R…Rajkumar (2013) : Bollywood Film Review

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Rating: 3/5
Rating: 3/5

I know that people will likely to think that Sonaksi Sinha and Shahid Kapoor is such an odd pair in this film (considering that shahid kapoor has a small body proportion though he blessed with a 6 packs abs and Sonaksi Sinha usually pairs with heroes that much older than her because she has that classic looks that wont suits with much younger heroes). By taking all of the above factors, you might think it would be really awkward to see them together on the screen. Well, I assure you that it is not. I love them and I think I might be one of their worshippers or fans or whatever you might want to call it. Their chemistry work really well together and yes, Sonakshi Sinha is a bit taller than Shahid Kapoor but what matters most is how they portrayed as a lover in the film.

rajkumar1-oct25 sonakshi-sinha-shahid-kapoor-still-from-dhokha-dhadi-song-of-film-r-rajkumar_138622970280

This is not a deep film where thousands of words spoken and a sudden intense stare on the empty space occurred. This is pure masala bollywood film. That means it is shallow , it had no fucking message or moral of the story in the film and it is made purely for an entertainment. I watched this film because I wanted to be entertained and it did make me felt happy after watching it. Of course, some of critics felt that this film is totally rubbish and even gives score of 1 or 2 out of 5 which in my opinion is totally understandable. Well, it might not be loved by the critics but bear in mind that this film is a semi hit in the box office India and declared as a super hit in the worldwide collection. Did you see that ladies and gentlemen? It means people still love the classic masala idea of bollywood and will never get bored of watching it.


R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_003992625
Shahid Kapoor as Romeo Rajkumar & Sonakshi Sinha as Chanda

 The title for example, it confused me at first on how to pronounce as R..rajkumar or R. Rajkumar or either i have to stress the rrrrr and then say rajkumar afterwards, it’s just not make any sense at all. However after watching this film, I know why this film is being titled the way it is. The initial R is representing the name of the hero which is Romeo. I know it’s a bit lame but since this is a pure masala film, you can’t blame them. It’s same goes to Rowdy Rathore, Khiladi and so on. I don’t have much to comment on the storyline or the plot as you can guess it right away based on the poster itself. The place setting would be a small town, the police who placed there would possess no authority whatsoever, the town practically run by a big and organized thug and the hero would be someone who has massive strength of 10 muscle men. The heroine, on the other hand, would be persistent and will likely despises the hero initially but will relent to love the hero after a few scenes of romance by the hero.

R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_003595750 R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_003598792 R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_003612708 R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_003615542 R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_003645000 R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_003649250 R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_003694167 R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_003723875

It is not much to look forward in this kind of film if you are planning to watch except their original desi soundtracks. I was hooked right away with ‘Gandi Baat’ and ‘Saree Ke Fall Sa’ songs right after this film ended. We all know that prabhu deva is a spontaneous and crazy choreographer. He choreographs all those weird, vigorous but compelling dance movement. It is fun to watch because I could say shahid managed not to screw up in any of those dance number because he’s for one, a bloody good dancer. Even in ‘Saree Ka Fall Sa’ and ‘Gandi Baat’, shahid got more solo shot than sonakshi herself on the dance number.  Truth be told, I am not intended to watch this film at all. I am just doing my usual stuff on youtube searching for latest item numbers. I, then stumbled upon ‘Gandi Baat’. I like it but it does not stuck on my head right away. Seeing a lot of comments hating on Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha and saying that they don’t really match bothers me so much. They don’t even watch the film yet they judge it like they already did.

R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_001045625 R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_001051500 R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_001053333 R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_001056333 R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_001060458 R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_001066750 R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_001068667 R...Rajkumar 2013 Hindi HDRip 720p x264...Hon3y.mkv_001069833

Overall, I think this film is not that bad (and its not that good either). It stays in between. The reason to watch solely (if you are a big fan of shahid) is his cheekiness and playfulness character in the film. Sonakshi had done this kind of masala films a few times before R..Rajkumar. If you did watch her other films, you would know how she brought those character on the screen.

Last but not least, Enjoy some ‘Gandi Baat’!!!

credit to : Honey HDRip video