden of it. This same goes to the all families around the world especially Gaza and Iraq who’s currently battling and fight for the right to live. We will not forget you. May God grants all of you His Protection.

To the non Muslim families in the tragedy of MH17, May your loved ones rest in peace and I wish i had the right words to say but just know that i am among people in this world that care.

To the Muslim families in the tragedy of MH17, “Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return”.

This Thing about Unilateral Conversions in Malaysia


by Ruby Gege

I am personally very disappointed today. Over an issue that has been dragged on for years. It should have been solved, could have been solved years before but I’m not sure what was stopping the proper parties from reaching a solution. The solution is clear – it is there, it can provide for a finality in the dispute.

However, due to the fears of offending certain factions of the Malaysian society, the proper parties have somehow intelligently avoided from showing their stances. They need to give a solution. They don’t really want to – I know. It is a difficult thing, indeed. Who wants to be stuck in the middle of that dilemma that involves two faiths of two different persons – the mother and the father?

Unilateral conversions of children have been a major issue in Malaysia and most of the time, the stories had a tragic backdrop to them. Father and mother were a non-Muslim married couple with children. Years later, the marriage turned sour. Father converted to Islam and applied for divorce from the Syariah Court. At the same time, he also converted their children without the consent of the mother, changing their religions to Islam. I don’t think he bothered to ask the children what they think. What more the mother. Then, since the children were supposedly of the same religion with the father, the father was granted custody order. Thus, to him, the children belonged to him.

Based on a number of famous cases in Malaysia, one can safely assume that the mother is always the victim to this one-sided proceedings. The father converted to Islam without telling her, applied for divorce from Syariah Court (which decisions bind only Muslims) without consulting her and converted her children without her knowledge. She was half the unit that gave birth to the children. She was half the unit that raised them. Yet, when it comes to cases such as this, her importance was discarded. Her role as the mother – notwithstanding the religion she subscribed to – was diminished. By whom – the husband, the judiciary or the whole system that seems to be treating her unfairly?

Yes, ‘fairness’ is the main issue here. Is it fair to the mother? I prefer to use the word ‘mother’ here in light of the frequency of the cases which involves the mother not having knowledge of their husbands’ act in converting the children and having them deprived from her. If one is to read all the stories in the newspaper and also the case reports, one could very well conclude that it is not. It is not fair. Nevertheless, in situations like this, most people would react with… “What can we do? What to do? The father has the right to act as such anyway. The mother has the order of the civil court, the father the Syariah court. Both have orders. Both have the rights. So what can we do? How can we favour the mother over the father? We don’t have a right to tear away the children from the father as well.”

For the public, they can say such thing, considering they are the public. As for the proper parties who are entrusted by the public to ensure fairness, I do hope that they would display more determination in this matter. Referring to a number of news for the past few days, many significant leaders have suggested solutions which, in my humble opinion, stray from the clear-cut solutions we have in mind. Instead of offering solutions to solve problems, the suggestions lead to more waiting and confusion.

The suggestion that has triggered this post and the one I personally find most disappointing is that the interfaith custody battle should be determined by the Federal Court. Now, I disagree with such view purely from the technical angle. It is already very costly to hire a lawyer and wait for the case to go to court. After having the relief of bringing the case to the attention of the High Court (which is established by the Federal Constitution which happens to be THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND) and obtaining an order, the mother or aggrieved party was then told something similar to this effect – “yeah, sorry, I know you spent so many time and energy to gain your son’s custody. But guess what? The High Court order is not good enough. Now, you have to re-hire your lawyers, spend more money, time and energy and witness the continuation of this case.” Problem is, as a normal insignificant citizen, I don’t see any end to the continuation. I can’t. And I am forever a skeptic as to the Federal Court’s ability to solve the matter further.  

We need a solution. That is clear enough. We also need a determination and finality in that solution. Any so-called solution that proves to drag the matter further, causing more suffering to the parties. We are in dire need of fairness and justice in that solution. From what I observe, all eyes are on the Federal Court now. I did not really take the suggestion seriously when it was mentioned by the Prime Minister. Then, a few minutes ago, the Attorney-General suggested the same thing. And I was a bit surprised. I asked myself – is that it? Is that the solution we have been seeking for? Really?

But then… what about the mothers who have been separated from their children?

What about their children’s happiness? What about fairness?

It seems like my disappointment remains… for now.

The Vicious Cycle of Racism – Are We The Inheritors?


Life is but a cycle. Events which occurred yesterday would inevitably lead to consequences to be felt today or tomorrow. Mistakes and wrongdoings would bring about repercussions, same goes to good deeds and kindness. It is somehow similar to the concept of karma. What goes around, comes around.

Malaysia is a beautiful country. I love it so much. I am somehow disappointed at times of how my country seems to be lacking in a national identity but perhaps that is what is great about the country. Why impose on yourself a national identity when you can be a proud Malaysian yet are allowed to define who you want to be? In Malaysia, I am a woman, a feminist, a daughter, a sister, a crazy friend, a student, an aspiring writer, a novice activist, a Malay, a Kelantanese, an agressive driver and a caffeine addict. I am many things. I aspire to be many great things in the future. And I am constantly thankful that I am able to assert myself in whatever form that I choose.

But yes, there’s this thing that has been bothering me for quite some time now. This issue of racism. I have yet to go through a critical study course in the matter to fully understand the theoretical and practical nature of racism. But based on my limited reading, I can sense that in Malaysia, racism has and will always be a big thing. Wherever I go…. people will claim that they are being discriminated upon. When I go to Venue X, I will meet people who claims that the Y people are discriminating against them. When I go to Venue Y, I will meet people who claims that the X people are discriminating against them. Even worse, when I go to Venue Z – really, the ones who have been marginalized and oppressed for years – they have been discriminated against by the X people and the Y people as well.

So many discrimination. So many racism. People X control this sector. That’s why it’s important for People Y to control this sector. People Y discriminate against People X, that is why People X must be supreme in this sector. That is why People X must not be too kind to People Y. People Y did this, People X did that…

And one day, I woke up only to find that I, along with other people of my generations, are inheriting this sort of situation. This form of life. We are the inheritors to this cycle. This form of violence against each other. We have no choice. For we are born either amongst the Y people or the X people or the Z people. Whether we like it or not, we belong to a certain alphabet. Defending our alphabet is deemed a must. For we are part of the community since we were born. The cycle turns… and to survive it is to play the game and play it well. Protect and be protected. Defend and be defended.

But what if I say I don’t want to be People Y or People X or People Z? What if I just want to be me and make friends with whoever I meet? So long as they are kind, cool and laugh at my jokes, I am a happy enough woman. People might say I’m Z or X or Y. People can be wrong. Maybe, based on my personality, I am more of an R. Maybe, I don’t want to inherit the cycle of racism. Can I be an R? Can I be a person I am not supposed to be? Can I not do what is expected of me? Can I, instead of assisting in turning the cycle, chose to take the bus instead with my friends?

Maybe I don’t want to live in fear and paranoia. Maybe I want to evaluate people not based on their race or religion but their personalities and kindness. Maybe I don’t want to discriminate against them just because their elders discriminated against my elders. Even if they chose to discriminate me, should I follow their example and judge people based on their races as well? If I discriminate against them today, tomorrow their children will discriminate against my children and the cycle goes on and on.

When will the cycle stop, then? Who will start to work on stopping the cycle? Or are the future generations damned to inherit a far vicious cycle we are in now?

Do I want my children to live like that? Certainly not. I want my children to live freely, with respect to other people who respect them. I want them to see people through the optimistic lens – that all human shall be judged by their actions, not who their parents are or where they come from.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m stupid of being too optimistic. But then, maybe I’d rather die a stupid optimistic person in harmony with my own conviction than a smart intelligent powerful paranoid person. Death in the category of the former seems more appealing to me anyway. I may not know the truth or whatever is true out there. But I think for every person, there is their own truth – the meaning of their existence and the way they want to live their lives. Even if I may betray other people’s truth, the least I can do in my life is to be loyal to my own truth.

Hello people. My name is Ruby and I love all sorts of people, may they be a Y, X or Z or any other.

Now, let’s end this very serious opinion piece on a goofy note… Presenting to you a very unappealing image of myself…


Now off to watch the latest episode of Castle!


By the Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Never in a million years that i imagine Malaysia would be in the spotlight because of the missing flight tragedy. It is so sudden and shocking. i for once still could not recover from the shock that i just got back from Hong Kong on the same day the news reported of missing MAS FLIGHT MH 370.

There are various of speculations saying it happened due to plane hijacking, possible terrorism activity, engine failures and so many more. malaysia already deploy their search and rescue mission along with the assistance from China,Vietnam and other countries. Lets just hope and pray they managed to find something that could answer what really happened to MALAYSIA MAS FLIGHT MH 370. As a fellow human being and malaysian, i pray that all the family members of this tragedy could get a closure and move on with their life.

I only write a short post regarding this tragedy. You guys can read more on the BBC news, Washington Post, China Daily, Al-jazeera and so on. You guys can also google about the malaysia missing flight.


For the love of Nature

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Mount Santubong ;)
Mount Santubong 😉

To be honest, I’ve always like watching documentary (about nature) at the very young age.  Documentary for me is like a book with animated pictures.  Every single thing in it will be described and to those who watch it; you will gain something from it (in my case, I gain knowledge). When I was young, I find it fascinating that there is a voice over in every single documentary to describe what they are trying to capture. It does not matter what are the topics from the weather, animals, science, and human nature and so on. They are communicating with the people who watched it using graphics, picture, video, and series of interviews and even using role play clip. Just so you know, I am a normal kid, I enjoyed cartoon and playing with my friend on a daily basis. However, on Friday or Sunday’s night at 9 pm (I can’t recalled the exact day), I sat still and my eyes were fixated on the TV as my local channel broadcasted a new episode of National Geographic.

My mother was pretty strict when it comes to what I can or cannot watch on television. Thus, I ended up having to watch ‘National Geographic’ or no television at all. I love National Geographic back then and still loving it now. How they filming shark in the underwater, elephant out in open in some part in Africa or even zebra running across the field, it was like opening a new world to me. When I watched it back then, I was always wondering how the hell they could do that.  To swim so near at the great white shark, to film in the harsh cold weather at the arctic and Antarctica just to get a glimpse of polar bear or narwhale and to cover on the culture of how mouse and human can live side by side in one of the temple in India, It was like an orgasm explosion of knowledge to know the stories and the experiences behind it. That was how I found I have an avid interest with anything on regards of nature, animals, flora and fauna. Back then, to pursue a career as zoologist is quite uncommon in Malaysia. I am not sure how many universities in my country that offers that course. I always wonder would it make any difference if I took zoologist as my career path?*sudden regret

KB (112)
the scenery at cultural village in Sarawak is breathtaking. *please ignore the annoying photographer on my right.

I was not environmentalist back then. I simply enjoyed flora and fauna. The calmness I get when I take a deep breath and listened to the sound of flowing river, The serenity I felt when I stand near the beach as the sea breeze pass by myself and even the sound of cicada in the forest could brought tranquility within me. I was that kind of person. That was the main reason I joined The Scouts Association of Malaysia. However, the reason I wanted to make myself a committed environmentalist was the effect of global warming is overwhelming right now. The abnormality of weather, the sudden emergence of natural disaster and catastrophic on certain countries and even the rapidness of ice melting on south and North Pole; How do we explained all of the occurrences that visited upon us? Do we have another earth that we can live so we don’t have to be considerate and try to undo some of malady that greedy multinational corporation brought onto the beautiful earth of ours?

I didn’t join in any particular organization that involves the environmentalism. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t contribute to the effort to save the earth. In my opinion, we don’t have to go big to show that we care. Initially we can begin with the small act. The small act like not throwing our thrash everywhere can contribute to one step in saving the earth.  Hold on to it until we found the nearby dustbin. What we did even it was considered very small; it did have an effect on our environment. We can start by reusing two sides of paper by now (especially for student), if one sides of the paper has been used and we no longer required it, don’t throw it. Keep it somewhere near us as when we might need to print or write something , that paper may cut us a cost and in the same time save the trees as well. We can try to reuse and recycle at home. We can be creative if we put our efforts and good intention in it.

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taken by me 🙂