Earth to Echo (2014) – Movie Review

By the Gorgeous Palah Chingu


My Rating : 4/5

Watching ‘Earth to Echo’ really reminds me of my childhood, my best friends and a life that I wish I could have but couldn’t. It’s sad but that’s life. I just have to deal with it. Although rotten tomatoes and IMDB gave this movie a lower rating, I would say ‘watch it and you know how wrong they are’. The story revolves around Tuck, Alex and Munch. They are inseparable friends (kind of loser in school but they didn’t really care because they got each other). Their friendship about to be tested when their family had been asked to move away from their home due to the massive highway construction in the Mulberry Woods. All the residents has been asked to vacate the house and moved away. The story started with Tuck showing off his footage of the things he did with his friends. Some of it has been uploaded in the youtube while others he kept it secretly.  The story proceeded when he showed how he spent his last night together with Munch and Alex before they move to another place. It was like a paranormal except it’s about three kids who about to do the dumbest thing in their life but it turned out to be the best night of their life. Perhaps, it maybe will be one of the unforgettable memories for the rest of their life.

Earth to Echo HD Movie Captures00002

Munch, Tuck & Alex

The whole ‘adventure’ thing started when Alex discovered a weird symptom in his phone. It didn’t happen to him only, almost every single house that lived really close with Alex’s house experiencing the same problem. Alex invited Munch and Tuck to investigate this together. Due to the construction, most of the residents were convinced that’s the main cause for the whole disturbance of signal in the phone. Apparently, Munch didn’t think the same way. He discovered that the ‘barfing-like’ image is resembled some kind of map. Being a nerd kid among the three of them, he found that the disturbance caused by some echo in the map shown in the phone. They planned the whole night out to find out what’s in the map. All of them lied to their parents telling that they are going to sleepover at the each other house. It’s going to cause some confusion to the parents at the end of the story but let me get back to it later. They went there by bicycle and only to find some rectangle-shaped metal lying on the field.

                        Earth-to-Echo-still EarthToEchoPic

I mean, come on!! WHO doesnt want to help this adorable alien? :3

It was hilarious seeing Munch was so cold feet in the middle of the night. He was so scared of during the travel to the field in the middle of the night. Seeing the metal junk and felt it was worthless, they decided to take off until that particular metal junk making some noise. They were so scared for a few seconds until they discovered that it was friendly ‘alien’ who just wanted some help to build a spaceship so it can get back to where it belong.  Tuck was having a time of his life because he might get a highest rating via youtube if he decided to upload the video later. Munch is freaking out saying they should live as soon as possible while alex intrigued to help the alien. They argued and went with their heart by taking the alien back with them. It was hilarious and exhilarating in the same time. What happened to them is utterly adventurous journey in assisting their alien friend and showing completely disobedience towards authority. Secret government authority insisted them to return what they found in the site which is the alien but they refused particularly Alex. Alex is a adopted child and being abandoned by his own parents is something he could not forget. That’s why among three of them, Alex is more concerned with echo (the alien name) compared to others.

                    65521110-earth-to-echo-mov-jy-690- Earth-To-Echo-large

This is the story that will touch your feelings to the core. The story of how friendship will never ends regardless of how far you lived from your friends. Yes, you may feel lonely, incomplete and alone but remember, your best friends will feel the same way you do.  As for the ending, whether ‘Echo’ can go back to it’s home and whether they stayed together until the end, it is all up to you. Put this in your watch list, guys!