Starring Seo Ji Sub, Gong Hyo Jin, Seo In Guk and Kim Yoori.


Episodes : 17 (finished airing)

The drama was written by the HONG SISTERS who wrote Greatest Love, My Girl, Couple or Trouble and You’re Beautiful etc… Basically romantic comedy is their forte’.

Rating: It’s is so good that I am having a withdrawal crisis by the end of Ep. 17  *teary eyes*

I am anticipating this drama since Hong Sisters are my faves and so far I am enjoying each and every drama they ever written. What’s more intriguing is the leads  and everyone has been wondering if they would be a perfect fit as lovers in this drama (I can say they are so good that I am constantly squeaking and screaming during the romantic scenes. They bring out the fangirl in me).

Horror rom-com? I think this drama is first of its kind. So this is how the story goes..

Tae Gong Shil has been in living hell ever since she woke up from her three-years coma after an accident during her trip at a mountain (not sure about the name of the mountain but I am sure she was lost in the forest…hehehe). Due to her ability to see, hear and talk to ghosts she has been depressed because the ghosts keep asking her to do them favors i.e. settle their unfinished business. She has grown into an outcast, isolated from the community and confining herself within the four walls of her rooftop room at a study hostel. Basically she’s a loner. Poor girl. Plus she’s suffering from insomia which explained her panda eyes.

Joo Joong Won on the other hand is a money-obsessed CEO (what is kdrama without chaebol) with high pride and of course a narcissist.  I found this character very funny because all he talks about is his mall. Gah how cute is that. But that’s not all! Of course  So Ji Sub would not play a character without a painful, traumatic experience that made him a cold-hearted person many years later. When he was 15, he was kidnapped by his girlfriend for ransom of 10 Billion Won. But in the end, his girlfriend died tragically after her car crashed during police pursuit. He remains unmarried at 34, believed to be caused by her dead girlfriend’s curse among the high-society community. In reality that would be impossible. No hot guys remains single after 29. Period.

They both met when Taeyang was hitchhiking in the middle of nowhere and Joong Won happened to pass by. It was raining heavily outside and the Driver aka Joong Won Secretary was asking him if they could give her a lift home. So, she was thankful for the ride and tries to make conversation with Joong Won (who is not interested in other human being besides himself). She must be feeling super awkward at that time. Suddenly a ghost came out of nowhere and gave Taeyang a fright. She screamed her lungs out and unconsciously hugged him, and PUFF! the ghost disappears. She was pleasantly surprised to found out that she could avoid from seeing all those horrible looking ghosts simply by having physical contact with Joong Won.  So from that moment on she has been hovering him, begging for him to allow her to touch him. She sees him as “a shelter” and was hopeful that she would become normal for once and for all. She was quite persistent I gotta say. She went to work as janitor at his mall just for a chance to see him—-> so she can touch him. Stalker much? Heh

Given all this odds, how the romance is freaking possible? Well I think I wanna do recap on my next entry. Hahahaha….  Peace out!

This is my favourite song from the OST…


sincerely by Fatma Chingu ❤