Inside Out – Animation Film Review (what if our emotions have feelings too?)

By; The Gorgeous Palah Chingu


My Rating : 5/5

This is it. This is the film i’ve been looking for this year. Beneath its simplicity, it’s buried with memories about your childhood. Those memories contained of various emotions. It can be sad, joy, fear, disgust or anger. When we have to pick out the most memorable event happened in our life, it is undoubtedly comprises of the above emotions. Why i say it was simple? The story began with a baby named ‘Riley’ and how the emotions took charge in controlling her. The emotions played a major role in reflecting Riley’s perspective in her daily life. How she hated broccoli is driven by ‘Disgust’ emotion. How she enjoyed playing with her friends is influenced by ‘Joy’ emotion. She felt disappointed when her hockey team didn’t make it is the work of ‘Sad’ emotion. It was mind blowing to see how animation film depicted emotion that existed within us but in different angle. We sense this emotions but we never felt curious about it.


I wont review much except to say this animation film is definitely not for kids. It is not intended for kids because kids could’nt understand it. Adult got it because we all have our own childhood. We passed the phase (and sometimes, wishing we could return to it) . This film contained an idea on how human minds operating in a colorful way.  I was touched by one scene when certain memories got deleted by memory workers when Riley didn’t remember about it anymore. It was sad. It is rational considering we couldnt remember what happened the moment we opened our eyes as baby until we reached  5-7 years old. Yes, we can remember a bit of memories here and there but not as a whole event. I am sure that most of us cant remember our imaginary friend because of this. When Riley deleted ‘Bing Bong’ from her mind, that was the scene i cried the most. It was unbearable to watch. ‘Bing Bong’ still clung to a promise he made to Riley that they are going to the moon together. I was inconsolable. This is too deep. How could you let ‘Bing Bong’ die?

This is Riley, everyone!
This is Riley, everyone!

Overall, it was total emotional ride for me. I gave a perfect score. Big hero 6 may make me laugh and enjoy the film but this set a new par for animation film. Inside out is unforgettable film, I kid you not.