By: Maertai Fatma (Chingu) —-> still can’t move on from BBJX


Goo Hye-sun as Yoon Soo-wan

Nam Ji-hyeon as young Soo-wan

Lee Sang-Yon as Park Dong-joo / Dylan Park

Kang Haneul as young Dong-joo


20 (Completed)

My ratings: 

4 out of 5 stars

Quick recap of the story:

The drama revolves on the theme of an unforgettable first love.

Yoon Soo-wan lost her sight in an accident which killed her mother and Park Dong-joo’s father, a firefighter that attempted to save her mother but ended in vain. Ever since the accident her father has distanced himself from Soo-wan because she reminded him about her mother. So she is pretty much alone through the time she was growing up. Dong-joo in his teenage years has been an exemplary son, top student in his school and also helps his mother earning for the family since the death of his father years before. Every morning he would deliver porridge to houses around the neighborhood. Soo-wan who practiced her lines for her part-time job in the observatory every morning has caught his attention. He could even recite the lines by heart and of course he has a crush on her.

They actually met for the first time when Dong-joo’s class came to the observatory for a field trip. He was excited to find her there and tried to approach her a couple of times but was ignored completely. He was oblivious to the fact that she is blind since she walks around without a walking stick and took her actions as being not interested. The poor lad was heartbroken but later he bumped on her outside of her house during his morning delivery and discovered her handicap. Seeing that he definitely made up his mind to pursue her.

He tried to expose her to new things in life.Though at the start she relents and told him that he would never understand her since he could see (and he tries to be “blind” by walking around in blinds) but later he was able to convince her that his intention to befriend her is true.

Soo-wan was later introduced to his family and they embraced her warmly. Its fascinating to see how the relationship between Soo-wan and Dong-joo’s mother is developing so quickly. She even calls her Omma (Mother in Korean) though they are not related by blood. Dong-joo’s mother was then injured after been hit by a car early in the morning and she told Dong-joo to give her eyes to Soo-wan in case anything happens, since she knew how much Soo-wan wishes to regain her sight again. Unfortunately, Dong-joo’s mother died due to lethal injection (someone does not want her to expose the identity of the driver who hit her) and Soo-wan got herself a donor. Little she knew that it was her Omma. So the title of the drama I believed refers to Dong-joo’s mother.

Dong-joo was not able to stay until Soo-wan wakes up after her surgery because he needed to go to US for his sister’s treatment. He did left his address but Soo-wan’s father hide it. Why would he do that? Before he tried to “killed” Dong-joo’s mother by removing her oxygen mask for a brief seconds knowing that she wanted to donor her corneas to his daughter. So he felt guilty and blamed himself for her death thus explained him trying to keep Soo-wan away from Dong-joo in any way possible since Soo-wan was so attached to his family.

Soo-wan regained her sights but finds Dong-joo missing. Her father on the other hand found Dong-joo in US and by chance Dong-joo and Soo-wan’s father met each other. Dong-joo looks up to him as a doctor who tried to revive his mother after she coded. Both of them unexpectedly developed affection for each other as a father and son. Dong-joo becomes a doctor thanks to Soo-wan’s father.

12 years later Dong-joo, now known as Dylan Park, returned to Korea just to see Soo-wan again and hoping that their love hasn’t died just yet. However, 12 years is a long time for someone to wait and Soo-wan turned out to be engaged to another man (the neurosurgeon worked in the same hospital as Dong-joo). He was devastated at first but then realized that he just couldn’t do without her. Soo-wan on the other hand took a while to realize that he is Dong-joo because she never really know how he looks like. Dong-joo’s persistence to rekindle their first love has brought them together.

The story reached its climax when Soo-wan discovered that her father attempted to kill Dong-joo’s mother for her sake. No matter how much love both of them have that is the bitter truth that makes Soo-wan gave up on her relationship with Dong-joo. She has so much anger towards her father and blamed him for everything that happens. But blood is thicker than water. No matter how much she hates her father in the end she forgives him and acknowledged that his action was only motivated by her father’s love for her.

Sadly her father died of heart complications. Soo-wan lost her sight again as a result of psychological trauma after her father’s passing. Dong-joo as a faithful lover, stayed by her side and tried his best to nurse her to health. Dealing with depressed person is a tough job but nevertheless Dong-joo sticks by her side night and day. She was finally cured but afterwards decided that both of them should move on without each other.

In the end, Dong-joo being the persistent boyfriend finally get Soo-wan to give up and their love story finally found their happy ending. YAY!

My thoughts on the Leads

Before I watched this drama, I read a lot of fans are shipping the main couple and many have praised Go-Hye sun’s performance as Soo-wan. For me I am most excited for Kim Ha-neul as the young Dong-joo because he is one of my favourite young actors. He was so charismatic in Monstar and The Heirs but my oh my he looks horrendous in this drama. His hair makes him looks like a dork and this dork ain’t cute. He looks super ugly.

The younger versions of the leads are exceptional and makes me want to watch them more and more. Their portrayal of two teens in love are so adorable. I squeals in excitements during their romantic moments. Oh how I love them together.

As for the grown up version, I would like to highlight on Go-Hye sun’s performance. Frankly I have so much prejudice against her and I almost want to ditch this drama off my to-watch list when I saw her name on it. Well good things comes when we are not expecting them. Soo-wan’s character demanded so much from her, ranging from a happy-go-lucky girl to a depressed woman. I give her credit for this plus her kissing scenes with Lee Sang-yoon are swoon-worthy. No more only-touching-lips kinda kiss which is too mild for a couple who are passionately in love and are in their early 30s.

Our male lead, Lee Sang-yoon is my crush thanks to his cute pair of dimples. I first watched him in “The Goddess of Fire” where he acted as the Crown Prince (1st Lead) but in the end he looks like he’s the third wheel. In this drama however he is all the way the 1st lead and I am more than happy to see him as a (tenacious) man in love with his first love.

More than a love story

This drama seems to have a deep message on family and love in general. What makes me love this story is this drama has branched out to put the spotlight on parental love. Both leads have parents who love them the most and it is apparent through their decisions. I have to admit I do have soft spots for parental love. Moreover, this drama also taught that we do not need to be blood related to become a family. Soo-wan and Dong-joo’s mother, Dong-joo and Soo-wan’s father both have bonded and able to love unconditionally. Most of the drama fans would focused on the love story between the two leads but personally I think their parents’ unconditional love have become a major part of the story which I really appreciate.

Why not 5 stars

Well the story has loopholes here and there.

Why would Soo-wan leave a perfect fiance for her first love whom she has not meet for 12 years? Its true that first love is unforgettable but logically it would only remained as memories. But maybe they never really ended their relationships in the first place therefore the flame still there(?). Well a person’s feelings is an enigma. No logical answer would suffice.

Secondly, the supporting casts have too little contribution to the development of the story. Well they are only the supporting acts but the plot is too focused on the leads hence shadowed the stories of other people in the drama. I would like for the villain to have more story rather than pooping out at the very last minute. The guilt was put on Soo-wan’s father for too long it becomes too much to bear (as an audience it kills me since I know he’s not the killer).

Lastly, the second lead is too pathetic because in the end he lost the girl and also his mom (she’s the one injecting the fatal dose to kill Dong Joo’s mom). It turns out that he was the one who hit Dong Joo’s mother but his mom has covered out for him and convinced him that the woman he ran onto is perfectly fine. I mean he’s a sweetheart so he does not deserved this kind of ending. Give him some love juseyyo!!

So as a conclusion, Angel Eyes is a good watch and I definitely recommend this drama for Kdrama lovers out there. Till next time! I leave with this memes (taken from this drama):