[Movie Review] X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating: 4/5
My Rating: 4/5

First of all, I don’t read any marvel comics. Not that I don’t want to but it is so freaking hard to buy 1 in my hometown. I am sure I can find it in Kuala Lumpur but it is rather impossible in Ipoh. If any of you wanting to tell me that comic is so much better or they could have done this scene or that scene accordingly, don’t waste your time. Secondly, I don’t have anything against comics, I read them when I was younger and they are one of my entertainments. So no, I used to read comics and yes, I will read it now if I’ve bought any. Thirdly, (not related with the above issue), I fucking love X-men: Days of Future Past. This post should not be considered as a review actually for I am here only to spazzing McBender to the core (maybe I will put a little of this film review at the end of the post). McBender is the name given by the fandom of the OTP young Professor X and Young Magneto portrayed by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. X-men First Class explicitly showed the Bromance and Frenemy in the movie causing Tumblr in Chaos. By chaos, I mean there are too many post, gift, picture of McBender. The chemistry between them worked in the Xmen First Class and ever since known as McBender. If you are interested to know more don’t just watch X-Men: First Class, you should watch their entire interview. They are goofy (particularly McAvoy) and charming as ever. The only thing that I find pretty dissatisfied is their scenes in X-men: Days of Future Past could have been longer. I know it is impossible given that Anna Paquin Scene has been cut short and her role has been reduced to the special appearance only. It is quite sad for I am a big fan of her and I also like how Anna Paquin portrayed Rogue in the previous Xmen films.

2 Professor X in 1 Time Dimension.
2 Professor X in 1 Time Dimension.
McBender Alert!!!!
McBender Alert!!!!

The scene when Professor X and Magneto fought and argued in the plane is one of the scenes that I have been looking forward to see. It has so much sexual tense in it that I practically imitated one of memes in 9gag asking them to kiss. They should kiss and make the whole fandom shook and led tumblr to crash for one day. Sorry, that’s not x-men. That’s just my filthy imagination. Wolverine returned and this time not as cameo like X-men first class. He’s been asked to travel back in the past for only himself could survive it as he has power of healing. I have this one habit where I rarely checked any trailer or scene or whatever video footage shown in the YouTube of film that I am looking forward to watch it in cinema. To cut short, I hate spoiler. Thus, I don’t know about Quicksilver role is portrayed by Evan Peters. I’ve been worshipping him with violet since I watched American Horror Story Season 1. They already passed season 3 but for me, He and Violet is the epitome of love. It is psychotic to think so because one of them is already dead and the other one is suicidal. It is so twisted but it fucking works. Anyway, if you cannot brain what I am babbling about, Keep it to yourself and assumes that I am indeed crazy. Anyway, Evan Peters who already is a good actor managed to bring a massive laughter to the audience in his scenes. It is short but memorable. My favorite scene of Quicksilver is when he is on the way to breakout the detention centre when Young Magneto is being held.

Quicksilver in Action!!!
Quicksilver in Action!!!

Jennifer Lawrence returning on the screen as Young Mystique and has been drifted apart from Young Professor X due to the ideology differences. When she found out that some of her companions has been killed and died during the experiment conducted by human, she felt the need to avenge them. She has taken this matter in her hand without consulting with anyone. The action of hers is the event that led the whole sentiment of destroying mutant at all cost by human race. Professor X successfully convinced her not to follow her hasty decision but failed to make Mystique returned to her. I have to say that I didn’t expect J.Law played such important role in X-men: Days of future past. Who would have thought that she holds the key of Mutant’s future. Kitty Pryde portrayed by Ellen Page is one of the important roles in this film. Without her, the whole memory travelling and juggling won’t be possible.

Kitty Pryde brought wolverine back to the past via her power.
Kitty Pryde brought wolverine back to the past via her power.
Magneto felt killing Mystique will solve everything.
Magneto felt killing Mystique will solve everything.

Overall, Xmen: Days of Future Past is fast-paced story with many thrilling of combat actions. You might want to focus on the earlier scene because they tend to move back and forth from past, present and future. If you failed to do so, the virtual gigantic question mark may appear in your head. I like the whole dynamic of X-men in the future that even the Old Magneto realized his mistake for leading rogue to the wrong path and set ablaze the mutant’s future. They fought the Sentinel, the machinery invented by Human to destroy the mutants. Although Sentinel is deemed to be the strongest force to crush them but they stick to each other and try to hold the Sentinel army from approaching forward. The scene where storm died killed by Sentinel is really of the most terrifying scene in the film. This is a freaking mutant film and none of it is real but I still cried. When Magneto fought the sentinel until his last breath, that’s where you see that he’s after all have a little humanity left inside him. I won’t comment on plot or writing for I didn’t read the comics and admitted have little knowledge about it. However, if you can google and see that rating given by Rotten Tomatoes, MetaCritic and IMDB websites to this film is no joke. That means, audiences and critics love the film and it is commendable to watch it in Cinema.

whats left of Mutants if they failed to alter the past.
whats left of Mutants if they failed to alter the past.

12 Years A Slave : Movie Review

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

12 years a slave
My Rating: 4.5/5

(I am wiping my tears off my eyes and blowing my nose simultaneously after the credit scene of this film)

Solomot Northup/ Platt
Solomot Northup/ Platt (Chiwetel Ejiofor)

Where should I begin? First of all, the guy who portrayed Solomon Northup is fucking AMAZING. The word AMAZING wouldn’t suffice to praise Chiwetel Ejiofor for his depiction of Solomon. Forgive me for not watching any of his film before but I swear I got him under my radar now. Maybe I did watch his films but I can’t remember. All the overwhelming of hype and buzz of this film is credible. I mean, the film is fantastic and brilliant. they did win 1 award for golden globe awards and they also receive numerous nominations in Academy Award.  12 Years a slave film is based on the memoir of ‘12 Years a Slave’ written by Solomon Northup who is a free Negro born in New York State. In 1841, He’s been kidnapped in Washington D.C after being tricked by 2 guys who claimed to have a job in circus for him. He then, sold into slavery and being shipped off to New Orleans.  The plantation owner, William Ford (portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch) bought him and his name has been changed from Solomon to Platt. He stayed as good slave to Master Ford and even suggested to his master the idea to transport logs effectively using the lake. However, situation arose as the one of the managers at the plantation disliked Platt and always picked on him. He failed to remain calm and in the spur of the moment, he had beaten the manager. Fear for Platt might be killed as an act of retaliation by that manager; Master Ford sold Platt to Edwin Epps, the cotton plantation owner. Platt did try to tell Master Ford that he is a free man but Ford can’t help him because he had a debt to pay.

Platt & Master William Ford
Platt & Master William Ford (Benedict Cumberbatch)

Let me be frank with you guys, that I watched this film solely because of Michael Fassbender. After Shame, X-men: First class, Prometheus, Fish Tank and so many films of him that I watched, I have became a big fan of Bender (and a bit obsessed too). Ruby and I called him ‘Abang Bender’. Michael Fassbender in this film is nothing like his previous characters in the films I listed above (nothing at all). When Ruby and Ika first told me about this film and they were pretty much excited about Fassbender going to play some evil role, I was like ‘okay’, not that I don’t look forward to it but in Xmen First Class, he’s pretty much covered the definition of evil. The role he played in this film, unfortunately is much more twisted, sadistic, brutal and vicious slave owner. Evil could not even begin to justify what he has done to all of his slaves. He whipped his slaves for not being able to pick an average amount of cotton per day, he raped his slave whenever he pleased to do so, and he called them up in the middle of the night and asked them to dance just for sake of his entertainment. I seriously don’t like his character in this film. I hated it because his acting was excellent and I did see him as inhuman slave owner in the film. At that time, having and owning slaves is not a sin and legal by law.  Master Epps frequently read to his slaves the bible verses that supported slavery act. He planted the idea that they have to accept that they are his property and he can do whatever he likes to them.

Platt & Master Edwin Epps
Platt & Master Edwin Epps (Michael Fassbender)

Platt attempted twice times to contact his friends and family. The first attempt failed as he sought help from the wrong person. Afraid of being caught again by Master Epps, he burned all the stolen paper and destroyed the ink and pen that he made. Later, He met Samuel Bass (portrayed by Brad Pitt) a Canadian carpenter who constructed the gazebo for Master Epps’s house. Bass is a simple man who believes that men no matter what color he was, is equal before god. He expressed his opinion to Master Epps but Epps dismissed his point by saying that the slaves are rightfully obtained by him. They are his property. Platt felt Bass’s sincerity and confided in him, his story from beginning until he ended up as one of Master Epps’s slaves. Bass agreed to help after a moment of reluctance to write a letter for him and will bring it to Saratoga Springs. One day, a sheriff appeared with his friend who is a shopkeeper from the place he used to live, Saratoga Springs. Platt fitted the description of Solomon Northup from his previous life at New York and is freed right away. Epps refused to let Platt go and threatened to pursue the matter to the court. The final scene of this film is the reconciliation of Solomon Northup with his family. 12 years of absent in the family showed that his daughter already got married and have a child named after him. That scene was so touching and full of emotions of sad and happiness. He then begged his wife for forgiveness of not being able to return soon and missing in her life for 12 years.

Samuel Bass (Brad Pitt)
Samuel Bass (Brad Pitt)

Unforgettable Scenes:

I would like to state that every single scene in the film is haunting my mind. This movie is not something you can repeat twice and watched it all over again. This is about subjugation and suppression of black-skinned people by white people who they called ‘Master’. However, I would like to highlight some of the unbearable scenes that I don’t want to watch EVER again.

1. Every single scene that has a singing moment or a song in it. It is excruciating. They used songs as an entertainment, encouragement, and some of it even as reminder to realize who they really are. Some of those songs had catchy tune but was sung in the solemn and grave environment and time. among all of the songs featured in the film, Roll Jordan Roll really stuck in my head and i kept humming the song.

Patsy (Lupita Nyong'o) , Master Epps & Platt
Patsy (Lupita Nyong’o) , Master Epps & Platt

2. When Master Epps chained and whipped his favorite slave patsy in front of other slaves. He told Platt to do on his behalf but Platt didn’t go all the way as he ordered. He then took the belt and whipped patsy until he felt satisfied. This film then showed how badly patsy has been injured.

The Disturbing Hang Scene
The Disturbing Hang Scene

3. When Solomon was hanged at the tree and fighting for his life as his feet only an inch away from the tree. There is some slave who did give him water but nobody dared to remove the rope. It was agonizing seeing a man fighting to catch his breath while all the slaves continued their works as usual at the background like nothing happened. He was freed from the rope by Master Ford when he returned from work. I mean like what the fuck you didn’t send any of your messenger to release him right away. He was tied by a bad people but somehow the manager of the plantation couldn’t care less. He did chase away the bad guy but he walked away without releasing him. The wife of Master Ford also turned away from the scene.

Patsy begged Platt to kill her.
Patsy begged Platt to kill her so that she can end her suffering.

4. The rape and assault scene of Patsey by Master Epps is cruel and pitiless. Patsey endured it even she didn’t like it. However, she’s finally break down in front of Platt asking him to kill her. She admitted that she does not have enough courage to take her own life. However, Platt refused to do so.

5. When Solomon realized he’s been kidnapped and beseeched his kidnapper to release him. He tried to convince them that he is a free man from New York. However, he failed to provide any legal document as a proof. He was beaten using a wood stick until that stick is broken. The kidnapper then used a belt to flog his back until it bled. I cried, dude. I really cried my heart out. How could you treat another human being like animal?



I like good-looking men. Especially powerful-looking men who exude charisma pretty much without doing anything. Mind you, not many have this God-given  gift. One may be very handsome but to be kingly – now that is another thing. Hehehehe

I am so happy writing this post. Most of the actors listed here, I came across quite coincidentally. I watched one of their movies or saw their photos and instantly, I thought, “whoah, you should play king!” Why? A number of factors are considered….

  1. They are generally good-looking
  2. They look super good and slick in suits
  3. Their shoulders are super broad
  4. They give off a VERY dominant vibe that makes even the strongest of hearts submit to their rule.

I don’t particularly enjoy spazzing over dominant men. No, I don’t. However, the men here are those exceptional ones… The ones we often think about when life gets a bit bitter.

1. Mads Mikkelsen

Mads 2madsI don’t think I need to explain why Mads (or Uncle Mads, as me and Palah call him) is listed here. He is just, simply and absolutely, gorgeous and sexy. With that intense-looking face, always in an emotional pain, it is as if he was born to play king, perhaps in an absolute monarchy state. He would be a ruthless cold-hearted king, perhaps with a slight hint of kindness. People fear him, people don’t dare to defy him. God, I am sure if he’s to play a king, I’ll be getting a two hour complete screen-gasm. Hahaha, thanks to him.

2. Paul Bettany

paul-bettany-670x350 paulPaul Bettany has that charming English handsomeness going on. His sliverish blonde compliments his fair skin perfectly. Based on his film choices, one can conclude that he enjoys playing dark complicated unhappy characters. I think he’d be a conflicted king, with lots and lots of troub les. He can be fair, yet have no choice but to practice cruelty at times.

3. Michael Fassbender

michael 2michaelHalf Irish, half German, Michael is hot but in an unconventional way, if I may say. His choice of roles are mostly villainy and evil. Not sure why he’s inclined to play such characters but he plays them quite well, for his unconventional look makes his evil charisma quite believable. Nevertheless, strip that ‘evilness’ from him, he can look every bit the charming man. As a king, I’d imagine him as the king who has just inherited from his father a powerful crown. He tries his best to achieve the expectations set up by his father’s rule, which would make him also a conflicted king. However, he enjoy his power enormously.

4. Gaspard Ulliel

gaspard gaspard 3My first choice as king. He’s French, he’s gorgeous, he’s manly, he has deep intriguing eyes and his smile is pretty fatal. There is really no reason to hate Monsieur Ulliel. Although he’s quite young, he has quite a serious personality. God, please someone make him king in films. He’d be a king to a medium-sized country and will have a more famed personality than the country that he ruled. I imagine him as a kind collected king, perhaps in a constitutional monarchy, whose respect from the people is more important than their fears.

That is about it. Quite a short list, I must say. Not all hot guys can play a charismatic king for me on screen. And the type of king I hate most to see is a weak wimpy ineffective king. Hahahaha. Since it is a fangirling post, the actors I listed are handsome based on my perspective. Of course, different people have different preferences. But combine a hint of misery into these perfectly carved work of art we call hot men, we’d surely get something so irresistible.

Swoon, baby, swoon.

*Damn, we definitely need more posts like this in this blog.*