Falling For Innocence (Sunjeonge Banhada)

Episode : 16

Starring : Jung Kyung Ho & Kim So Hyeon

My Rating : 3.0 stars

First of all…… IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME!!!!!

Being a company worker is sucking all my energy and writing is the last thing I wanna do at the end of the day. So that’s why I have been “missing” from this blog… But today I got a sudden urge to write! Thank god for that!

So without further due… let’s begin!



Introducing our bad boy…. James Kang aka Kang Min Ho. This Kang Min Ho fella is the infamous “Corporate Serial Killer” who works for Gold Partner, an investment company as the merger & acquisition consultant. But his ultimate objective is to avenge for his uncle misdeeds on his parents when his uncle stole the company 25 years back. Smells like a typical morning drama…


And our leading lady is Elsa! (Just kidding)

She is the Head Secretary of Hermia (I don’t know this position really existed) and served the President (Kang Min Ho’s uncle) directly. Well I am puzzled by her introduction in this drama but later I found out that she was actually dressing up as Elsa for the President’s son school festivities. That’s a dedication. But maybe TOO dedicated.

She is engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Detective Ma Dong Wook. He seemed to love her so much.. so much that he described himself as the person who orbits around her. Like a sun and earth.


So what’s the turning point? How on earth this two people ended up liking each other when one of them is in a steady relationship?

One thing that you need to bear in mind. In drama land, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Our Kang Min-ho turns out to have a heart condition and needs a heart transplant ASAP. Without a new heart, he is estimated to live for another one month. He already given up the hope for a miracle to happen and worked his ass off to see the end of Hermia and his uncle.

However…… the magic happens. Thanks to the drama fairy he miraculously gets a heart and all the illness are gone for good. He is good as new. But can you guess where the heart comes from? Yes, its from Soon-jung fiance’ who was hit by a car and died on the same day Min-ho was sent to the hospital.

The drama logic people.

The heart must be from HER FIANCE’ not from some other random strangers. Random is not applicable here. It has to be related somewhere. The drama logic. So predictable.

The heart now is in Min-ho. When he wakes up, he experiencing some changes in himself. Suddenly he starts behaving like Soon-jung’s fiance’…


Untitled 1

And the best thing is he finds himself falling for Soon-jung. That puzzles him since he hated her so much before (she is the daughter of his uncle’s former manager who betrayed his father).

Untitled 3

His doctor explained to him that these symptoms might be from the cellular memory which happens only to a few patients that undergone transplant procedure. He refused to acknowledge his affection for Soon-jung when its only the “after-effects” of the surgery. But our doctor asked him to embrace that and said;-


Amen to that.

So that’s how the love story officially starts. But where is the love triangle? That is where this guy comes in…


Another rule in drama land… the second male lead needs to be as miserable as possible.

By the way his name is Lee Joon Hee and he is the legal director at Hermia. He’s been crushing on Soon-jung since they started become friends 25 years ago but he’s missing the chance because Dong wook has a dip on her first. Our poor Joon-hee was hopeful that Soon-jung would finally come to him after Dong wook’s death. However, his wish was crushed and burned to the ground when Min-ho came along (loaded with Dong-wook heart and love for Soon-jung) thus he vows to make himself the next leading man in Soo-jung life..

Yada yada yada~

Well the plot operated mainly on the cause of death of Dong-wook. Moments before Dong-wook’s death haunted Min-ho in his dream one night after another. Hence he attempted to untie the mystery with the help of Dong-wook’s junior who happened to be Soon-jung’s bff. Together they are Peter Pan and Wendy (since Dong-wook often refers himself as the “Peter Pan” of the police force).
Untitled 263     Untitled 26

That’s deep. Someone inside of you…. 

Back to the story….

As the story progress, a few people surfaces as the potential murderer from the ex-worker who involved in impure ingredient scandal (that almost caused Hermia to go bankrupt) to Joon-hee’s dad to our second lead, Joon-hee…. and the murderer is I’M NOT TELLING!

But well my synopsis has been pretty elaborate so you could guess who is the perpetrator…

So I should end here… Now lets move to my thoughts on the story shall we?


Lemme just say I totally adore Min-ho omo omo omo~

I swear he makes a cute man-child. Not in a cringe-worthy style but hit-your-head-to-the-wall-because-he’s-too-cute reaction. Butterflies everywhere.

Untitled 2633


 Untitled 26333

 I totally can feel you from across the screen… oh the FEELS

Well his character is the highlight of this drama. Post-operation of course. So technically my favorite character in this story is Ma Dong Wook since his heart has affected Min-ho’s behaviour ever since the transplant. He is more or less a virtual identity who coexisted with Min-ho. Ouh that’s too scientific for an explanation.


Nonetheless, its the feels that count.

Untitled 23

Plot-wise I go to say that the story is not new, its been done before for instance the drama Summer Scent starring Song Seung Hoo and Son Yejin also has the same theme (celullar memory). Also I think that the concept of chaebol story/romance is overused as of late, this drama included. I skipped the “corporate” scenes because I feel that there is nothing interesting to watch there.

The murder mystery part of the story also feel lacking to me. Halfway through I find myself fed up with the turnaround way of the writer wants to reveal the murderer. For god sake, its freaking predictable!! Hence,I do not bother to watch those scenes.


Well this one made up for everything. Her hesitance towards Min-ho at the beginning is the right thing to do since she just recently lost her fiance’. So I have no complain on the push-and-pull pattern in the romance story.

Min-ho on the other hand is totally adorable in every phase. But for me the “in-denial” phase is the most entertaining.  This is one example:

Untitled 23565Untitled 2542Untitled 2542865Untitled 25428Untitled 456Untitled 45656

The doctor was like, “Gotcha!”

Therefore in conclusion, this is an okay drama for me. Maybe I’ll only re-watch the drama again but only those that have Min-ho in it.

Okay, till the next drama!!!!!

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