Rush (2013) : Movie Review

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My Rating: 4/5

Surprisingly, I find myself liking this film. Why is it so surprising? That’s because I don’t like F1, Racing and all those expensive cars. It is similar to some people who don’t get Football or (In US, it is called Soccer), I just don’t get the hype about spinning in one track all over again. Don’t hate me for saying so; people said the same thing about football. What is the point of chasing one ball in a given time? When my one of my closest friends told me that she enjoyed rush, I was surprised. Let me be a brutally honest in this review, when I saw the film poster, I don’t even have a slight urge to watch this film. It’s just not there. I am practically live for a good, mediocre and bad movie. I love spending my money at cinema. Maybe, the promotion of the film using Chris Hemsworth’s face as the official film poster kind of killing the mood to watch it. I assure you I am not Chris Hemsworth’s hater. That man is insanely gorgeous and has a body that you wish you could go all the way with him. Talent wise, he’s pretty much a good actor. The thing that kills my mood to go watch this film is my assumption on this film could be about the driver, the car, the race and the driver again. I have one habit for not reading the synopsis of the movie before I watch any film. I hate spoiler. I really hate it. I love it when there is an element of surprise in the movie. Of course, my assumption is right, it is about the F1 driver, the race, the car and again the driver. However, telling the story of a person from a perspective of someone who’s known as your enemy or competition, that is quite new and fresh actually.

Daniel Bruhl as 'Niki Lauda'
Daniel Bruhl as ‘Niki Lauda’
Officially fan of James Bruhl after watching this film ;)
Officially fan of Daniel Bruhl after watching this film 😉

This film belongs to Niki Lauda all the way from the beginning. Yes, it is about James Hunt but the guy who acted as Niki Lauda owns the film. This film revolved around the rivalry of Niki Lauda and James Hunt during the 1976 Formula One racing season. I knew Daniel Bruhl (the one who acted as Niki Lauda) in the fifth estate. I know that film failed to garner the attention of audiences and critics seem to hate it. Strange as it may sound, I love the fifth estate. I thought Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Bruhl are both fantastic actors and the way they carried the role as Julian Assange and the former spokesperson of Julian Assange, Daniel Domscheit-Berg is flawless and brilliant. You may hear the phrase of even with mediocre script but if the director and actors managed to steer the script in the right direction, it will turn to be a good movie. That could sum it up on what I love about the fifth estate. When I saw Daniel Bruhl in this film, I was like ‘wait a minute, I recognized this guy!’ I did recognize him. I watch the fifth estate first before I watch this film.  I was not disappointed. He did a good job as Niki Lauda and truth be told; he did overshadow hemsworth in some scene.

Chris Hemsworth as 'James Hunt'
Chris Hemsworth as ‘James Hunt’

The intensified F1 competition, the boast of ego between 2 drivers and the chase of being champion in the race track in the themes of the film. There are some additional fiction to exaggerate the enmity between Lauda and Hunt but it’s not much. Until Now, the real Lauda (who is still alive) admitted that Hunt remains the one person that he envied. They might not be friend but they push each other to the limit in order to win. Hunt and Lauda is 2 souls that totally different but found the same love on the race track. James Hunt is the epitome of Alpha Male. He is arrogant (because he knows he’s good), He loves racing too much until it did jeopardize his marriage and he lives his life to the fullest (he knows how to have fun).  Niki Lauda is opposite of James Hunt. He came from the background of overachiever’s family. His relatives all involved in the politics and business field making him an outcast in his family. He lost to Hunt when they met on Formula 3 Track. He then bought his way in into the Formula 1 while Hunt still struggled to enter it at that time. I think he is brilliant. He played the game to his advantage. He took a loan and paid the company to enter the competition. He may bought his way to enter the competition but boy, when he won the 1975 championship, he dismissed all the gibberish talk. Compare to Hunt, Lauda is not so likeable among other racers. Maybe he is too blunt and everytime he talk, he sounds like an asshole. I like his character but dude, if I was other racer, I may like Hunt too. I guess nobody like being confronted with the truth.

Niki Lauda: [voice over] “Of course he didn’t listen to me. For James, one world title was enough. He had proved what he needed to prove. To himself and anyone who doubted him. And two years later, he retired. When I saw him next in London, seven years later, me as a champion again, him as broadcaster, he was barefoot on a bicycle with a flat tire, still living each day like his last. When I heard he died age 45 of a heart attack, I wasn’t surprised. I was just sad. People always think of us as rivals but he was among the very few I liked and even fewer that I respected. He remains the only person I envied”.

Overall, this film earned various nominations from many awards. On acting category, of course Daniel Bruhl is in the spotlight for his portrayal as Niki Lauda. I told you guys already that this guy is brilliant. If you wanted to watch something exhilarating, exciting and full of intense emotion, this is the right film for you.

The real picture of James Hunt and Niki Lauda:

Formula One World Championship James-Hunt-and-Niki-Lauda_2998429

Niki Lauda's face was reconstructed after the  accident.
Niki Lauda’s face was reconstructed after the accident.