By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu.

Germany Before. Germany Now. Germany Forever.


My heart is beating so fast and i cant breath properly right now. I cant wait for tonight match knowing my beloved Germany will face Portugal. I dont want to comment any damn thing whether germany has a chance to win or portugal might has a huge chance to defeat germany. In my opinion , it will be 50-50 (In my case, it will always be like that). I dont want to be overconfident.  In case you guys are wondering why i choose Germany, I had no idea either. It all started with my roommate who was uber crazy about FIFA. Since we went to Boarding school together, there is no way in hell, we could turn on the television whenever we want. We have to follow the television schedule. When FIFA match is being aired during the year of 2006, my friend falsified her MC and went home for 2 weeks just to watch football matches. Yes, she skipped school and classes but we just finished an important exam last year. It is not a big deal at all to cut her some slack. To cut short, I learned all of it from her. You can call it peer pressure or whatever but i think i found love in football and in Germany National Football Team. My craze towards football didnt stop at 2006. It grew passionately from Euro 2008, FIFA 2010, Euro 2012, and now FIFA 2014.

Sorry, This post is short. I just wanted to shout out support and cheer the hell up for Germany.

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