Who Are The Three Chinguz?

Three drama-addict friends.


Three coffee-holic friends.


Three friends who are forever married to their computers and external hard disks.


Our Shared Interests:

Mother Monster to the Core!, Ramlee Awang Murshid’s Novels (Team Sunan & Ratu), Parineeti Chopra & Deepika Padukone (Hardcore Fans), Chingu’s Karaoke Session (more than 3 hours sometimes), Unnecessary self-hating session, Jjjjjjjessssie J, Culture and Art and More Culture!!!

1.The Gorgeous Palah Chingu


Favourite non-human things in life: Masala Bollywood Films, Caffeinated drink (preferably Coffee), Unhealthy Foods, Non-Fiction Books, Item Songs, Animation Films, Middle Eastern Films, FIFA World Cup &UEFA EURO (Forever Germany)

“Follow us and we’ll follow you back ^.^”

Specializing in American series, British series, Bollywood films, Middle Eastern films, Horror and Gory Films, Animation films, Documentaries, Non Fiction Books, Item Girls (Guilty Pleasure T____T) and Environment-Related Content.

2. Ruby Gege


Favourite non-human things in life: books, coffee, music, constitution, really slow boring films

Specializing in Indian films, Thai Dramas, Chinese Films, general news & opinion, documentaries.

3. Maertai Fatma


Favourite non-human things in life: Internet, Books, Music, Food and Movies (preferably Rom-Com)

Specializing in Asian drama in general (Kdrama,Jdrama,TwDrama,Chinese Drama, Lakorn)

But forever fan of Kpop

*Hardcore spazzing alert*

THREE CHINGUZ (girl group founded since 2008. Girl group? Do we dare to be?)

Three different people, three different cities. Thanks to Facebook, Whatsapp and Viber, we talk literally everyday all day. This blog was created by us simply because we talk too much. We have too many opinions we want to tell the world. Too many FEELS we want to express. And we can no longer store these FEELS in our brains and heart which capacities are getting weaker day after day.

When we review, we REVIEW. We review a thing we review real hard. With proper facts. And proper analysis. With proper opinions and commentaries. We don’t just put up pictures. We put them up for a purpose. When we review something, there’s a reason we review them.

FYI, Ruby Gege wrote the two very bad paragraphs above. Warning – she tends to drag her rants, even when it’s unwelcome and no longer interesting. *Ruby Gege is stopping now, haha*

Bold and Beautiful


What we aim to be..

*Picture taken at Sun Yat Sen Museum, Penang*

Because we aspire to be democratice, like thatttt!!! 

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