Men Who Save the World/Lelaki Harapan Dunia (2014) – ‘An unapologetically honest’ local film

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating : 4/5
My Rating : 4/5

        I seldom watched local films. There i said it. No offense but with a shitty content, mediocre actors and actresses, i rather shove a poison in my mouth and die than watching them. There are some of good actors and actresses in Malaysia but i felt like their potential remain hindered in local film industry. Having to play the same characters over and over again and being forced to conform on the standard of local film (which is majority of them are so sub par and repetitive story line) leaving them no choice. The situation is no different for directors and script writers as well. There are young and promising talents out there. They are trying to enter the industry with a new and fresh ideas but failed to make any mark for their careers. Some of them decided to take a path as an independent film makers. They managed to attract a small amount of crowd but that’s it. Some people recognized their films but how many? They have their own niche for their films but to put their films in big screens is risky business and many are not ready to take it. Statistically speaking, most ended up flop in cinema.

         Facing international films as a stern competition is one thing but attracting younger generations to watch a sardonic film like ‘Men who save the world’ is another thing. To begin with, it doesnt have what malaysian youths usually enjoy ; action or romance films. It doesnt even embrace what typical malaysian directors love to do which is recycling horror tales and calling it a new and upgraded horror flick ever released. This film is opposite of everything typical local films usually possessed such as a) Its not necessarily has a love theme B) It does’nt have glossy factors like a good looking actors or hot actresses C) It’s revolves around cultures, values and morality that we often forget D) It’s mocking our society’s bad habit in a sarcastic manner. Hollywood and even bollywood is way past making satire films but Malaysia is practically an infant at this. Why? Because we are too defensive about everything. We are too busy being offended for many things. If we are not busy being offended, we are demanding government to ban anything that might offend us.

Because we all know what 'kompang' is, right?
Because we all know what ‘kompang’ is, right?

               Take a chill pill, will you? Take this film as an example which is instead of focusing the content of film, they are fighting and arguing that this film is an insult to Malay’s dignity. Why? because the director is not belong to Malay Race. He is chinese and some malays cant accept that.  Seriously, How can you be stupid than you already are right now?  Many failed to highlight the intention of both writer and director in this film. ‘Muafakat’ and ‘Angkat Rumah’ culture is at the brink of extinction. Currently, Malaysian youths preferred to migrate searching for better opportunity rather than staying in a rural area. They even chose to live in the city and leaving the elders behind. They went back once or twice to visit the elders and truth be told, they forgot the culture they were raised in (including myself). The elders still practicing it but these culture will be gone with them to be honest. However, this is not the thing they are discussing once they watched the film. They kept dissing that the director is a chinese. They kept insinuating that Malays and Islam has been portrayed in a bad manner and it was unforgivable for them. They even went on asking all Malays to boycott this film. What bad manner? Which one? Shaman, ‘Bomoh’ or Tahyul belief has been long existed and deeply rooted in our culture. Sorry but not sorry, admit it that some of our relatives still go and seek their counsel. Although you yourself dont believe it anymore, people around you still do.

Bomoh, Bomoh & Bomoh
Bomoh, Bomoh & Bomoh

                Before those morons started imposing this boycott on all of us or before we blindly following their order, i urged you guys to watch the film first. Give this film the benefit of the doubt, watch it without any pre conceived notion that you have regarding this film, keep an open mind and you can see what actually the film is all about. Sometime we watched film for an entertainment, to make us laugh but sometime we watched it because it is realistic and speaks to us in a direct and sensible truth. This film is one of them. You can enjoy watching ‘Hantu Mak limah’ or ‘Polis Evo’ (no judgment here though i will not watch them) but save some time to enjoy film like this in the future. Hopefully, we can save our local film industry by showing adequate support to high quality films like this in the future.

Some scenes you shouldn’t feel offended at all even if you are malay (because obviously it was true) :

  1. Believing Shaman’s word over their own rationality.
  2. Trusting an illicit-substance addict words rather than checking the old house itself.
  3. Too quick to pass judgment before investigating it thoroughly.
  4. (There is no insult on islam or attack on islam whatsoever) The Animal slaughter in eid-ul-adha might seem ordinary in our eyes but imagine kids (i know i cried when i first saw cow’s got slaughtered), people who are vegans saw it, their brain might exaggerate the scene and perceived it was barbaric. The director seems to portray the scene in kid’s perspective. You saw in that scene that the kids cried so hard. You shouldnt felt offended instead make it as a responsibility that if any people asked why the slaughter seems barbaric, explain it based on Islamic teaching. We don’t simply cut animals and make it suffer. Thanks to Wikipedia and its information ; i would love to clarify this to my fellow Malaysians (Non Muslims especially) that one of the rules to slaughter cow in ISLAM is that the knife must be sharp and the cut must be placed on specific location so that cow can face a quick death.

This method of slaughtering lawful animals have several conditions to be fulfilled: (1) The butcher must be Muslim, (2) The name of “ALLAH” or “In the name of Allah” must be called by the Muslim butcher upon slaughter of each halal animal separately, (3) it should consists of a swift, deep incision with a very sharp knife on the throat, cutting the wind pipe, jugular veins and carotid artery of both sides but leaving the spinal cord intact.

Plot :

'Angkat Rumah' Culture
‘Angkat Rumah’ Culture

              The story started with Pak Awang ( Wan Hanafi Su) intended to remove his old house to a new location. He intend to finish rebuilding the house before her daughter get married (She was never shown in the film, FYI). He was planning to give the house as her daughter’s wedding gift. The old house has been left for few years and some part of it beyond repair. Together with his friend, Megat (Harun Salim Bachik), they consulted a local religious leader who is also house builder known as Tok Bilal (Jalil Hamid) for some advice. At first, he was reluctant because of it is nearly impossible task to relocate the house. However, he agreed to assist and by using his influence to ascertain a quite number of villagers to lend their hand in this matter. The story then shifted to an immigrant African man (known as solomon) who’s working as a hawker for counterfeited goods like belts and wallets. However, without having a license to sell, it causes problem to Solomon. All his goods has been confiscated by the authority and he ended up being beaten mercilessly by them. Fortunately, he managed to escape and hide in the lorry. Authority currently searching for him but he successfully fled right into the nearby forest before security checked the lorry.

Solomon hide in Pak Awang's old house.
Solomon hide in Pak Awang’s old house.

                Solomon ran as fast as he could before he stumbled upon Pak Awang old house. He used the house as his shelter before his presence is noticed by ‘good for nothing’ villager, Wan (Sofi Jikan). Never seen a black and African man before, he panicked and alerted head of village and others that the house is haunted. The rumors has been spreading around but the ‘moving house’ activity still continued despite the rumors. Pak Awang intended to finish the moving in 5 days. Villagers kept gossiping about it and related to certain incidents befell to some people is due to the house curse. First, Megat step on fragile floor and sprained his ankle, then Wan saw the black figure in the house, the daughter of one villager has been allegedly bitten by ghost and now, the camel that will be sacrificed for Eid Adha is currently missing. The ghost theory kept getting stronger and villagers are being restless because of the house. In turbulent time like this, we always used Shaman or ‘Bomoh’ to connect the link. It’s in our culture to refer our problem to them. Although this is not widely accepted anymore because Islam forbids it, still few of Malays continuing the beliefs. The shaman concluded based on his prediction that it was ‘Orang Minyak’, one of malay ghost myths. His guess was solely based on Wan’s description and the bitten mark on one of the villager’s daughter. Some of you may not know what is ‘Orang Minyak’ or to translate directly as ‘Oily Man’.

The orang minyak of the 1960s was described as human, naked and covered with oil (supposedly to make it difficult to catch). However, there were also stories of the orang minyak where it was supposedly supernatural in origin, or invisible to non-virgins, or both. The mass panic has also led to unmarried women, typically in student dormitories, borrowing sweaty clothes to give the impression to the orang minyak that they are with a man. (All Credit goes to Wikipedia for this description).

To lure 'Orang Minyak' , all male in village has to cross dress.
To lure ‘Orang Minyak’ , all men in village has to cross dress.

                 The shaman then asked all villagers to cross dress as to lure the demon out. Its somewhat a bit chaotic seeing all male wore baju kurung and vice versa in this village. Thats what Solomon felt when he saw this. He dont understand but he didnt say anything. He made himself remain hidden. The male villagers , on the other hands, remain vigilant to the current situation. Pak Awang failed to convince the rest to not heed what the shaman and Wan said. It might be their imagination, he assumed. Pak awang resorted to bribe Wan seeing that he failed to convince the villagers. He asked Wan to revert his statement and admitted he never saw the ghost around his old house. Wan refused to do that though he did took the money from him.

                Did Pak Awang managed to move his house on time? Did they ever found out that the ‘Oily Man’ is not really an oil man? I wont write the ending because i wanted you guys to watch it.

Total Siyapaa (2014) : Bollywood Movie Review

By The Gorgeous Palah

My Rating: 3/5

Total Siyapaa not doing really well in India’s Box office is not a surprising matter if you done watching this movie. There are many loopholes in the story and the plot somehow is less intact. If you are not Ali Zafar’s fans, you are not going to able to watch it until the end. Ali Zafar makes this film bearable to watch it though Kirron Kher’s Performance is loved by many critics. Yami Gautam and Ali Zafar are under fire for not performing really well in this film. I agreed with them because Ali Zafar and Yami Gautam could have done better. To be honest, there is no chemistry between them. When Ali Zafar announced Total siyapaa would be his next project, I could not wait for 2013 to be over just so I could watch this film. If you knew the story about Indian girl and Pakistani Boy, you would know it would be overdramatic and cliché, I must say. However, those who have been his fans also knew that Ali Zafar’s strength would be in Romantic Comedy Film. Total Siyapaa is expected to be a massive hit like chasme buddoor, Mere brother ki dulhan or Tere Bin Laden by his fans (including myself).

Ali Zafar as 'Aman'
Ali Zafar as ‘Aman’
Yami Gautam As 'Asha'
Yami Gautam As ‘Asha’

The story begins with Aman came to London to meet Asha’s family. They agreed to meet somewhere first so they could sort out everything. However, things did not go well when Aman is being followed by a police as he suspected Aman to be a terrorist. When Aman being detained, Asha was furious and wanted to lodge the complaint for unlawful detention. Aman, then being released and asked Asha to postpone the whole family meetings. Aman felt it is a bad sign to meet them that day since him being detained by the police in the morning. Asha insisted and dismissed Aman’s superstitiousness. Before Aman and Asha arrived, things at Asha’s home are a bit chaotic. Asha’s mom is a typical Punjabi mom and can be very loud sometimes; Asha’s older sister who is married but splitted with her husband due to some minor problems, Asha’s younger brother who is hot headed and always complained about problem caused by their Pakistani neighbor and Asha’s blind and forgetful grandfather.

When Asha told her mom that Aman is from Pakistan.
When Asha told her mom that Aman is from Pakistan.
Asha assures Aman everything will be okay
Asha assures Aman everything will be okay

Asha should have told Aman earlier how was her mom and her siblings so that Aman knew what he will be facing. Since Asha asked Aman just to trust her, Aman didn’t expected that Asha’s house filled with crazy people. He shuts his mouth and endures the whole meeting until Asha’s mom asked which part of India, Aman came from. That was the button start of the whole problem. Her family knew Asha would bring back a Muslim boy. They are okay with it since love knows no boundary and Asha’s happiness is their priority. However, after they knew Aman from Pakistan, Asha’s mom burst out and exploded. She can handle a Muslim as her son in law but she can’t accept that Aman is from Pakistan. Asha’s mom afraid that Aman will get married more than 1, Asha will be forced to change his religion or how their children’s religion will be determined if they did get married. Asha assured her mom that nothing will happen since Aman is a liberal and open minded Muslim guy. He does not believe in polygamy and will let their kids choose their own religion when the right time comes. Well, it can only be in the story. If you married a guy or a girl with different religion from you, there are many problems you have to encounter and sometimes it takes toll on your relationship.

1385507862cd37a-big-3 456368229_640

While Asha and her mom discussed the relationship matter, Aman excused himself and went to a kitchen. He wanted to reheat the frozen soup but somehow the soup pot slipped from Aman’s hand and hit the pedestarian who walked near the neighborhood at night. Aman panicked and didn’t know what to do. He went down to help the guy but Asha forbids him to do it. Asha’s afraid that Aman will be detained for being a potential killer and it will do no good to her. Asha called an ambulance as an anonymous tip and dragged Aman back into the house. Aman felt uncomfortable and wanted to get a fresh air. Suddenly, he saw Asha’s family picture on the wall. He knows the person who has been hit by the soup pot is Asha’s father. Things get complicated when Asha’s sister speculates to Asha that their father was having an affair and that’s why he always come back home late. There are so many incidents happened at one night and it did test whether the relationship and love that Aman and Asha have is strong enough or not. It supposed to be funny but somehow, it failed to grasp the essence of humor and you are left to wonder when the film is going to end since you have lost interest already in the first 30 minutes.

total 4

Ali Zafar is known as the Pop Prince in Pakistan. He penned and composed majority of the songs in this movie. My favorite would be Nahi Maloom, Total Siyapaa and Palat Meri Jaan. Ali Zafar’s manly voice is soothing and very relaxing. Total Siyapaa has a bit comedy in it since it’s a theme song. Siyapaa means chaos in Hindi. Ali stressed in his lyrics that though all of her family members is crazy, but he can accept it since he loves her. That why he described Asha’s love in the song is total siyapaa (total chaos). Overall, it is watchable if you are fans of Ali Zafar and Yami gautam. If not, you will be feeling dreadful and regretted why you choose to watch it in the first place.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE – Tales of Good Cops, Bad Cops, Stupid Cops, Smart Ass Cops But Mainly Funny Cops


RATING – 8/10

Brooklyn.Nine-Nine.S01E01Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the latest comedy series set in a police precint, pretty much just popped out of nowhere when it went on to win a Golden Globe. All of a sudden, it becomes the IT show of the year. Out of curiousity, I watched the show…. and am loving it so much.

It’s funny, it’s stupid, it’s ridiculous and very very entertaining. A lot of successful comedy shows are centered around the pathetic aspect of the characters’ setting or lives. Like the pathetic Raymond living a pathetic family life in Everybody Loves Raymond, the pathetic hopelessly romantic Ted in How I Met Your Mother, and the famously pathetic Leslie the politician in Parks and Recreation and many others. There are countless of pathetic characters on television to make your day feel brighter. Why the attraction? Because like them, we are pathetic people, too, but that doesn’t mean we have to whine all day and complain. Instead of doing that, we can be funny, too. HAHAHAHA *scratching my tummy*

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is about a detective squad in Brooklyn of the 99th Precinct. It consists of the highly experienced but emotionless Captain Holt overseeing a group of detectives with a variety of tendencies of being stupid, ignorant but surprisingly efficient at the same time. The summary of their roles is this –

urlCAPTAIN RAY HOLT – The fatherly encouraging captain with the same emotionless expression on his face

DETECTIVE TERRY JEFFORDS – The squad leader, a strong tough man with a soft heart who is afraid to go back in the field for fear of leaving his baby daughters orphaned.

DETECTIVE JAKE PERALTA – The best yet most immature and hopelessly childish young detective in the precinct

DETECTIVE CHARLES BOYLE – The short middle-aged newly-divorced detective who is deemed very hardworking by his peers. A self-proclaimed expert on food.

DETECTIVE AMY SANTIAGO – The overachiever, efficient, competitive and know-it-all detective.

DETECTIVE ROSA DIAZ – The tough fierce detective with not much facial expression. She likes violence. And violence. And nothing more. Finds human connection to be troublesome. Feared by her peers.

GINA – The clerk and Captain Holt’s personal assistant. A completely egoistical human being who sees herself as the best individual on earth. Completely vain and obsessed with herself.

ustv-brooklyn-nine-nine-series-1-3My favourite character is….. Captain Holt. Why? Because he’s funny without trying to be funny. He is pretty much a straightforward guy who has only one expression on his face the entire time.

“I am in great pain.” – poker face

“I am very happy” – poker face

“I am very angry.” – poker face

Due to his stiff exterior, he gives off this intimidating vibe that scares off his subordinates. The detectives suck up to him, always trying to obtain his approval though he has shown more than one occasion that he does not give a fuck about their kiss-assing and he is aware of their action. He is fatherly and encouraging to his less-than-competent detectives and believes in them despite their hopelessly foolish traits. He is particularly close to Detective Jake Peralta and Detective Amy Santiago, not because he wants to but because those two are the most obvious in their unashamed attempt of making the captain likes them.

Sure, I know he loves his detectives but he can’t show it. Or maybe he did with that poker face but we can’t tell anyway.

He is an openly gay man who has been married to his husband for quite some time. Ironically, he is the funny one in the relationship. I mean, how boring can his husband, Kevin be? Oh, I forgot, he’s a professor of language. Wait? So what? Hahahaha. Captain Holt married a man who is very similar to him, albeit a drier more unfriendly and elitist version of him. Our captain rarely smiles, never laughs and retain the same demeanor 99% in the show. But then, how can he be so fun to watch doing just that? Hahahaha.

ginas-floral-graphic-sweaterMy second favourite is our self-obsessed D-I-V-A, Gina. A civilian administrative staff, she is often looked down upon by her detective friends. However, have no worries, our Gina has enough vain and self-pride in herself to even care about what people think. Gina comes out with the best funny lines in the show, surprising people with her exaggerated understanding of herself.

She loves herself and we love her confidence for believing in it! To put it in her own words…

“I feel like I’m the Paris of people.”

“My mother cried the day I was born because she knew she could never be better than me.”

If all of us have one-tenth of Gina’s love to herself and channel the love to our own selves, I can assure you no one would commit suicide ever again. But then, Gina is unique. I hate her but I love her. Hahahaha. Aside from shooting mean insensitive comments to the detectives in the precinct, she is also an aspiring dancer – who dances very very shit-ly to the max – in a group called Floorgasm. Yup, you heard it. We have that now – after foodgasm, now there’s floorgasm. During a training session with problematic youths, Gina performed her terrible dance moves to the song Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. She sucked but she so genuinely believed that she was a terrific dance that you would also be led to believe the same.

Yes, Gina, of course we believe in you. Why would we not? Aren’t you the fucking Paris of the people? By the way, what the fuck does the Paris of people even means? Hahahaa.

Brooklyn99Insider-Fumero-Amy Santiago blue houndstooth shirtI also like Amy, the overachieving detective who is always trying to prove that she’s the best of the bunch, creme de la creme when no one is actually expecting her to. Why? Because she craves the recognition and attention shamelessly. She wants the glory and fame of being a policeman and lives in constant yearning for Captain Holt’s approval. She’s annoying, she’s difficult but also the closest thing that can rival the childish snobbish Jake’s detective skills in the precinct.

Hahahaha. I’m enjoying the ride so much. Since the show is still ongoing in its first season, the funniness of the show is almost guaranteed. So, enjoy it while it’s still new because… let’s face it, most popular sitcoms lose their steam after season 4 or 5.


by Ruby Gay-Magnet Chingu
Fuck all the romantic passionate movies I have been promoting to you guys. Presenting to you the MOST IMPORTANT ROMANTIC MOMENT OF ALL TIME!!!!
sheldon-and-amy-kiss.jpg.pagespeed.ce.Q82L8JHnEf THE SHELDON AND AMY LIPLOCK IN THE BIG BANG THEORY!! Wooohotttt!!!
Who would’ve expected our resident neurotic super-weird and ultra-unlikable but adorable Dr Sheldon Cooper would initiate a kiss with his girlfriend, Dr Amy Farrah Fowler, which proceeded into a romantic lip-lock.
It’s official, guys. Our Sheldon is indeed capable of being horny!!!!
He is a man!!!!! *cries* This is so touching. It is as if watching a boy grew up to become a man. Seriously, I thought Sheldon was asexual with no interest towards any romantic notion for the rest of his life. Hahahaha. But hell yeah the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory sure proved me wrong (Episode 15 Season 7).
I was not really into the pairing of Shamy in the first place. When Amy first came out, I was skeptical. Mainly because Sheldon Cooper is such a GREAT character in his own right that he did not need a love line to make his character more interesting. And I don’t think people would disagree if I say that Sheldon is the most fascinating and best character of the series. I mean – he’s brilliant but incredibly stupid at the same time, which makes me wonder how he ended up having friends after all. His superior intelligence led him to feel like a superior being, which is still unchanged as of Season 6. But at least he’s not hypocritical about it. He’s ignorant of other people’s feelings and insensitivity. He does not care about people around him. And he believes in this general idea that people should accommodate him and not the other way around. And he actually thinks that people are so happy to do that and put up with his annoying unfiltered mouth.
God, I feel like slapping him in most of the episodes. But noooo, I love him too much!!
Then, came Amy, also a super genius nerd with no life and apparently, almost-zero sense of social skills. She, by the way, has a more pathetic life than Sheldon does. Despite his oddity, Sheldon never really has a problem with his self-esteem. He does not seem to have any insecurities but Amy seems to be troubled by some. Of course, being the one who wanted the romance in the first place, Amy was the one who had to pull Sheldon towards her – with a steadfast perseverence. Her patience with him is incomparable. She puts up with him 99% of the time. In terms of being a boyfriend, Sheldon literally does not have to do anything. Why? Because I don’t think he wants to. A lousy boyfriend, he definitely is.
Which is why it was kind of frustrating to see the way he treats Amy. I mean, she is such a devoted girlfriend. Imagine being a relationship with a super-annoying boyfriend for 4 years and not getting any benefits out of it. They haven’t said I LOVE YOU to each other. Their lips touched less than five times during that duration. A few hugs. No phone sex. No romantic words. No romantic vacations. And no sex at all. 
It’s like being a depressingly platonic relationship with a romantic shadow. It’s like… the romance lingers from afar but it’s not really there. Like, sometimes it’s there but most of the time, it’s not.
Well, it is Sheldon we’re talking about.
Thus, after all the sacrifices Amy has made for Sheldon, it seems trite that Sheldon should at least learn how to display his affections for her. He did, though very rarely. I mean, Amy deserves better. Much better! But then, she chooses to stay with him – GOD KNOWS WHY?! Her patience finally paid off, though.
What makes the liplock moment so sweet and historical is that it was not a planned event. They were having their Valentine’s Day dinner on a train where Sheldon ignored Amy to talk to his train-obsessed new friend, which prompted Amy to confront him angrily. Annoyed with his girlfriend, he cynically reacted by pretending to do all the expected romantic things couple do. Then, he kissed her. Because why not?!!!
And then it turned romantic. For the kiss lasted more than five seconds. Yippie!!!!
It is on!! Sheldon is now a man!!!!
Now, he needs to get laid. Come on, take example from your sexually-housemate, Leonard. He does it all the time with Penny. Hahahahahahaahaha.
And here is the super cute picture of Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon and Miyam Balik who plays Amy. 🙂
Happy Bazinga, guys! And remember, if Dr Sheldon Cooper can find love, so can you.


Presenting one of the best films I have ever seen in my life. Beware and be careful…. u might just pee in your pants coz this film is too fucking funny.

RATING: 10/10
The film is about 6 actors who were trapped in a house during the event of apocalypse. Jay, a comedian, came to LA to visit his friend, Seth Rogen. Mind you, all of the actors in this film played themselves – or perhaps the more exaggerated loud swear-loving ridiculous version of themselves.

1170481 - The End Of The World
Seth brought Jay to a party hosted by James Franco who had just moved in into this very boxy nice-looking mansion. There, they met all sorts of celebrities – Michael Cera’s cameo was the best. Apocalypse then happened and the remaining six who were still at the house protected themselves by locking themselves in and survived on whatever that was left in Franco’s house, which was not much.

The story doesn’t make any sense but that is not the point. The point is – I can’t, for the love of God, stop laughing while watching this movie, recommended highly by Palah Chingu. The first time I heard about it, I was like… duh, sound like a lame movie. Oh damn, I was soooo wrong!
The purpose of a film is to entertain you and hell, this film entertained the hell out of my poop!

The best part of this movie is about how much the actors made fun of the real life versions of themselves.  A paparazzi asked Seth Rogen why he kept playing the same character for his past 6 movies. James Franco – a PhD candidate in real life – is actually a super nerd who is just coincidentally blessed with good looks and acting chops. Jay never really changed as a grown-up.
It’s not about the story but how funny the characters are – each and everyone of them. The acting – if they were – were amazing, the ensemble cast made the film so enjoyable with their stupid bickering over Nutella and chocolate bar and plain water.
There is a lot of swearing and cursing in this movie – fuck, shit, damn, motherfucking bitch. I like it, I’m totally cool with it.
My favourite scene?
1- Emma Watson’s scene. She survived the apocalypse and sought refugee with the guys. Unfortunately, during one of the many stupid not-helping discussions the guys had outside her room, they accidentally brought up the word ‘rape’, not that they had it in mind. She freaked out and swung her axe to them, stole their drinks and escaped.
1170481 - This Is The End
One of the characters said… “Hermione just stole our drinks.” Hahaha
2- Danny, one of the 6 actors, and James Franco had a bickering about a porn magazine. Franco kept a magazine in his toilet for ‘urgent’ use. As he was about to flip through it, he discovered the pages were already wet.
He confronted Danny from the upper floor, Danny on the ground floor. Danny admitted to ‘jizzy’ing the porn mags and they kept fighting about masturbating in front of each other. Their hand gestures were the funniest things – they kept making gestures as if they were doing handjobs to themselves and were going to cum towards each other’s face. God, I was laughing so fucking hard during this scene.


I highly recommend this film. It feels like a film where a bunch of actor friends hanging out together and suddenly, Seth came up with the idea – “hey, you know what, motherfuckers – let’s make a fucking film about the apocalypse where we can play ourselves – or the douchebag version of ourselves”. And they did and it happened to be good. Their performances and the group dynamic work out great and somehow, I felt sincerity in the film, which is odd because it is a ridiculous story.

Who cares? I fucking love the film anyway!